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15 Best Indoor Self Watering Planters That Really Work


Embrace the magic of self-watering planters as an exquisite choice to nurture your beloved houseplants. These ingenious vessels not only shield your leafy companions from dehydration, but also safeguard them from the perils of excessive watering. Simply stay attuned to refilling the water reservoir every 2 to 4 weeks, and witness how these marvels bestow a perpetual stream of hydration upon your cherished indoor flora.

Over the past few years, my journey with indoor self watering planters has been nothing short of remarkable. As my beloved houseplant collection continues to expand, these planters hold an increasingly precious place in my heart. After devoting considerable time and effort, I have meticulously compiled a roster of the most exceptional indoor self watering planters. Interestingly, these are not mere recommendations, but rather a selection of personal favorites that have bestowed upon me countless delightful encounters.

Prior to proceeding, here are my preferred options for self irrigating planters.

Best Overall – Lechuza Classico Color 21

The Lechuza Classico collection offers a splendid assortment of sizes, colors, and styles, making it my ultimate choice for self-watering pots when it comes to indoor plants. I have relied on it for numerous years and achieved remarkable outcomes.

Best Value – HB Self Watering Planter

This fantastic budget option offers incredible value and features a highly efficient self-watering mechanism. Although its appearance may not be as appealing, it flawlessly fulfills its purpose.

Best For Large Plants – Lechuza Cubico Color

Lechuza offers an exquisite selection of self-watering plant pots designed to cater to plants of various sizes. The magnificent Cubico range, specifically tailored for larger plants, not only exudes an awe-inspiring aesthetic appeal but also garners exceptional feedback from satisfied customers.

Best Smart Self Watering Planter – AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Experience the wonders of the Aerogarden collection, an ingenious series of intelligent planters that effortlessly handle your plants’ lighting, nourishment, and hydration. These innovative creations not only simplify your gardening routine but also provide endless amusement. Personally, I have indulged in the Harvest and Bounty models, and I wholeheartedly endorse them for all green enthusiasts.

More Detail About The Best Indoor Self Watering Planters

Check out the following section to delve deeper into the self-watering planters I’ve handpicked for you. Additionally, you’ll find information on eleven other exceptional self-watering planters that cater to specific situations or individuals. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the rest of this captivating article. May your gardening endeavors be filled with endless happiness.

Lechuza Classico Color Planter

I absolutely adore the Lechuza self-watering planters! Not only do they perform exceptionally, but their aesthetic appeal is simply mesmerizing. These planters seamlessly blend with contemporary interiors, offering an extensive selection of sizes, colors, and designs for every taste.

Over the past few years, I have been unable to find any planters as effortlessly chic as the ones from Lechuza in my nearby garden centers. As a result, these self-watering planters have become my ultimate choice.

Look no more if you desire an exceptional assortment of self-watering planters. Immerse yourself in the remarkable feedback and make a purchase on Amazon.

Monitoring the water level in this planter is a breeze, and the reservoir typically sustains my plants for a generous 3-4 week period. This grants me peace of mind even when I’m on vacation, as I know my beloved houseplants will thrive without much fuss.

The Lechuza planters possess a delightful characteristic – a removable drainage plug nestled at their base. This wonderful attribute grants me the opportunity to relocate my cherished plants to the patio throughout the summertime. Moreover, in the event of rainfall, I can effortlessly extract the plug, enabling the expulsion of excess rainwater from the pot. Consequently, this nifty feature safeguards the soil from becoming oversaturated, ensuring the optimal health of my beloved greenery.

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In my experience, the Lechuza self-watering planters have proven to be remarkably resilient against UV light, exhibiting no signs of fading or discoloration throughout the years that I have possessed them. Gradually expanding my collection over time, I’ve noticed minimal cosmetic disparities between the older and newer planters, instilling in me a sense of assurance regarding their longevity.

I absolutely adore the ability to harmonize the aesthetics in my humble abode, and these planters, with their harmonious designs and varying sizes, have granted me the luxury of displaying a grand floor planter alongside a dainty side table planter in perfect unison within the confines of a single room.

Lechuza Cubico Color Self Watering Planter

The tall cubic self-watering planters exude a captivating charm when used as floor planters. Gracefully emerging from them are a pair of majestic snake plants, adorning my hallway with their elegance. Initially, I had concerns about whether the self-watering feature of these pots would overwhelm my snake plants. However, after two years, they have not only adapted but flourished beautifully.

Explore a plethora of size and color possibilities for this exquisite planter, ensuring a flawless match for your indoor sanctuary. Laden with soil and your cherished plant, this grandiose planter exudes a substantial weight, necessitating caution during relocation. Lacking wheels, it is advisable to enlist the assistance of a second person when maneuvering the planter brimming with soil.

Assembly is a breeze, requiring just a few fleeting moments to complete. The planter boasts an ingenious inner liner that cradles the plant, eliminating the need for filling the entire vessel with soil. Moreover, the removable inner liner offers a convenient solution in case of any watering system mishaps, effortlessly lifting out for swift troubleshooting.

The Lechuza planters employ a unique substrate that effectively creates a barrier between the water reservoir and the potting media. This ingenious design ensures a balanced and controlled water delivery system, safeguarding plant roots from both excessive dryness and water saturation.

My only gripe with these planters is that the emblem is etched on the side of each one. It slightly detracts from the overall aesthetic appeal. Luckily, the emblem is confined to a single side, allowing me to conveniently position it out of sight. While I understand that it may not bother the majority, I personally adore the polished and streamlined appearance, making the emblem a minor irritation.

HB Self Watering Planter For Houseplants

Presenting an incredibly remarkable self-watering planter that ingeniously reimagines the conventional designs of its kind. Departing from the usual method of utilizing wicks to supply water to the soil, this pot showcases hollow legs that elegantly extend into the reservoir, effortlessly drawing moisture directly into the roots. Bid farewell to the hassle of clogged or ineffective wicks as this innovation takes gardening to new heights.

The ingenious design of the pot includes spacious slats at the bottom, promoting enhanced airflow and drainage. This allows for optimal moisture delivery to the potting medium while ensuring it doesn’t become too damp.

The reservoir of each pot can be effortlessly filled with the help of a convenient clip-on watering attachment, while maintaining the planter’s aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the planter is equipped with elevated feet, elevating it from the surface it rests on, thereby minimizing the chances of water stains forming underneath your beloved pot.

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With a diameter varying from 6 inches to a whopping 12 inches, and an array of 5 vibrant hues to choose from, this self-watering planter truly knows how to make a statement. While its glossy finish adds a touch of elegance, a matte alternative would have been a delightful addition. Nevertheless, considering its affordable price tag, this planter offers an abundance of possibilities and versatility, as echoed by the rave reviews. Don’t hesitate to explore more and make your purchase on Amazon.

One of the remarkable aspects of this self-watering planter’s design is its compatibility with outdoor usage throughout the summer season. Unlike many other self-watering planters that tend to get waterlogged when left outside during rainfall, this planter offers a unique solution. Unlike its counterparts, it is not sealed and lacks drainage holes, thus mitigating any concerns of excess water accumulation.

With the pot and reservoir being distinct entities and equipped with slats at the base, any surplus water in the potting medium will effortlessly seep through, cascading out from the slots below. This delightful attribute grants you the freedom to proudly display your planter on a windowsill or patio, reassured that your precious plants shall remain unharmed.

This pot offers you the flexibility to take advantage of the warmer summer months by allowing many houseplants, especially those that thrive in bright light, to be placed outdoors and benefit from it.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Offering a unique twist, the Aerogarden employs an ingenious fusion of automatic hydration systems and hydroponics to ensure the well-being of your plants. Particularly ideal for cultivating aromatic herbs, this innovative marvel has captured my heart for several years now. With a range of choices from Aerogarden, you can effortlessly nurture 3, 6, 9, or even an abundance of plants simultaneously.

If you’re eager to delve deeper, I highly suggest perusing my comprehensive Aerogarden review piece. Alternatively, venture onto Amazon for a plethora of user reviews and price comparisons.

The earlier iterations of Aerogarden lacked a touch of elegance, however, the revamped models exude sheer magnificence. With the inclusion of a seamlessly integrated LED grow light, this self-watering planter can truly adorn any corner of your abode while ensuring the flourishing growth of your plants.

Indeed, the growth rate and size of hydroponically cultivated plants surpass those of plants grown in traditional soil, making it an excellent choice for culinary enthusiasts who desire an abundance of aromatic herbs.

This remarkable product excels in enabling individuals to cultivate herbs within the confines of their homes throughout the entire year, irrespective of the prevailing lighting circumstances. The market currently boasts a considerable assortment of analogous products, each with their own merits and drawbacks. Conducting a thorough analysis, I have compared two of the most sought-after intelligent herb gardens available: Aerogarden and Click and Grow.

Questioning the necessity of a grow light for herb cultivation, I found myself intrigued. Yet, after experiencing its benefits for a considerable period, I am now entirely convinced. This remarkable addition allows me to cultivate exquisite herbs and even relish homegrown tomatoes throughout the year, a feat unattainable without the aid of supplemental lighting.

Glowpear Urban Garden Self Watering Planter

The self-watering planter appears absolutely stunning to me. It offers three delightful options. Firstly, a petite version that would effortlessly adorn a countertop or windowsill. Secondly, a wall-mounted variation adds an exquisite touch to any space. Lastly, a grander version, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking the perfect green companion.

With its ingeniously designed modular structure, these planters offer the possibility of seamlessly connecting two units, enabling them to share their water reservoirs. Moreover, this feature grants you the flexibility to commence your gardening journey with a single planter, and as your green aspirations flourish, seamlessly incorporate an additional planter into your setup.

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The elevated pattern is simply marvelous, providing a refreshing twist compared to the ordinary self watering planters out there. Although it comes with a higher price tag, the design is absolutely stunning and it garners rave reviews from customers.

Read the customer feedback, examine the specifications, and make a purchase on Amazon.

Eva Solo Orchid Pot

As a passionate orchid enthusiast, I wholeheartedly embrace the captivating allure of these exquisite flowers. To cater to their evergreen needs, behold this ingenious self-watering vessel meticulously crafted to bestow upon your cherished orchids an optimal and unceasing supply of moisture. Feel free to peruse my enlightening literature on the art of nurturing these botanical treasures.

The concept revolves around placing your orchid directly into the Eva Solo orchid pot, where water from the reservoir below is effortlessly absorbed into the growth medium through nylon wicks. One of the major highlights of this pot is its exquisite design, which would add a splendid touch to any corner of your abode.

Despite its potential drawbacks, this pot might not offer the ideal environment for your orchid; however, it should still adequately serve its purpose. Orchids often suffer from excessive watering or complete neglect, and this pot could potentially alleviate some of these issues. Nevertheless, I do have reservations about the continuous supply of moisture to the growing medium, as it may increase the risk of root rot.

This particular pot prevents any direct sunlight from reaching the roots, providing immense advantages for various orchid species. With an abundance of positive reviews and captivating aesthetics, it’s certainly worth exploring further. Discover the remarkable feedback and make your purchase from Amazon.

Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub

The fusion of self-watering and hydroponics in this planter is truly captivating. It includes a generous 6 quarts of unique fiber soil, meticulously designed to optimize plant growth by enhancing ventilation and creating an ideal nurturing habitat for the roots.

Discover the ideal fit for your windowsill, where three flourishing plants can thrive in each planter. With its ingenious design catered towards herb growth, this garden tub effortlessly simplifies the nurturing process, ensuring your plants remain unharmed even during occasional periods of neglect. Explore the Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub and delve into the insightful customer reviews available on Amazon.

One thing worth mentioning is that they discourage the idea of cultivating your herbs from seeds in this planter, considering the unique characteristics of the growing medium. It is more advantageous to sow your herbs in a propagation tray or a soil-based pot, allowing them to establish themselves before transplanting into this planter.

For all your culinary endeavors, you have the delightful option of periodically pruning your herbs. This splendid practice not only ensures a constant supply of fresh and aromatic herbs, but also proves to be a cost-effective choice in the long run. With your own herb garden, you can revel in the joy of nurturing plants that will thrive and flourish for an extended period.

If your herbs become excessively elongated or woody, a nifty trick is to snip off some cuttings and nurture them in water or a propagation tray. This way, you can commence anew without the need for sowing additional seeds or beginning from the very beginning.

LeGrow Self Watering Planter

The Legrow planters have stolen my heart with their undeniable coolness. Despite their petite size, their ingenious modular structure empowers you to craft a personalized masterpiece using Legrow’s diverse range of modules. Consider it a plant pot version of lego, and trust me, it’s an absolute triumph.

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Every minuscule container possesses its very own water reservoir. Additionally, you have the option to acquire units equipped with built-in cultivation illuminators, humidifiers, and even USB capabilities, thus enabling the utilization of your botanical vessel for mobile charging purposes.

These pots are perfect for housing succulents, cacti, and petite indoor plant varieties, as their compact nature complements them well. Of course, if you decide to go for the light or USB modules, you’ll require a power source. Personally, I went for the classic modular pots that adorn my kitchen’s pristine white shelves, and they truly enhance the overall aesthetic.

Take a look at the complete selection and prices on Amazon.

Santino Self Watering Planter

Indulge in the incredible value of this ingenious self-watering planter, a splendid choice indeed. Crafted from resilient, sun-defying plastic, embellished with an array of captivating hues, this vessel is poised to endure the test of time. Moreover, an assortment of sizes ensures you can select the perfect fit for your beloved foliage.

This product offers exceptional value and has garnered highly favorable reviews. It boasts an ingeniously uncomplicated self-watering system and a convenient retractable spout for effortless reservoir filling. The generously sized reservoir ensures ample water supply for plants, lasting anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

When it comes to indoor self watering pots, it is highly recommended to opt for a potting medium that has excellent drainage capabilities in order to minimize the chances of root rot. Additionally, it’s essential to carefully consider the size of the pot in relation to the plant. Choosing a pot that is excessively large for the plant can hinder the functionality of the self watering system.

Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter

While it may not possess the most aesthetically pleasing appearance, this self-watering planter offers an affordable solution. Surpassing most options on this list in terms of cost-effectiveness, a pack of three can be obtained at a lower price. Despite my personal reservations about its looks, this planter incorporates a straightforward self-watering mechanism that has garnered positive reviews for its effectiveness.

This could potentially serve as an excellent alternative choice for constructing a self-watering planter on your own, given its affordability. Attempting a DIY project at a lower cost than this might prove to be quite challenging.

Exercise caution when filling the reservoir of this ingenious self-watering pot, for it lacks any visual cues to guide you. Merely extract the inner liner, assess the level as accurately as possible, and hope for the best outcome.

Dot TruDrop Self-Watering Planters

Dot TruDrop Self-Watering Planters are innovative and convenient plant containers that feature a built-in watering system, ensuring your plants receive the perfect amount of water without any hassle or guesswork.

The Dot TruDrop self-watering planters boast a generous size, making them perfect for housing a majestic indoor plant or enhancing the charm of your balcony or patio. With its captivating textured surface, this planter adds a touch of visual intrigue to any space. The ingenious double-walled construction safeguards against drastic temperature changes, ensuring optimal protection for your outdoor planter.

Boasting a reservoir that can sustain your plants for a remarkable three weeks or even longer, varying on the type of plant nestled within, this exceptional pot guarantees utmost contentment for your leafy companions during your absence on a well-deserved getaway.

Lechuza Puro Spherical Self Watering Planter

With years of expertise, Lechuza introduces the exquisite Lechuza Puro, blending their remarkable self-watering system with captivating aesthetics. This innovative planter boasts a plethora of functionalities that effortlessly simplify the process of potting and nurturing your indoor plants, surpassing the convenience offered by numerous other self-watering planters.

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Nestled beneath the pot’s surface lies the water reservoir, while an inner insert cradles your precious plant, poised above the reservoir. In addition, Lechuza offers a selection of meticulously crafted substrate that enhances drainage and harmonizes the precise water supply to the plant’s roots.

Experience the vast collection of Lechuza’s innovative self-watering pots, where endless possibilities await to fulfill your desires for the perfect size, captivating color, or exquisite style. As a loyal user of this remarkable brand for countless years, I wholeheartedly endorse them without hesitation. Delve into the world of Lechuza’s Puro, uncover its magnificent features, and seize the opportunity to explore its price.

Take note that the initiation of indoor self watering planters requires some patience. After potting your plant, it is essential to regularly water it for several months, enabling the roots to extend into the potting media and absorb the water supplied by the reservoir in the lower part of the medium.

Indoor self-watering planters are perfect for caring for long-lasting houseplants that require minimal repotting over a prolonged duration.

Viva Self Watering Hanging Basket

The Viva Self Watering Hanging Basket is a convenient and innovative solution for keeping your plants hydrated, as it features a built-in reservoir that automatically waters your plants as needed, making it easier to maintain their health and beauty.

The self watering hanging baskets captivate me with their vibrant and lustrous hues. Their simplicity and affordability are commendable, while their efficient self watering system and convenient reservoir make them a delight to maintain.

With a diameter of 11 inches, these containers offer the perfect canvas to cultivate a captivating array of flora. However, their true potential lies in accommodating the graceful tendrils of perennial trailing plants like tradescantia (Wandering Jew Plant), Pothos, or Jasmine. These resilient beauties flourish when nestled in soil that is delicately moistened.

Gardener’s Supply Self Watering Window Box

The Gardener's Supply Self Watering Window Box is a convenient and efficient solution for those who want to enjoy beautiful and thriving plants without the hassle of frequent watering.

Embrace the versatility of this 23-inch window box, designed for both indoor and outdoor settings. Complete with sturdy brackets for secure attachment to windows or railings, it effortlessly merges functionality and style. Delighting in its exquisite, timeless aesthetic, this enchanting option presents itself as a delightful choice for hassle-free planting endeavors.

The construction, ease of setup, and the impressive effectiveness of its self watering mechanism have garnered exceptional reviews. This remarkable choice could bring life to a delightful herb garden right outside your kitchen window, or serve as a vibrant addition to any windowsill or fence.

Self Watering TubTrug Planter

The Self Watering TubTrug Planter is a convenient and innovative gardening solution, designed to make plant care easier and more efficient. It features a built-in water reservoir that provides plants with a steady supply of moisture, eliminating the need for frequent watering. This self-watering system ensures that your plants stay hydrated and healthy, allowing you to enjoy beautiful and thriving garden all year round.

With its trug-like design, this self-watering planter exudes a captivating charm. Perfectly suited for adorning patios or porches, it effortlessly lessens the watering demands of your beloved plants. The vibrant array of color choices adds an enchanting touch to this planter, while the convenient handles on the sides ensure effortless mobility.

Benefits Of Using Self Watering Planters

The care requirements of most plants are not excessively demanding. They simply require a suitable pot, a touch of sunlight, and regular watering to maintain their health. Nonetheless, house plants are often overlooked, and even a brief period of neglect can result in the withering and suffering of your cherished indoor foliage.

With self-watering planters, taking care of your plants becomes a breeze, guaranteeing their hydration and minimizing the chances of them perishing due to your temporary negligence.

Amidst our well-meaning aspirations to care for indoor foliage, the relentless pace of our lives tends to hinder us. I, too, find myself in this predicament, occasionally awakening to the realization that I have inadvertently neglected the watering needs of one of my leafy companions. In a frenzy, I hasten to its side, understanding all too well its dire thirst.

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Utilizing self-watering planters has proven to be a triumph for me, as they enable me to establish a consistent ritual of replenishing the reservoirs every few weeks. This grants me the peace of mind that my beloved plants will never face a water shortage.

Overwatering your house plants is just as detrimental, if not more so, than underwatering them. It is a prevailing issue that often leads to the demise of house plants.

When your heart yearns for your plants to flourish, the allure is to shower them with water more frequently than necessary. However, this often results in their demise due to an overwhelming abundance of water that they struggle to handle.

Discovering the perfect balance in watering various plants requires a touch of finesse, as each plant and your home’s unique climate demand their own customized approach.

Although not universally applicable to every plant, self-watering planters possess the remarkable ability to dispense water solely when the potting medium becomes parched and the plant necessitates hydration.

Provided the self-watering planter can maintain a consistently damp soil, your beloved plant shall flourish with an uninterrupted water source, ensuring its prosperity.

What Soil To Use In Self Watering Planters

When it comes to selecting potting media for self-watering planters, opt for a substance that effortlessly facilitates drainage and possesses a featherweight nature. Opting for a potting medium that is exceptionally absorbent and compacted too tightly will inevitably lead to waterlogging and heighten the peril of root decay.

Opting for a blend of peat moss and perlite, devoid of any soil, usually yields favorable results. Nonetheless, if simplicity is what you seek, a plethora of ready-to-use options await your purchase.

What Size Of Self Watering Planter To Choose

Selecting the appropriate size for your indoor self-watering planter is of utmost importance in guaranteeing the effectiveness of the self-watering system, allowing your plant to flourish by receiving just the right amount of moisture.

For optimal functioning of the self watering mechanism, it is crucial for the plant’s roots to extend and reach the same level as the connecting wick that links the reservoir to the potting medium. Placing a petite plant in a generously sized self watering planter will result in the upper section of the potting media, where the plant resides, remaining devoid of moisture, thereby hindering the intended functionality of the self watering system.

When it comes to placing a colossal plant inside a petite self watering planter, a few issues may arise, albeit not as many compared to the reverse scenario. The ingenious watering mechanism of self watering planters is specifically tailored to cater to a plant of suitable size. However, should you attempt to squeeze a massive plant into a diminutive self watering planter, it might suffer from insufficient moisture, necessitating additional watering from the top.

As previously stated, it is crucial to understand that in most cases, the mechanism of self watering planters may not function initially. When you place your plant in a self watering planter, the roots will be confined to a compact space, requiring time to gradually grow, expand, and occupy the entire pot.

Only when they are near the watering device can the roots access the moisture provided by the reservoir.

Discovering the wonders of self-watering planters has proven to be a game-changer in maintaining the vitality of my indoor flora. While they may not be flawless, judicious selection of plants in conjunction with this technology can transform the task of plant care into an effortless endeavor.

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