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25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers: Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids


Finding the ideal stocking fillers for little ones can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to delightful ideas for toddlers. To ensure both their enjoyment and your convenience, we present to you 25 proven and exciting suggestions to make their stocking experience truly unforgettable!

25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers: Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Ever experienced that unmistakable sensation when you believe you’ve completed your Christmas shopping, only to suddenly realize that something crucial is still absent? It’s precisely in that moment of recollection when the realization dawns upon me that I have an entire stocking to fill! It’s peculiar how the tiniest member of the family can often be inadvertently neglected. Frequently, I find myself hastily procuring those eleventh-hour trinkets that I know will be a perfect fit for stockings.

But this year I’m determined to not let this detail slip and have been keeping a list of great toddler stocking stuffers.

Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I have curated an exciting assortment of tiny treasures that are perfect for stuffing stockings and delighting toddlers! These are carefully selected items that are guaranteed to captivate and bring immense joy to little ones.

Last year, I indulged in a delightful spree of stuffing my one-year-old’s stocking with his favorite pouches and a couple of teething toys, resulting in an overwhelming amount of joy. However, as my little one has grown into a bigger kid this year, I have embarked on a thrilling quest to discover smaller yet captivating treasures that are sure to ignite his excitement, excluding any edible delights.

In an effort to aid fellow moms in their quest for the perfect stocking stuffers, I present my ultimate compilation of toddler-approved treasures. Let me be your guiding light in choosing tried-and-true toys that will undoubtedly bring joy to your little ones this holiday season.

Below are 25 gift ideas for toddlers that can fit into stockings

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers

  • Melissa & Doug Water Wow books.

    Someone suggested this product when my infant was barely a year old. I’m immensely grateful for their recommendation, as he developed an early fondness for it! Even my grade school nephew continues to engage with and cherish these toys, but they truly shine with toddlers and preschoolers who have a penchant for messy coloring.

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    These use water to reveal colors on pages, and it’s the best thing for quiet bags, church time, family travel, and car trips.

  • Lego Duplo Sets

    It’s never too soon to create a Lego fan! Our Mickey Mouse fan will adore this Mickey and the Roadster Racers small set his little hands can put together. In full disclosure, we received this item to try out. But, I got to pick an item and set and I went with this one because it’s the perfect stocking stuffer size! Small Lego sets are fun for all ages. Small Duplo sets are perfect for toddlers.

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers are small and fun gifts that can be easily placed inside a Christmas stocking, providing joy and excitement for the little ones during the holiday season.

  • ABC Magnet pack.

    Explore your options with the timeless plastic refrigerator collection or opt for an elegant wooden set that exudes sophistication. Regardless of your choice, it’s a surefire way to present a delightful assortment of letters, aiding in alphabet mastery and enhancing fine motor abilities! Succumbing to temptation, I couldn’t resist presenting the set to our little one ahead of schedule. Now, I’m constantly prompted to retrieve the “ABCD’s” for joyful playtime every single day.

  • Lace and Trace.

    Oh, the joy of witnessing those delicate motor skills in action, intertwined with this captivating toy! Notably, the manner in which toddlers engage with it may vary depending on their age. Nevertheless, it remains an excellent concept regardless of one’s years! The younger ones can acquire dexterity and enhance their hand-eye coordination by deftly threading laces through the enchanting holes. On the other hand, older children can hone their skills by experimenting with intricate lacing patterns. As luck would have it, we managed to acquire a set featuring wild animals, and our little one thoroughly delights in the challenge of guiding the lace through the holes while simultaneously mimicking the sounds of these fascinating creatures.

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  • Magnet block set.

    Our affection for the Tegu robot knows no bounds; it has become the ultimate companion to carry in our diaper bag during our ventures outside. The magnetic pieces effortlessly adhere to one another, providing endless entertainment as we marvel at the dexterity of tiny hands exploring the various configurations.

  • Sticker books.

    Sticker books come in various sizes, from petite to grand, yet the classic size smoothly slides into a stocking! Stickers hold a special allure for most young children, so it’s essential to discover the perfect characters for them! These delightful treasures never fail to impress and make for excellent presents for four-year-olds, marking the beginning of their enchanting journey through toddlerhood!

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

  • Crayons or markers.

    The thought of 2-year-olds unleashing their artistic talents on the walls fills me with terror. Hence, we opt for mess-free alternatives or easily washable crayons. This way, your little one can enjoy coloring and engaging in crafts while you can relax, knowing that the mess can be effortlessly wiped away.

  • Little people figurines.

    Discover a delightful assortment of these enchanting trinkets, adorned with a handful of whimsical symbols, destined to captivate the heart of your precious little one.

  • A set of cars.

    Although I may primarily have sons, I have yet to encounter a young girl who doesn’t derive pleasure from controlling a toy vehicle. Discover a collection of vibrant hues and captivating forms that captivate your little one’s imagination, and allow them to revel in the joy of maneuvering these miniature cars all around the household.

  • A small plush character they love.

    As an avid Disney enthusiast, my son cherishes this adorable Mickey figurine, considering it to be his own companion. Similarly, we acquired the lovable Groot just before Black Friday, which proved to be another treasured possession. Whenever given the opportunity to select their preferred companion, my son’s excitement knows no bounds, as they envision a new best friend to cuddle with.

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  • A new lovey.

    If you’re anything like us, that cozy blanket or beloved lovey is an absolute bedtime necessity. However, it’s probably seen better days and is showing signs of wear and tear. Our adoration for our Jellycat “puppy” knows no bounds, as it comes neatly rolled up and is conveniently sized to fit in a stocking. Not to mention, it’s the epitome of softness and cuteness when it comes to attachment items!

    Stocking Stuffers for Kids

  • Bubble Bath.

    Experience the ultimate thrill of bath time with a luxurious bubble bath! Select a trusted brand that sparks joy and allow your little ones to revel in the delightful escapade of tonight’s bathing session!

  • Bath Crayons

    As we delve into the realm of bath time… Bath crayons slide seamlessly into the contours of a stocking, making them an adored choice for filling up stockings of little ones! Moreover, they introduce an exhilarating new pastime during the sacred ritual of bathing.

  • Squirting bath toys.

    Our adoration for the Munchkin animal pack knows no bounds, and we fully acknowledge the wisdom behind periodically replacing bath toys, as mold tends to sneak its way in. Don’t miss out on this perfect opportunity to seize a set and fill up a stocking!

  • A new board book.

    I adore the fact that these are available in compact sizes, making them a delightful fit for tiny hands. Our affection for Baby Lit books stems from their irresistible charm, allowing us to engage in conversations about various topics such as colors, individuals, shapes, and all the other concepts that a young child begins to grasp. However, you have the freedom to select any renowned classic or a highly-rated book on Amazon, guaranteeing a resounding success!

  • Play-Doh.

    Play-Doh never fails to ignite a toddler’s excitement, especially when a fresh hue, a novel collection, or an innovative accessory joins the playtime extravaganza. Stocking up on a handful of individual marvels or a petite bundle can instantly transform the stocking into a treasure trove!

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  • A new sippy cup/water bottle.

    I love that my toddler feels like a big kid drinking out of his Camelbak bottle these days, and buying one in his favorite color was one of the best choices we made! These Munchkin 360 cups are a favorite of mine to eliminate messes, and with how often these get used and how often kids lose or beat up their cups, a fresh set is always a good idea!

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers are small and fun gifts that can be easily placed inside a Christmas stocking, providing joy and excitement for the little ones during the holiday season.

  • Finger Puppets.

    Ah, behold the wonders that have rescued us in the midst of church and other serene moments! The little ones delight in attempting to slide these onto their adorable chubby digits. Furthermore, they effortlessly enhance the joy of storytelling and tranquility. While they serve splendidly as a tiny surprise for a baby, my heart is captivated by the notion of gifting them as stocking stuffers for a toddler, as their tiny hands will undoubtedly revel in their purpose!

  • Matching Card Game.

    Introducing your little ones to the joy of family game time has never been more delightful! This game is an excellent opportunity for them to enhance their memory skills and master the art of card flipping with finesse. With an abundance of diverse themes and characters to choose from, it’s effortlessly simple to discover a version that will ignite their boundless excitement. Moreover, these versatile cards can even serve as invaluable tools for expanding their vocabulary as captivating flashcards.

  • A doodle pad or boogie board.

    Similar idea, yet with distinct items. Your little one can engage with the tablet, enabling you to steer clear of any untidiness while effortlessly wiping it clean, all set for the next creation.

  • Magnatab.

    These enjoyable activities promote dexterity and coordination effortlessly, fostering a sense of satisfaction. Moreover, a plethora of diverse choices and sizes are available, ensuring your child finds utmost delight in their playtime.

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  • Sleeved Bibs/Smock.

    The sleeved bibs have bestowed upon me the audacity to embrace my child’s messy adventures, whether it involves getting covered in paint, playing with art supplies, or mastering the art of self-feeding. These bibs are effortlessly worn, effortlessly cleaned, and an absolute delight for both of you to cherish!

  • Bubbles!

    A bubble extravaganza is what really gets a young child’s excitement soaring! It’s absolutely delightful to come across affordable bubble sets, extravagant contraptions, and all sorts of options in between. Among them all, the Gymboree bubbles and wand have stolen our hearts, as they are made with a sugary formula that ensures endless bubble fun.

  • Toddler Puzzles.

    These adorable sets are tailor-made for little hands, capturing our hearts. They offer just the right amount of challenge without causing any frustration, making them an ideal addition to any stocking.

  • Jaq Jaq Bird Butter Chalk Book.

    We are completely smitten with this adorable little book we possess, which initially seemed like an indulgence, but has since been cherished and enjoyed to the fullest extent, leaving us truly grateful! The coloring experience is now much neater thanks to this smear-free chalk, which is delightfully soft and effortlessly manageable for tiny hands. A simple wipe effortlessly cleans it, making it the ideal companion to accompany us on all our journeys!

  • Matchbox Cars

    I have witnessed numerous tiny hands clutching onto a matchbox car, cherishing it as they journey through various places. This exquisite miniature object not only holds immense charm but also conveniently slots into a Christmas stocking, making it an ideal addition.

  • Teething Toothbrush

    The tumultuous toddler years are a rollercoaster ride, with countless highs and lows, and a significant portion of those lows can be attributed to the woes of teething! Aid those emerging teeth in their journey with a delightful banana-shaped brush that captures the hearts of both babies and toddlers alike!

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  • Is your little one fond of fruity snacks? Do they adore applesauce pouches? We discovered that filling their stocking with delightful goodies that resemble treats is a fantastic idea. It demonstrates to them that Santa genuinely cares about their happiness and well-being!
  • I enjoy exploring ShopDisney for an array of adorable plush characters that my children absolutely adore. It brings an extra touch of Disney enchantment to the festive Christmas morning, and these petite presents become cherished companions for my little ones wherever they venture.
  • ShopDisney for tons of cute plush characters

    When my little one was still a baby, a friend of mine had this amazing item in her diaper bag, and it instantly captured his attention! It quickly became one of my absolute favorite purchases throughout the baby and toddler years. I always made sure to have the Dimpl in the diaper bag, ready to hand it to him whenever we were out and about or stuck in a boring situation. It’s truly a fantastic idea for a stocking stuffer due to its ideal size. However, what truly sets it apart is that the novelty never seems to fade away, and children can spend countless hours engrossed in this fascinating toy with its captivating pop-it style.

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