Mermaid Pamela Swimming with Child

Mermaid Pamela and Sea Baby – Maidenus Mater

In the tepid waters off the western coast of South America, the extended ordeal in Hally’s patented diving apparatus ended with a whimper. “Always knowed I’d die at sea,” Gnarly Dan lamented, “But I never figured it to be hot and boring.” “It is a bit anti-climactic,” Sir Edmund Roberts added looking with bald longing at their semi-clad and beautiful captain. “Pity.”

The two men lapsed into quiet parley, Gnarly Dan , the old salt with a titanic store of obscure wisdom, and Sir Edmund, the Sea Maiden questor and gentleman naturalist at last concluding it was their manly duty to rescue their captain, Constance Daphne from a watery and ignoble grave. With a show of aged and ineffectual bravado they lowered their feet to the soft sea bottom, braced their bare backs against the bell’s oaken walls and heaved upward, the embarrassing result being that while the diving apparatus did not budge, the men succeeded in forcing themselves knee deep into the warm Pacific ooze. Sir Edmund Roberts wiped his brow, caught his breath and observed, “What we need is a firm bottom,” to which Gnarly Dan apologetically nodded and said, “Beggin’ yer pardon, Cap, but the gentleman is right; we could use your help.”

Captain Fitzwillie, resplendent even in fatigue and perspiration, looked from man to man and then to the details of the bell’s interior. It was some time before she responded, “In some things you remind me of my departed husband, your captain, but in every thing your remind me of men. Breathes there one of you with more insight than insensitivity? You pride yourselves on walking erect though your only advantage lay with you supine!” She warmed to her disdain. “I am mortified to admit I have spent these many hours trapped in a cramped, odorous underwater machine because I accepted your pronouncements of our helplessness.”She too now stood up though she did not attempt lifting the bell. Instead she raised the base of her bench, exposing a rack of iron balls, which she began hefting out and dropping into the mire. Sir Edmund’s face fell to humiliation as she exposed the rack of ballast beneath his own bench and moved to empty it. (The bell was not normally raised by discarding ballast; the ball’s value sufficient to warrant using the crew’s muscle to raise the apparatus following each dive, so the oversight was somewhat reasonable.) As soon as an upward movement was apparent, the three returned to their benches, their weight slowing but not stopping the ascent.

In silence they drifted upward, and in silence they saw their sixteenth Sea Maiden – a beautiful mother with a child riding on her back. Anger and embarrassment melted as the endearing pair circled the bell. “I suppose the youth cannot swim,” Sir Edmund noted, cloaking himself once more in his mantle of science. “Lord above,” Gnarly Dan huffed, “that child could swim to Merry England if she chose. She’s just loving her mum. We tend to forget ‘em where we lives, but yer Sea Maiden gets her strength, and her love from her mother’s heart. And she never forgets. They’s like peas in a pod their whole life.”

Sir Edmund’s notebook recounts: Intelligence will out: we analyzed our way out of Halley’s bell and saw a Sea Maiden and offspring.
Maidenus Mater sighted April 12, 1833, Protected harbor of San Carlos, (yet!) island of Chilo’e Average weight, beautiful appearance.
Maidenus infans 3-5 years approximately, slight build, beautiful appearance, scales higher.

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