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What to Write in an LGBTQ Wedding Card

What to Write in an LGBTQ Wedding Card

Got a pair of lovebirds from the LGBTQ community who are ready to say “I do”? That’s absolutely marvelous! If you’re feeling a tad bit anxious about crafting the perfect message for an LGBTQ wedding card, fear not! You’ve stumbled upon the perfect spot. We’ve got some remarkable suggestions and creative concepts specifically designed for their joyous union, all aimed at making their special day even more extraordinary.

When it comes to the essence of affection, love knows no boundaries. Hence, the words you express to an LGBTQ (or queer) couple might closely resemble those you would convey to a straight cisgender couple (where both individuals identify with the gender they were assigned at birth). This realization is advantageous as it opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to seek further inspiration from a plethora of articles on composing heartfelt messages for wedding and shower cards.

Naturally, you have the option to customize your written content to reflect the LGBTQ identity of the couple by carefully selecting your words or expressing support and pride. Alternatively, you may wish to utilize your message as a warm welcome to a family member’s same-sex partner. The manner in which you personalize your message can be delicately nuanced or extravagantly grand. Regardless of your chosen approach, continue reading for valuable writing advice, creative ideas, cautionary tales, and inspiring message samples.

Congratulations and Wishes

Occasionally, you simply desire to maintain things concise, joyful, and delightful–and that’s ideal.


  • “Congratulations and warm regards. gentlemen
  • Congratulations to the couple on this significant event!
  • “So excited for you, Cody and Levi!”
  • “Cheers to the soon-to
  • “Two individuals who have a deep affection for one another, embarking on an incredible journey…Heartfelt congratulations on your union.”
  • “Congratulations, Anne and Michelle! I simply couldn’t be more delighted for both of you.”
  • “Cheers to becoming ‘elderly married gentlemen’! I am so thrilled for you!”
  • “Partners in affection…In existence…For
  • “Congratulations! You’re going to be amazing partners to one another.”
  • This justifies Theirs & Theirs towels! Congratulations to both of you!
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    Writing suggestion: If you happen to observe that the names and nouns related to gender are the only aspects that distinguish certain LGBTQ-related examples, you are correct. The identical principle applies to the deliberately gender-neutral instances of messages. This is because, regardless of one’s sexual orientation, the feelings of warmth and happiness remain unchanged.


    “No couple in the history of couples has ever said, ‘Please refrain from acknowledging our undeniable attractiveness, perfect compatibility, destined union, and the fact that we were tailor-made for each other.’ In simpler terms, shower them with compliments and let them bask in their sheer magnificence!”


  • “Kind individuals like you should be together!”
  • Greg, when I was first introduced to you by Joey, my intuition told me that you and Joey were meant to be. And lo and behold, my instincts were spot on! I am absolutely thrilled for the incredible connection you two have found.
  • “Wishing that your wedding is as stunning as the both of you.”
  • “I simply adore witnessing two remarkable women like yourselves finding love together. Congratulations.”
  • “Congratulations on being each other’s Prince Charming.”
  • “Mx. And Mx. Harmonize with such delightful
  • “Two extraordinary individuals. One amazing pair. Congratulations!”
  • “Cheers to the husband and wife! We adore witnessing the joy you bring to one another.”
  • “The love you have discovered together was designed to endure. Celebrating with you as you embark on your journey as lifelong companions.”
  • Writing suggestion: When in doubt about the pronouns of your recipients, remember that signing a card typically doesn’t require the use of “he,” “she,” or “they.” Instead, opt for the gender-neutral and inclusive term “you,” which applies to everyone.

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    Therefore, whether your recipients identify as gender nonbinary or not, feel free to express your joy by saying, “Congratulations!” Or “How wonderful that you’ve discovered each other” or even “Looking forward to celebrating with both of you!”.

    If you wish to maintain gender neutrality in your language choices, you may contemplate utilizing one or more of the following options.

  • “Mx.” Instead of “Mr.” Or
  • “Spouse,” “partner,” or “significant other” can be used instead of “hus
  • “Celebrant” or “marrier” can be used instead
  • Pride and Support

    Commemorating the joyous union, wholeheartedly embracing the couple with heartfelt encouragement, and rejoicing in the well-deserved privilege of matrimony—any of these approaches can serve as an excellent gateway to a heartfelt wedding or engagement message for an LGBTQ couple.


  • “Standing tall with both of you in commemoration of your union.”
  • “We adore and back you, and we’re incredibly proud of you.”
  • “Shedding many tears of pride and joy for you!”
  • “Overflowing with pride for the happy, enjoyable, affectionate, perfect-for-each-other couple you are
  • “I am aware of the journey that both of you embarked on to arrive at this point. I am excited to witness the paths you will choose to follow from now on.”
  • “You have love. And you have us. We are with you every step of the way.”
  • “Your love is a captivating force, igniting the flames of inspiration. You epitomize the enchanting magic that unfolds when two souls destined for each other embark on the extraordinary journey of unity.”
  • “Even in a chaotic world, love discovers a path. So elated it did for the two of you.”
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    Writing hack: Don’t feel obligated to include a pride message. Even if your words revolve around love, joy, and well-wishes, you’ll effortlessly convey your unwavering support for the couple. Greeting cards possess an extraordinary ability to do just that.

    To Family

    When penning a letter to a beloved family member entering the realm of engagement or matrimony, it’s truly delightful to imbue your written correspondence with an extra touch of heartfelt affection and genuine hospitality. After all, their soon-to-be life partner is on the verge of joining the cherished circle of family as well!


  • “Our family is expanding with the addition of a son-in-law…And an abundance of love. Couldn’t be more thrilled about it!”
  • “We are thrilled that our daughter has discovered the ideal partner to spend her life with.”
  • “I never anticipated that I would acquire the most amazing new brother ever, all thanks to my silly old brother. Miracles never end!”
  • “Welcome to the family! You’re the greatest thing to happen to this group since who knows when.”
  • “Witnessing the joyous bond between the two of you brings even more happiness to the entire family.”
  • “We understood that it would require someone exceptionally unique to be a perfect match for you, and you have discovered them. Hooray!”
  • “I couldn’t have chosen a more suitable companion for my daughter. You bring her so much joy, and that means the world to me.”
  • “Don’t search any longer for a group. We’re all present, cheering, backing, and embracing you into the family.”
  • Writing advice: The message examples mentioned earlier have a personal touch, which is quite fitting. It’s important to consider that you may want to convey different sentiments to your current family member and your soon-to-be family member. It’s possible to address each of them separately in the same card, or you could even send an extra card to one or both of them.

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    If you share a deep connection with either member of the couple and have a sense that they would delight in a humorous or playful greeting, don’t hesitate to bring a smile to their faces with your heartfelt words.


  • “Double garter [bou
  • “If there’s any fairness, a massive rainbow will appear in the sky on your wedding day!”
  • “Having a pair of queens is always a strong hand. I’m fully committed to this bet!”
  • “We hope it’s the most joyous event ever!”
  • “You were excellent as unmarried women. But I’m pleased you decided to get married, because you’re even stronger as a couple!”
  • “Excited for the ultimate wedding playlist. I’ll prepare my dance moves.”
  • “May your wedding day be incredibly joyful, it becomes a memorable event in history.”
  • “You’ve been partners for a while now. And now you’re even more important to each other…If that’s even possible!”
  • “You both make much more sense than many of the other couples in this family.”
  • Writing advice: Reserve humor for familiar company. Hence, refrain from jesting when uncertain. Opt for sincere and affectionate wishes instead, to convey warmth.

    Warm Closings

    Concluding your wedding or engagement message with a heartfelt farewell adds the perfect touch of warmth. While there are some traditional options available, don’t hesitate to unleash your creativity and craft a one-of-a-kind sign-off that truly reflects your personality.


  • Warmly,.
  • Sincerely,.
  • Cheers!
  • Best wishes!
  • Wishing you all the best in
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations and warm regards.
  • Warmest congratulations,.
  • Heartfelt congratulations,.
  • So happy!
  • Blessings,.
  • Love,.
  • With love,.
  • Much affection,.
  • Love always,.
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