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40 Brilliant Stocking Stuffers For College Girls (2023) – College Girl Smarts


This post is a treasure trove for parents seeking the ultimate stocking fillers for their college-aged daughters or for college girls seeking inspiration for their Christmas wish lists.

In today’s blog post, we will be discussing various gift suggestions for college girls that can be used as stocking stuffers.

Prepare to discover a marvelous collection of the most exquisite and fashionable stocking fillers that will undoubtedly captivate the heart of any college girl in your life!

40 Brilliant Stocking Stuffers For College Girls (2023) – College Girl Smarts

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What are stocking stuffers?

Stocking fillers are small presents that you place in a stocking.

From my own personal encounter, I have found that stocking stuffers provide a delightful avenue for individuals to bestow upon one another everyday essentials such as a fresh toothbrush, deodorant, and shaving razors, thereby reserving the more extravagant gifts for those that adorn the Christmas tree, elegantly wrapped.

Nevertheless, stocking fillers have the potential to encompass a wide array of treasures, ranging from lavish indulgences to more budget-friendly delights, as long as they snugly nestle inside the stocking.

What is a Christmas stocking?

In simple terms, a Christmas is a large, ornamental stocking that is used during the holiday season.

Stockings, an age-old Christmas custom cherished by countless families, hold within them a trove of surprises, eagerly unwrapped at the crack of dawn on that magical day.

Looking for a cute stocking for your college girl? Check out these trendy stockings:

If the university woman in your life requires a little stocking improvement, here are two fashionable selections.

40 stocking stuffers ideas for college girls

1. Wrist key ring

Occasionally, handbags can be quite cumbersome to carry while running errands.

That is where a wrist key ring becomes extremely convenient!

A wrist keyring is a bracelet that securely holds all of your keys in one convenient location.

Moreover, the sheer convenience of tossing your wrist keyring into a handbag allows for effortless key retrieval, owing to their impressive size!

This is an ideal, affordable small gift for the university student in your life.

2. Fuzzy socks

Who doesn’t adore a nice set (or sets) of soft socks to snuggle up in during the festive period?

Every university woman will value a brand new set of soft socks and they will fit flawlessly in a Christmas stocking.

These soft socks from Target or these ones from Amazon are excellent, affordable stocking fillers for university women.

3. Lip balm

Lip ointment is such a timeless, go-to small gift, but it is such a vital product for the winter season.

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Nobody, particularly the busy university woman, desires parched, cracked lips!

Vaseline is the top lip balm choice. It’s uncomplicated, without any strange components, and highly adaptable.

Not only does she rely on this Vaseline lip balm to nourish her lips, but it also comes to the rescue for those parched areas of her skin, including the elbows and nail cuticles.

4. Phone ring

Every female college student desires to protect the screen of their smartphone from any damage.

One of the optimal methods is by using a phone call.

A phone holder is fashionable, simplistic, and will make gripping her phone 100 times more convenient.

Behold the magnificent Casetify phone ring (as displayed on the right), a delightful smartphone accessory that ingeniously safeguards the precious device. This remarkable trinket is an absolute must-have for the young collegiette in search of a stylish solution to protect her beloved phone.

5. Cardholder/wrist wallet

Occasionally, it is not feasible to carry a handbag everywhere.

Just like the wrist keyring (a fantastic stocking stuffer idea), a cardholder or wrist wallet offers the ideal solution for the busy college girl who prefers to avoid the burden of a heavy purse or handbag while on the move.

6. Jewelry dish

Misplacing earrings or accessories is not enjoyable at all, particularly if it is a unique piece of jewelry.

A jewelry dish is one of the most effective methods to keep your jewelry secure and easily accessible.

A jewelry tray is a wonderful decorative item that will consistently be utilized and cherished for numerous years.

7. Ornament

Do you desire for the college girl in your life to constantly have a small memento of you during every festive season?

Giving her the most adorable ornament ensures she will forever cherish a piece of you, preserving the memories of the Christmas when you gifted it to her.

You can get an ornament to match her holiday decor or a personalized ornament with her name on it like this one.

8. Apple watch band

Enhance the holiday spirit for the college girl in your life who already owns or is about to receive a brand-new Apple Watch by surprising her with a stylish Apple watch band tucked into her holiday stocking.

A flawless Apple Watch strap has the power to infuse character into a subdued attire or serve as a splendid inclusion to her ever-growing assortment of Apple Watch bands.

9. Silk hair scrunchies

A hair tie or hair scrunchie is an essential accessory that every girl should have within reach, whether to tame her unruly hair during study sessions or simply to embrace a carefree hair day.

Silk hair scrunchies are a fantastic improvement from a standard elastic hair tie, which can snag or damage hair.

I absolutely adore the silk hair scrunchies from Kitsch. Not only do they possess the strength to secure my luscious Asian locks, but they do so without causing any tugging or discomfort, leaving me headache-free!

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10. Personalized necklace

Some girls prefer a specific kind of accessories.

Some girls adore earrings, some adore rings, and some are absolutely crazy about necklaces.

This Christmas, consider surprising the necklace enthusiast in your life with a one-of-a-kind personalized necklace as a delightful addition to their stocking.

Enhance her style with a bespoke necklace that not only keeps a piece of you close but also adds an exquisite touch to any ensemble.

11. Small makeup bag

You would be amazed at the versatility of a compact cosmetic pouch.

A compact cosmetics pouch is an ideal gift for university women as it can be utilized for storing various items.

  • Makeup.
  • School supplies include pencils or pens.
  • Portable feminine products for
  • Electronic cords.
  • &Amp; more!
  • 12. Phone charger

    Not having a phone charger is the most terrible thing!

    And it can even be dangerous if you’re stranded in a remote location with a non-functional mobile device.

    Ensure that your university gal is equipped with an extra phone charger at all times, ensuring she remains ever ready to swiftly tap into the realm of connectivity.

    13. Facial roller

    College equals pressure and pressure results in a swollen face and exhausted eyes, and no college woman desires that.

    This festive season, include a facial roller in her stocking and she’ll adore you eternally!

    Utilizing a facial roller offers a splendid opportunity to alleviate facial puffiness, enhance the circulation and flow of blood in the countenance, and bestow a rejuvenating sensation when chilled in the refrigerator beforehand.

    11. Coffee mug warmer

    Coffee is a college girl’s secret weapon for mastering the day. But yuck… Chilled coffee? No thank you!

    Ensure that the young scholar in your midst is equipped with a cozy cup of java, courtesy of a cutting-edge electric mug warmer, to power her through the challenges of academia.

    If you desire to add an extra touch of sophistication and forego this small gift to opt for something more intricate, consider exploring Ember mugs.

    12. Sheet masks

    Every university woman deserves some tender loving care, so why not assist a woman by obtaining her some face masks?

    Facial masks are an excellent method to hydrate and indulge the skin without causing dehydration.

    Sheet masks are packed with hydrating components that will leave the university student in your life radiant afterwards!

    13. Sleep mask

    Obtaining a restful night’s sleep in college can be quite challenging.

    That is where a sleeping mask can be beneficial.

    Pamper your college sweetheart with an opulent silk sleep mask that will banish every speck of light from her eyes, promising her a slumber of unparalleled bliss!

    14. Facial spray

    Every university woman requires a midday energy boost.

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    After hours of relentless studying, a facial mist comes to the rescue, providing a rejuvenating burst of affection to the weary face.

    Facial mists are also ideally sized to give as a stocking filler.

    15. Pillow case

    Who doesn’t ADORE a crisp, immaculate pillow cover

    Pillow covers can also be a fantastic method to incorporate character and vitality to a dull college girl’s dormitory.

    This holiday season, why not surprise her with a pair of pillow cases to place in her stocking?

    We are aware that she will adore them!

    16. Apple Airpod case

    If your university student is an Airpod user, then an Airpod case is essential.

    And it fits seamlessly in a Christmas stocking!

    Naturally, she has the option to utilize the original Airpods packaging, but if she possesses a charming phone case, why not indulge in an equally delightful Airpod case?

    17. Mini smartphone printer

    In university, there are numerous experiences to be created.

    However, at times, recollections become misplaced, whether it is in the memory or on an iPhone camera reel.

    This year, surprise the college girl in your life with this compact smartphone printer as a small gift.

    Granting her the ability to transform cherished moments into tiny Polaroid snapshots, she will be able to preserve them within an album or adorn her dormitory walls.

    18. iPhone case

    A good phone case is not only sturdy, but also stylish. And trust me, no college girl wants a cracked phone screen.

    The best iPhone cases are the Casetify ones. They’re sleek, come in so many different designs, and fit great in a stocking.

    19. Selfie light

    A selfie light has the potential to revolutionize the experience for young women in college, particularly those who enjoy attending nocturnal parties.

    Elevate your college girl’s midnight snapshots from a murky, pixelated chaos to a picture-perfect masterpiece by surprising her with a selfie illuminator nestled in her Christmas stocking this holiday season.

    20. Mini essential oil diffuser

    Regrettably, numerous university residences do not permit the use of candles.

    Many college women are searching for alternate methods to make their dormitory smell fantastic.

    A fantastic option is a compact oil diffuser.

    This tiny essential oil diffuser is cute and will fit even in the smallest areas.

    21. Mini pill case

    For the always busy college girl who needs to take medication every day, it becomes essential to provide her with a convenient on-the-go solution.

    A small pill container is an ideal and adorable solution. Plus, she can discreetly store her medications as well.

    22. Cable bite

    Assist your university lady in maintaining her electronic cables in an organized manner with cable bites.

    Cable nibblers are an adorable method to maintain cords organized and recognizable.

    Personally, I have a cable protector for my laptop charger (which resembles a cat) and my iPhone cable (which resembles a panda).

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    23. Scalp massager

    For the busy college girl who craves some pampering but struggles to find time for a weekly pedicure or an indulgent at-home facial, a scalp massager emerges as the ideal solution.

    Indulging in a scalp massager not only stimulates hair growth but also offers an exquisite sensation! Moreover, it grants her the perfect alibi to prolong her stay in the comforting embrace of a warm shower.

    24. Heatable plushie

    From enduring the agony of period cramps to the discomfort of lugging around a burdensome book bag all day, a delightful heatable plushie offers an adorable remedy for soothing your aches.

    These microwavable stuffed animals are convenient to heat up in the microwave for immediate warmth or alleviation from discomfort and soreness.

    Moreover, they can also be stored in the refrigerator as a cooling pad following a lengthy day amidst the scorching summer temperatures.

    25. Keychain

    Keyboards are much more enjoyable when infused with a touch of individuality.

    Discover the vibrant essence of these exquisite resin flowers showcased on the right. They serve as a splendid means to infuse a burst of vivid hues into your keychain. Alternatively, embrace the charm of this keychain designed for the college girl whose penchant for decision-making is a delightful enigma.

    26. Mini Bluetooth speaker

    For the college girl who craves a melodious ambiance while immersed in her studies or finds herself at a party devoid of an aux cord, a dainty Bluetooth speaker presents an exquisite solution, enabling her to revel in her personal sanctuary adorned with her cherished melodies.

    27. Hairbrush

    A brand new hairbrush is the ideal gift to put in a Christmas stocking.

    This delightful stocking filler is a must-have for the college lady in your life, ensuring her hair remains effortlessly free from tangles, time and time again.

    28. Reusable makeup remover cloth

    Makeup. wipes are a lazy or tired college girl’s go-to method for wiping off her makeup at the end of a long day or after a night out with the girls.

    Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to disposable makeup wipes? Consider surprising her with a sustainable and reusable makeup wipe in her stocking this festive season!

    The reusable makeup wipe surpasses the softness of its disposable counterpart and effortlessly finds its way into the washing machine once its purpose is fulfilled.

    29. Silicone loofah

    A silicone sponge can be a cost-effective improvement to a conventional loofah and a fantastic gift for your university student.

    Silicone sponges are simpler to maintain and keep clean even after multiple uses compared to traditional ones.

    30. Earrings

    Any university woman with her ears pierced cannot refuse a new set of earrings.

    Wearing the same earrings day after day can become monotonous. However, if you find the perfect pair that complements her unique style and personal aesthetic, rest assured she will never part with them.

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    To ensure she loves the earrings you put in her stocking this holiday season, stick to minimalistic and dainty earrings like these.

    31. Ring holder

    Just like the captivating notion of a stocking stuffer idea #6, a fabulous jewelry dish can serve as an exceptional stocking stuffer for the college girl who adores her precious rings.

    Ring stands facilitate convenient retrieval of everyday rings and securely store them during nighttime slumber.

    32. Bath bombs

    Taking care of oneself is incredibly crucial during one’s

    Assist the university woman in your life feel calm and revitalized by presenting her bath fizzers in her stocking this year.

    Indulge in the delightful assortment of scents with this captivating set of 5 bath bombs by Sauve (as depicted on the right). Perfectly suited as an enchanting addition to any holiday stocking, it offers the college girl in your life an opportunity to embark on a sensational journey of diverse fragrances, ensuring a fresh and exhilarating experience with every use.

    33. Coaster set

    Coasters are an essential addition to every living area, serving as guardians of furniture while infusing the space with a touch of individuality.

    This year, one of the most delightful stocking fillers for the college girl in your life, whether she resides in a dorm room or her own apartment, is a fresh collection of coasters.

    These agate monogram coasters from Anthropologie (as shown on the right) are chic, classy, and would look great in any living space.

    34. Passport holder

    This holiday season, if your adventurous college girl has a strong case of wanderlust and her current passport holder has seen better days due to her countless travels, surprising her with a fresh and stylish replacement would make for a fantastic addition to her stocking.

    35. Card game set

    Card games have become quite advanced in recent years.

    In addition to acquiring a mere deck of cards, there exists an array of card games that serve as catalysts for introspection, testing one’s knowledge on trivia, and fostering connections with unfamiliar acquaintances.

    On the right side, behold this exquisite card set known as The School of Life 100 Questions Cards. These beautifully crafted cards make for an enchanting addition to a college girl’s stocking.

    These cards can assist her in initiating conversation with friends, aid in self-reflection, and uncover her true self.

    36. Set of pens

    For the university student, pens are the same as bobby pins, they simply misplace them frequently.

    Help your college girl always be ready to take notes in class or on the go with a set of new pens.

    A set of pens makes a great stocking stuffer because they can actually be used and are always needed no matter what.

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    37. To-do notepad

    The life of a college girl is a whirlwind of activity! With lectures, jobs, and a myriad of campus activities, every college girl yearns for an effective method to maintain her hectic schedule.

    One of the most effective ways to assist your college female student in maintaining organization is by providing her with a to-do notebook.

    This exquisite find from Etsy is an absolute gem, as it offers a personalized touch and an abundant amount of writing space, catering to the most dynamic and adventurous college ladies.

    38. Stationary set

    Every young woman attending college should possess a collection of carefully curated stationery, ready to gracefully jot down heartfelt expressions of gratitude, send spontaneous well wishes, or simply brighten a dear friend’s day with a surprise message.

    Additionally, there is something very delightful about handwritten letters and messages!

    This set of stationery, on the right side, from Anthropologie is sophisticated, ladylike, and a fantastic gift for Christmas stockings (of course!).

    39. Popsocket

    No university woman wants to even consider dropping her phone and shattering her phone screen.

    A Popsocket is a trendy and effective way to keep her phone secure.

    The Popsocket effortlessly adheres to the rear of her phone, enabling her to firmly grip her phone amidst reduced possibilities of accidental slippage.

    Popsockets also come in a wide range of designs, which makes it convenient to complement her individual taste.

    40. Waterbottle

    The Christmas stocking serves as an excellent haven for peculiarly-shaped objects, such as the ultimate stocking stuffer suggestion for young women in college: a trendy water bottle.

    An exquisite, novel water container is not only an incentive for her to increase her water intake, but also adds a delightful touch to her study desk.

    This monogram piece from Anthropologie is an excellent option.

    Concluding thoughts on stocking stuffer ideas for college girls

    Selecting the perfect items to fill a Christmas stocking for the young college ladies in your life need not be a complex task; in fact, it can be quite enjoyable.

    In today’s blog post, I shared 40 small gift suggestions for female college students in 2023.

    I hope this list sparked a ton of inspiration and put you in the gift-giving spirit for this holiday season. Good luck!

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