Saint Augustine Lighthouse Lamp Room Illuminated by the Sun

The Saint Augustine Lighthouse with the sun directly behind the lamp room showing the sunlight being reflected through the Fresnel lens. The original Saint Augustine Lighthouse received a first order Fresnel lens from Parisian lens maker Sautter, Lemonnier & Cie. The lens has 370 individual prisms and weighs roughly 2 tons. A 1000-watt light bulb […]

January 10, 2020 popeye3165

Mermaid Zena and Manatee – Sea Maiden 26

Sir Edmund Roberts, gentlemen naturalist and Sea Maiden questor’s adventures in the Andes Mountains of Gran Columbia were rather successful. With the crew of the HMS Baci, the beautiful Captain Constance Daphne Fitzwillie, the wantonly mysterious Naughty Natalie (Nasty?) and with the gambling aid of a diminutive army of Indian laborers, Llama and mule drivers and […]

January 7, 2020 popeye3165

Saint Augustine Lighthouse The Lantern Room

A wonderful photograph of Saint Augustine Lighthouse’s “Lantern Room”. The lantern room of a lighthouse is the top of the lighthouse which houses the lamp and the lens. This was the first lighthouse established in Florida by the new, territorial, American Government in 1824. According to some archival records and maps, this “official” American lighthouse […]

January 4, 2020 popeye3165

St. Augustine Lighthouse Standing in the Shadow

A photograph entitled Standing in the Shadow of the Saint Augustine Lighthouse. The Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum features shipwreck artifacts, a wooden boat building exhibit and a 165-foot-tall lighthouse. It is thought to have been erected out of a series of wooden watchtowers of Spanish descent in the early 1500’s. The lighthouse is […]

January 4, 2020 popeye3165

Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

The Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Museum located in Saint Augustine, Florida on Anastasia Island the GPS Address is: 100 Red Cox Road St. Augustine, FL 32080. This is a wonderful historical, educational and scenic stop if you are visiting the Saint Augustine area for both the young and old alike. There are plenty of activities […]

January 3, 2020 popeye3165

Mermaid Xenia and Merman Inca

Sir Edmund Roberts’ quest for Sea Maidens headed inland. Halley’s patented diving apparatus was distributed across a handful of taciturn llamas, as was the captain’s and crew’s gear, articles for trading, and an assortment of weapons. The HMS Baci’s old swivel guns were added to the mix, Woody the ship’s carpenter having fashioned several cunning […]

January 1, 2020 popeye3165

Mermaid Venus Sea Maiden 22 – Maidenus Pregnantis

There is a moment in the life of every lucky man when all that can go well does, when the wind is abaft the beam and steady and warm and the ocean a bathe in sensuality. At such a time, with a good ship working beneath him the strength and sanctuary of true love may […]

December 30, 2019 popeye3165

Mermaid Kathy Sea Maiden 11 – Maideus Robustus

Mermaid Kathy – Maideus Robustus – Sea Maiden 11
Sighted: January 29 1833
Succoro Island, South Atlantic Sea
Corpulent, yet agile. Dark hair, green glistening scales, strong but padded upper body.

December 25, 2019 popeye3165

Mermaid Una Dolphin Sea Maiden 21 – Maidenus Delphinus

Bickering and maneuvering, lecturing and cajoling, everyone wished to convince Sir Edmund Roberts they should hasten to the nearest port and further arm the already gun laden HMS Baci. And to what end? Why, to strike out again and confront that loathsome cur of a pirate, Naughty Nat; to dot his eye, to pepper his […]

December 14, 2019 popeye3165

Mermaid Fran Sea Maiden 6 – Maidenus Vigilante

As captain Fitzwillie lay a mental invalid, his wife continued in pursuit of the fabled pirate Naughty Nat, a heartless cur who had come into possession of her husband’s coveted heirloom hat. Ms. Fitzwillie set a trap for the pirate after learning of his plans to visit his ailing, blind and comatose mother at her […]

December 10, 2019 popeye3165