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27 Supernatural Gifts for the Ultimate Fan


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Supernatural has gained a loyal fan base throughout the years up until now that the show has ended after its 15th season.

Discover an extraordinary compilation of the most remarkable gifts tailored for ardent enthusiasts of the show. Irrespective of whether it’s their birthday, a festive celebration, or any special event, delve into a realm of awe-inspiring supernatural gift suggestions that will truly captivate their hearts.

Embark on an exciting journey and plunge into the extraordinary and enchanting presents that will rekindle their adoration for an iconic television show that has stood the test of time.

1. Hunting Kit

A hunting kit is a collection of tools and equipment used for the purpose of hunting game animals, typically consisting of items such as weapons, ammunition, camouflage clothing, binoculars, and various hunting accessories.

The possession of a hunting kit is an absolute must-have for the avid enthusiast of the show. Renowned for its instrumental role in safeguarding the Winchester brothers against malevolent entities across the entire series.

This hunting kit replica is equipped with a love hex bag, sacred water, goofer dust, and additional items!

2. Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a type of jewelry that is adorned with various small decorative trinkets or charms, each representing a significant memory or personal meaning to the wearer.

This cute charm bracelet is an ideal gift for fans who loved the series from the start until its very last season.

Every charm played a crucial part in the performance, including the devil’s snare, five-pointed star, and car registration.

3. Necklace

3. Necklace

Searching for a cool piece of jewelry for the paranormal enthusiast in your life to wear?

Provide them with this collection that includes four necklaces featuring the emblems representing protection against possession, wing, demonic entrapment, and benevolent charm.

4. Ankle Socks

Ankle socks are a type of short socks that cover the foot and ankle, usually worn with low-cut shoes or sneakers for added comfort and style.

Ensure your recipient is cozy and snug as they rewatch the series for the nth occasion with these remarkable socks.

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Every pack consists of five sets of socks with trendy patterns that only genuine enthusiasts will recognize and value.

5. Drink Sleeve

A drink sleeve is a protective cover that is used to keep beverages insulated and prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the container, providing a comfortable and secure grip.

This beverage holder will keep their drink chilly while they binge-watch paranormal on the weekends.

The insulated container showcases easy cleaning abilities and is made from high-quality materials, ensuring extended use for your fortunate recipient.

6. Beer Mug

A beer mug is a vessel typically used for serving and consuming beer, often made of glass or ceramic material, designed to hold a generous amount of the beverage and provide an enjoyable drinking experience.

Immerse your giftee in the show with this unique and exquisite wooden beer mug. Crafted from authentic oak-tree wood, stainless steel, and brass, it exudes an air of realism and long-lasting charm.

7. Ruled Journal

A ruled journal is a type of notebook or diary that has lines or grids on each page, providing guidance for neat and organized writing. It is commonly used by students, writers, and individuals who prefer a structured format for their notes, thoughts, or reflections.

An enchanting journal that serves as a canvas for their thoughts, emotions, and aspirations is an exceptional gift option! Opting for this mystical-inspired journal will instill a daily writing routine in them.

This journal also includes some additional pages with the annotations, guidance, and drawings created by John Winchester.

8. Model Car

A model car is a miniature replica of a real car, often used for display or as a collectible item.

Imagine owning your very own Baby, the iconic Chevrolet Impala that faithfully accompanied the Winchester brothers on their daring escapades and valiant crusades against the forces of darkness.

Any enthusiast will be thrilled to have this iconic vehicle showcased in their area.

9. Keychain

9. Keychain

Searching for a truly remarkable gift from the realm of the Supernatural? Look no further than this utterly charming keychain! Crafted from resilient stainless steel and adorned with intricate engravings, this gift is not only visually stunning but also built to last.

10. License Plate

A license plate is a small metal or plastic plate that is attached to a vehicle and displays a unique combination of letters, numbers, or symbols to identify the vehicle and its owner. It is used for registration and identification purposes by law enforcement agencies and traffic authorities.

After an incredible 15-year journey filled with enchantment and countless seasons, bidding farewell to the beloved supernatural series becomes an arduous task, particularly for the devoted fans who have grown to cherish it.

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This life-sized number plate will serve as a wonderful memento of all the pleasant memories they have made while enjoying the performance.

11. License Plate Frame

A license plate frame is a decorative or protective accessory that is placed around a vehicle's license plate, adding a personalized touch or providing extra protection against damage or theft.

This extraordinary metal license plate holder guarantees a mystical keepsake wherever they journey! Furthermore, the legendary phrase serves as a magnificent reminder of the ultimate authority within their vehicle.

12. Dean Funko Pop!

Dean Funko Pop! is a popular collectible figurine that features the likeness of Dean Winchester, a beloved character from the TV show Supernatural. It is highly sought after by fans and collectors alike for its detailed design and limited availability.

If your giftee happens to have a deep affection for Dean, then this action figure would undoubtedly make an exceptional gift choice, as both Winchester brothers are highly endearing and charismatic!

Looking to expand your collection of supernatural Funko Pop! Figures? Take a look at the Castiel and Crowley figurines.

13. Sam Plush

Sam Plush is a cozy and comfortable place to relax and unwind, with plush furnishings and a warm atmosphere.

Calling all Sam Winchester enthusiasts! This irresistibly cute plush companion is an absolute essential. Standing at a charming height of about 9 inches, it boasts a perfect blend of portability and snuggle-worthiness, making it the ultimate travel and cuddle partner.

14. Scented Candle

A scented candle is a fragrant decorative item that adds a pleasant aroma to any space, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

The candle inspired by the Dean will leave the room with a delightful scent, resembling that of a freshly baked apple

This 9 oz candle provides excellent worth for the price, considering it can burn for around 50 hours.

15. Wooden Lantern Box

The Wooden Lantern Box is a beautifully crafted decorative item made of wood, designed to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in any space.

This one-of-a-kind candle holder will serve as an effective tool for relaxation for the ultimate enthusiast of the show.

It will be enjoyable to relax and observe the candlelight flicker and cast the silhouettes of their beloved siblings.

16. Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers are a popular choice for adding decorative elements to various surfaces, such as laptops, cars, and walls, allowing individuals to personalize their belongings with unique designs and styles.

These decals are ideal for enthusiasts who simply can’t get sufficient of the series!

With 50 distinct stickers, individuals can freely place them wherever they wish, such as on their mobile devices, computers, and even drink containers!

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17. Blanket

17. Blanket

Looking for a gift that effortlessly combines practicality with an aura of the otherworldly? Look no further than this enchanting blanket! Its plush texture and comforting embrace are sure to provide warmth and comfort all through the night.

18. Supernatural Cast Autograph Reprint

The Supernatural Cast Autograph Reprint is a desirable item for fans of the popular TV show, featuring the signatures of the talented actors who brought the beloved characters to life.

For any die-hard fan of the series, this exquisite reproduction of the cast’s autographs is a truly splendid gift. Featuring the esteemed signatures of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and an array of other remarkable talents, it’s an absolute treasure!

Include a frame to protect this incredible keepsake.

19. Vinyl Record Wall Clock

A Vinyl Record Wall Clock is a unique and creative way to incorporate vintage style into your home decor, combining the charm of old vinyl records with the functionality of a wall clock.

Does your recipient have a tendency to lose track of time while indulging in the supernatural? No more, thanks to this fantastic wall clock!

The clock is made from recycled vinyl, making it not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly.

20. Full-Size Ruby Demon Killing Blade

The Full-Size Ruby Demon Killing Blade is a powerful weapon known for its ability to vanquish demons and protect its wielder from evil forces.

Cosplay enthusiasts and convention goers alike will be thrilled to add this blade to their repertoire, as its exquisite craftsmanship brings a strikingly realistic touch to any costume.

Even though it’s not an actual weapon, caution is still necessary as the object possesses a pointed tip.

21. Men’s Jacket

A men's jacket is a versatile and stylish clothing item that is typically worn on the upper body to provide warmth and protection from the elements. It comes in various styles, materials, and designs to cater to different preferences and occasions. Men's jackets can be used for casual or formal purposes and are often made with durable fabrics such as leather, denim, or wool. They are available in a range of colors and sizes to accommodate different body types and personal styles. Whether it's for a business meeting, a night out, or a casual outing, a men's jacket is a fashionable and functional addition to any wardrobe.

With this remarkable jacket, your giftee can effortlessly emulate the iconic style of the Winchester brothers. Not only perfect for cosplays, but it also offers everyday functionality and practicality.

22. Supernatural: The Complete Series

Supernatural: The Complete Series is a thrilling and captivating television show that follows the adventures of two brothers as they hunt supernatural creatures and unravel dark mysteries. With its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and stellar performances, this series has gained a dedicated fan base and has become a cult classic in the realm of supernatural fiction.

The perfect present for any fan of the supernatural genre would be the entire DVD collection of the series.

With this gift, they can enjoy watching their beloved siblings chase after demons, creatures, and spirits whenever and wherever they desire!

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Bonus: 5 Binge-Watch Must-Haves

23. Mini Projector

A mini projector is a small and portable device that can display images and videos on a larger screen, making it convenient for presentations, movie nights, or sharing media content.

Watching Supernatural on a grand cinematic display is an experience like no other. If your loved one persists in viewing it on their handheld devices or tablets, this nifty portable projector will undoubtedly make an ideal gift for them!

Moreover, this LED projector will allow them to enjoy the presentation wherever and whenever they may be.

24. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are specially designed eyewear that helps to protect your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital screens, reducing eye strain and improving sleep quality.

You cannot hold your recipient responsible if they cannot resist watching the program despite the fact that excessive screen time harms the eyes.

Protect their eyes with these chic blue light blocking glasses that are made with plastic frames and have anti-reflective and non-polarized lenses.

25. CraveBox

25. CraveBox

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This timeless cravebox contains all the goodies that will fulfill their desires, including airheads, bite-sized cookies, and much more!

26. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds are a type of portable audio device that allows users to listen to music or make phone calls without the need for wires or cables. They typically come in the form of small earpieces that fit snugly into the ears, providing a convenient and wire-free listening experience.

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary viewing journey with these top-notch earbuds. Offering an impressive 30-hour playtime, indulge in uninterrupted binge-watching sessions for extended periods.

Additionally, it is also convenient for making phone calls as it includes a microphone with noise-canceling capabilities.

27. Boyfriend Pillow

The Boyfriend Pillow is a unique and quirky product designed to provide comfort and companionship, offering a sense of relaxation and support for those in need of a cuddle or emotional connection.

Watching the series with this cushion will make them feel like they’re snuggled up with the Winchester siblings!

It is incredibly adorable and comfortable and is available in six varying color choices.

The Best Supernatural Gifts

Supernatural has captivated the hearts and minds of numerous individuals over the past decade and a half since it graced our television screens. It comes as no surprise that this show has garnered a massive fan base, owing to its awe-inspiring characters and intricately woven storyline.

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Whether it’s merch or something to enhance their binge-watching experience, these Supernatural gifts are bound to delight your giftee, leaving them feeling cozy and nostalgic.

Searching for additional present suggestions? Explore this compilation on the top gifts for dungeons and dragons enthusiasts!

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