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Best Target Mother’s Day Gifts That Cost $10 Or Less (Choose Store Pickup & Get Them Today)


These affordable Mother’s Day presents from Target are all priced below $10!

Best Target Mother’s Day Gifts That Cost $10 Or Less (Choose Store Pickup & Get Them Today)

Don’t have much to spend? Get affordable Mother’s Day gifts at Target.

Get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14th! If you’re still searching for that special gift or feeling a little unsure about what to get your mom this year, fear not! Target has an abundance of adorable presents that will surely charm her. The best part? Each one of them comes with an incredibly affordable price tag of $10 or less!

Embarking on an exciting adventure through the labyrinth of store aisles, we embarked on a mission to discover budget-friendly treasures that would undoubtedly captivate the hearts of beloved mothers. Now, let’s dive into a glimpse of the most exceptional Mother’s Day delights we stumbled upon at the renowned emporium, Target!

Pro Tip: Opt for the complimentary Target store pickup if it is accessible in your vicinity, and your order should be prepared within a span of 2 hours!

12 of the best Target Mother’s Day gifts that cost $10 or less:

1. Brighten Mom’s day with these pretty candles.

Brighten Mom's day with these pretty candles that will fill the room with a warm and inviting glow.

Indulge your mother with a selection of alluring scented candles. This delightful gift set is sure to impress. It includes three candles with captivating fragrances of mandarin hibiscus, driftwood and sea salt, and cedarwood mandarin. Each candle is elegantly encased in a dainty tin adorned with a charming patterned design.

2. Is your mom a light in your life? Remind her how special she is with this affordable candle set.

This affordable candle set is a perfect way to remind your mom how special she is, and it will surely light up her life.

Treat your mom to a blissful moment of serenity with charming scented candle assortments. Delight in the aromatic essence of wild hibiscus sangria, pink champagne, and citrus sunset. Encased in dainty metal tins adorned with vibrant and lively prints, these gift sets are sure to add a touch of joy to her day.

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3. These whimsical planters are one of the more affordable Target Mother’s Day gifts.

These whimsical planters are a great choice for an affordable Mother's Day gift from Target.

Show appreciation for your mother’s caring spirit by presenting her with a special surprise for her garden. If your mother has a knack for gardening, why not surprise her with an extraordinary planter? Target offers these charming planters designed in the shape of human figures, guaranteed to spark interesting conversations.

4. Start Mom’s day off right with this sweet coffee mug.

Start Mom's day off right with this sweet coffee mug, a perfect gift that will surely make her morning extra special.

Remind your incredible mom of her awesomeness with this remarkable coffee mug. With a capacity of 18 oz., It can accommodate more than 2 cups of delicious coffee. Moreover, this mug is designed to be both microwave and dishwasher safe, adding convenience to its charm!

5. Do you have the best mom ever? Let her know with this mug set.

Show your appreciation for the amazing woman in your life with this mug set that declares her as the best mom ever.

Spoil your beloved moms with this delightful pink floral mug set, perfect for gifting. You can snag this gem at Target for a mere $10! Inside this set, you’ll find two charming mugs. The first, a generous 16 oz. Mug, proudly proclaims “Best Mom Ever,” while the second, a dainty 10 oz. Mug, carries a heartfelt message of “Love you, Mom.” These mugs are not only microwave and dishwasher safe but also a delightful addition to any coffee bar.

6. Moms who cook or bake may like these handy measuring cups.

These handy measuring cups are loved by moms who cook or bake.

Is your mother passionate about culinary adventures in the heart of her kitchen? If yes, these ingenious stackable measuring cups can be an exquisite present. Crafted from durable stainless steel and designed to withstand dishwashing, they epitomize practicality and style. This renowned brand has seamlessly partnered with the esteemed Chip and Joanna Gaines, revered for their remarkable flair in home decor and impeccable sense of aesthetic.

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7. These stylish herb markers are one of our favorite Target Mother’s Day gifts.

These stylish herb markers are a perfect choice for Mother's Day gifts at Target, as they add a touch of elegance and functionality to any herb garden.

Assist your mother in recalling the identity of each plant with utmost ease. These remarkable markers, standing at a height of 8 inches and impervious to rust, are perfectly suited for the task at hand. Not only are they highly functional, but they also exude a delightful sense of style.

8. Check out this Daily Inspiration Set when browsing Mother’s Day gifts at Target.

When browsing Mother's Day gifts at Target, make sure to check out this Daily Inspiration Set.

Surprise your mother this Mother’s Day with a delightful gift. This extraordinary Daily Inspiration Set showcases a collection of 115 distinct and motivational quotes. Display it gracefully in your mother’s workplace, study area, or cherished relaxation corner. With an array of choices to explore, she is destined to discover a quote that perfectly resonates with her desires.

9. Protect mom’s hands and tables with these pretty potholders.

These pretty potholders are designed to protect both mom's hands and tables.

Indulge in the charm of this exquisite collection comprising a single oven mitt and a circular potholder, expertly handcrafted from premium 100% cotton fabric. These delightful creations come with a convenient loop, ensuring effortless hanging from any hook, and are conveniently machine-washable. Whether adorning your culinary endeavors or gracefully adorning your kitchen decor, these remarkable pieces are sure to captivate all with their timeless elegance.

10. This tumbler is one of the affordable Target Mother’s Day gifts we found.

This tumbler is one of the affordable Target Mother’s Day gifts we found, perfect for showing your appreciation and love to your mom on this special day.

This exquisite pink tumbler could be an ideal present if your mother delights in refreshing chilled drinks. Crafted from durable stainless steel, it features a sleek lid adorned with a charming straw. The alluring pink hue exudes a blend of femininity and contemporary elegance, rendering it a flawless choice for the upcoming Mother’s Day in 2023.

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11. Help mom freshen her home with a new scent.

Help mom freshen her home with a new scent by gifting her a fragrant air freshener or scented candles.

Is your mother fond of the aroma of nature? If that’s the case, this invigorating mist serves as a considerate present. Its fragrance reminiscent of earthy pampas grass is believed to enhance her spirits. Merely a couple of spritzes will ensure her cherished space remains pleasantly fragrant.

12. Bring the ocean home to Mom with this salt spray from Target.

Bring the ocean home to Mom with this salt spray from Target, which will recreate the refreshing and invigorating feel of the ocean breeze and waves, leaving her feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Indulge in the refreshing coastal fragrance that effortlessly permeates any space, leaving it imbued with a sense of purity. For those who adore the briny aroma of the ocean, this soothing revitalizing mist serves as an ideal present. Its exceptional effectiveness has earned it a sterling 5-star rating, and the cherry on top is its unbeatable affordability.

Quick Tip: Running late on your shopping? No worries! Target’s Mother’s Day hours will align perfectly with their usual operating hours! Pop into the store and snag one of these budget-friendly discoveries!

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