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10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas

10 Must Have Gifts for Little BallerinasIf you’ve ever popped by my instagram feed you know that my girls are OBSESSED with being ballerinas. It’s really my 3 and a half year old and then it trickles down to my 2 year old. Regardless of who is leading who, these little girls love to be ballerinas, wear tutus and dance their little hearts out. It’s kind of the best. I don’t know what I’d do if I had two boys obsessed with trucks or something. Ballet is something I can totally get into too and I do. I’m a sucker for little ballerina gifts and have bought way too many tutus over the years. I figure, if nothing else, I can pass on my ballerina knowledge to you. Here are my best pics for must have gifts for little ballerinas.

10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas*This post contains affiliate links.

My daughters and I have indulged in countless viewings of both “The Nutcracker” and “Swan Lake”. They have developed a deep affection for these ballets, and I am thrilled that they are being introduced to such mesmerizing music that ignites their spirits. In our living room, we have fashioned a dance stage where we unleash these magnificent symphonies, and my girls unleash their boundless energy. Gigi had the pleasure of attending a performance of “The Nutcracker” last year, and I am ecstatic to announce that we have secured tickets once again for this year’s show. The anticipation is overwhelming!

2. Adorned in delicate pink hues, every graceful dancer deserves a dainty set of ballet slippers. Our utmost adoration is bestowed upon these enchanting footwear, as they effortlessly cling to the feet, endure the test of time, and provide unparalleled comfort.

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3. The perfect ballet skirt – Amidst a multitude of ballet skirts, this particular one shines with its timeless charm and awe-inspiring magnificence.

4. Ballet-inspired Purse – My daughters adore their ballet-inspired purses so much that they’re worn-out and tattered from constant use. These purses accompany them everywhere, effortlessly slung over their shoulders like fashionable messengers, and my heart just melts every time. Reminiscing about my own cherished childhood purse, I can’t help but appreciate this as an alternative choice.

5. Leotards – I absolutely adore this timeless leotard, and not only this one, but there exists an abundance of dazzling ballerinatastic options, such as this captivating ballet party dress.

10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas6. A Ballerina Cosutme – Because even though I would be ecstatic if they wore plain leotards everyday with tights and leg warmers, little girls love the fluffy, taffeta, ruffly stuff, so here you go girls.

7. Cozy Leg Wraps – Witness the exquisite leg wraps that my grandmother skillfully crafted for my beloved daughters, igniting sheer excitement within me whenever they adorn them. Behold this step-by-step guide to create your own leg wraps, and feast your eyes on an adorable collection available for purchase.

8. An Enchanting Ballet Poster and Captivating Ballerina Wall Decals – I’ve been yearning to acquire a marvelous ballet poster for Gigi. However, the task of selecting one has proven to be quite challenging. I must find a moment to sit down with her and unveil the myriad of options available. In the interim, the exquisite decals serve as a delightful substitute.

10 Must Have Gifts for Little Ballerinas9. Ballerina Books – Here are a few we love

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Angelina Ballerina.

Olivia, the ballet

Ella Bella Ballerina and Swan Lake.

10. A Enchanting Ballet Jewelry Box or Melody Chest – Both my daughters go absolutely crazy for their mesmerizing ballet-inspired jewelry and music box. We possess the delightful music box and they simply adore it, with an overwhelming amount of affection. They fill it with all sorts of fascinating trinkets, not just limited to jewelry. Just the other day, to my surprise, I stumbled upon D’s pacifier collection nestled inside her treasure box. Oh, what a delightful and amusing discovery it was!

10 Must Have Gifts for Little BallerinasThese next four things we don’t have but I am highly considering getting at least one of them. I think they’d all be a pretty big hit for any little ballerina, don’t you?

11. Night Light in the

12. Set of Ball

13. Degas G

14. Ballet Calendar – I must acquire this!

So that’s my list of essential items for the young dancers in your life. Have I overlooked anything? I’m open to any fantastic suggestions! It’s evident that I have a penchant for shopping. However, with Black Friday approaching, there will undoubtedly be some incredible bargains available. Enjoy your shopping spree! Best regards, Meri.

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