Mermaid Couple Grace and Harmony by Robert Kline

Mermaid Couple Grace and Harmony

Edmund C. Roberts’ plans to make his journey sans women had been a bust from the beginning. First his naturalist, Dr. M.R. Gebeaux had shattered his bully world by advancing into his world as a female. His chagrin, his anger, then his petulance that she was Dr. Marie Ryan Gebeaux and not Michael Rufus or Milton Richard or any such masculine moniker had pushed him to the brink of apoplexy. Then the stowaway triplets, Sarah, Sue and Marie were discovered and further degraded his intentions. But they at last were children. His naturalist was a bonafide women. Petite, feminine, beautiful and intelligent. It was more than he could handle. And more to the point, she was more than he could ignore. At first he attempted to react to her as if she were a man…a noted naturalist to help him during his voyage of discovery. But she was so undeniably attractive. Her walk was to feminine. Her figure, though diminutive had sufficient curves and bumps to disrupt him at every juncture. Even her voice trilled him. And she smelled of a woman–hints of perfume, bath soap, and shampoo, blended and swirled about his memory.

His attempts to deny her sexually paled with each sea mile. She occupied more and more of his waking thoughts. Soon he was seeking her attention, looking for any excuse to query her as to manufactured scientific conundrum. At first she responded to his ridiculous questions in earnest, but soon she understood he was indeed soliciting not information, but proximity. That is not to say she responded in kind. The young man was surely not her type, his reputation unflattering and as well noted as his family’s.

It was as they shared his diving apparatus that the situation became nearly unbearable. Just off the coast of San Francisco, the two of them submersed and observing the sea life, Edmund found himself contemplating various advances. He leaned toward her. She subtly inched away. He brushed against her when he pointed out a particularly long stem of sea grass. She was becoming very uncomfortable when a pair of Sea Maidens drifted into view. They were truly beautiful and enjoying a prolonged embrace. Both Roberts and Dr. Gebeaux shifted closer to the viewing port. “They are remarkable,” she observed, thankful for the diversion.” Roberts took the opportunity to press his arm against hers. She pulled hers away.

His journal reads:
October 21, 1912
Spied a brace of Sea Maidens, apparently enamored.
Sea Maiden 8 Grace, Maidenus seductus
Sea Maiden 9 Harmony, Maidenus swoonus
Sighted in San Fransisco harbour following a rain shower and a brilliant rainbow.

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