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Thoughtful (and Appropriate!) Wedding Gifts for Employees


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The outbreak of COVID-19 abruptly disrupted weddings in the year 2020. As the situation gradually improves, weddings have resurged with renewed vigor this summer. Consequently, companies of all sizes and from various locations are witnessing a surge in their employees tying the knot in large numbers during this season.

The perpetual question of etiquette arises: How can one choose a suitable wedding present for employees? It is not only a matter of appropriateness, but thoughtfulness as well. Wedding gifts present a remarkable opportunity to express your genuine gratitude towards your employees.

Should the entire organization participate? Or should the gift be exclusively presented by a manager, a leader, or an HR executive? Apart from unsuitable presents, there is truly no incorrect approach. However, if you’re uncertain about how to initiate, here are some suggestions to help you begin.

Are wedding presents expected from employers?

Typically, receiving a wedding gift from your employer is quite unexpected. However, it serves as a remarkable gesture to demonstrate your genuine concern for the employee. Moreover, if the individual has devoted a considerable amount of time to your organization or you share a close bond with them, presenting a present would certainly be fitting.

The matter arises regarding the donor of the gift and the contributors involved. It is possible for the leaders or individuals with company funds to personally purchase the gift on behalf of the organization. Alternatively, smaller enterprises may opt for a collective approach where each person contributes a few dollars towards a shared present.

Regardless of the route you select, it is essential to ensure that no one feels obligated to participate against their desires.

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Consider indulgent food and drink wedding gifts

Finding the perfect personalized gift can sometimes be a daunting task, but there’s one thing that never fails to please – food and beverages. Indulge their taste buds with gourmet food baskets, delightful fruit bouquets, exquisite coffee or tea, or even a splendid bottle of wine. These exceptional choices effortlessly bring joy without the need for personalization.

This presents an excellent chance to explore and promote local businesses, adding a touch of creativity to your shopping experience. Have you considered backing the nearby artisan chocolatier? Alternatively, venture into a different section of the mall and discover a charming wine boutique where you could make a purchase.

Take your cues from the couple’s wedding registry

In this modern era, even if you didn’t receive an invitation to the wedding, it’s quite easy to effortlessly locate the couple’s registry on the internet. This will unveil precisely what your colleague and their beloved require. Just make a purchase from the provided list!

Housewares are a safe bet for employees getting married

Even though many married couples are already living together these days, it doesn’t mean they have everything they might like at home.

A clever approach to addressing a wedding gift for an employee involves presenting them with a considerate household item that they may not indulge in on their own accord. For instance, if your employee enjoys the art of baking, why not surprise them with an exquisite cake stand or peculiar cookie cutters? Alternatively, if your employee has a penchant for camping or exploring the world, contemplate gifting them a set of tumblers to accompany them on their thrilling escapades.

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Amongst the array of housewares lies a captivating assortment dedicated to the art of entertaining. Discover exquisite cheese boards accompanied by delightful cutlery sets, awaiting your perusal. Additionally, one cannot overlook the adored presence of elegant wine glasses or the allure of beer mugs.

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Contribute to the the couple’s honeymoon

There are several ways that employers can support their employees’ honeymoon escapades.

There’s the option of giving them additional time off, something that only an employer can do!

One potential option is to offer them money as a gift. Nowadays, numerous couples choose to include extra adventures or even segments of their honeymoon journeys on their registry, presenting yet another alternative route.

And then comes the possibility of granting them some extra leisure time, an exclusive privilege only bestowed by employers! Just a mere addition of 24 hours to their vacation can truly transform an individual’s momentous occasion into an extraordinary experience.

Make a charitable donation in their honor

If you find yourself stumbling over giving something personal or realizing it at the eleventh hour, this can be an excellent path to tread. From sanctuaries for furry friends to charitable organizations dedicated to feeding the less fortunate, the array of institutions in dire need of financial support appears boundless.

Go with a gift card for an employee wedding present

One can never go wrong with the reliable gift card choice. Opting for theater tickets or a gift card to an upscale dining establishment can be delightful gestures, particularly if they align with your employee’s individual preferences. Other excellent gift card choices include specialty grocery stores or stores offering a wide range of housewares.

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Finding the perfect gift for a colleague who is tying the knot can seem like a challenging task. However, fear not! If you have a good understanding of the employee’s preferences, you likely already have a few ideas in mind.

If you lack familiarity with them and wish to avoid offering anything impersonal, consult their supervisors or colleagues in the workplace. Undoubtedly, there will be someone capable of providing you with valuable insights.

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