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101 Unique Sorority Little Gift Ideas For Big Little Baskets – College Girl Smarts


So you just received the information from the New Member Educator that you were selected for the sorority Little of your aspirations.

First and foremost, congratulations! I am aware that you will make an incredible Big.

As the thrill subsides, it’s time to dive into the task of crafting impeccable sorority little gift baskets for the much-anticipated Big Little Reveal Week.

Welcome to this blog post if you’re seeking inspiration for crafting your sorority little’s baskets or in need of those final touch filler items. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

In this blog post, I will share 101 sorority little gift ideas to pamper your sorority little with.

And for those who are new to the world of sororities, we will delve into the intriguing concept of sorority “littles,” explore the enchanting process of pairing “bigs” and “littles,” and unravel the mystery of sorority little gift baskets. Only then shall we embark on a wondrous journey of gift ideas.

101 Unique Sorority Little Gift Ideas For Big Little Baskets – College Girl Smarts

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What is a sorority little?

A sorority little is a new member in a sorority who is the mentee of an active sorority sister called a “Big.”.

The journey of a sorority little unfolds under the guidance of her sorority big, encompassing not only the new member process and initiation events but also extending to the realms of college life, sorority adventures, and even the post-college chapter.

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Interested in expanding your knowledge of sorority family terminology? Explore this blog post by clicking here.

How do sororities pick bigs and littles?

Typically, the responsibility of pairing prospective sorority mentors with fresh members in a sorority lies with the New Member Educator, or a sorority sister holding a similar position or title.

Occasionally, a sorority sister may acquire numerous fresh recruits as their littles, leading them to be affectionately known as “twins” or “triplets” despite lacking any biological ties.

The role of the New Member Educator revolves around ensuring the sorority big and little duos are uniquely matched, while also prioritizing the new members’ desires of having either their first or second choice Big, as indicated on their preference sheet.

After the New Member Educator successfully matches energetic sorority sisters with fresh recruits, the sorority sister eagerly awaits a phone call, brimming with anticipation to discover the identity of her beloved sorority “littles”.

Following that, a delightful span of two weeks ensues, during which new members anxiously anticipate the revelation of their sorority big, while the sorority bigs meticulously prepare for the much-awaited Reveal Night, crafting exquisite baskets brimming with affection for their beloved sorority little(s).

What are sorority little baskets?

Sorority little baskets are delightful assortments filled with a medley of goodies tailored to the preferences of the sorority little. These may include beloved treats, cherished beverages, adored movies/TV shows, and more. Alongside these delights, the baskets also feature an array of sorority-themed attire and lifestyle treasures, such as trendy t-shirts, charming mugs, an emblematic sorority flag, and captivating sorority canvases.

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These baskets are intended to make the sorority little thrilled and inquisitive about who her sorority big is.

Before initiation, it serves as an excellent opportunity for a sorority junior to commence amassing an assortment of belongings and attire adorned with her sorority letters, thus initiating her journey of sisterhood.

What goes into sorority little gift baskets?

Each sorority boasts its unique set of criteria when it comes to assembling the sorority little baskets. Nevertheless, these delightful baskets encompass an assortment of goodies ranging from delectable treats, stylish sorority t-shirts, enticing gift cards, and more. Such a thoughtful ensemble is bound to ignite immense excitement among the new sorority littles as they eagerly await the grand Reveal Night.

Behold, presented before your very eyes, is a captivating depiction of an exquisite assemblage I meticulously crafted for my esteemed sorority protégé, affectionately referred to as Little A.

Sorority little gift baskets typically include a variety of items such as small trinkets, personalized notes, beauty products, snacks, and other thoughtful surprises.

Back in my sorority days, we were handed a delightful checklist of essential goodies to fill our precious Little’s baskets, along with a bunch of fabulous suggestions.

The items that are

  • Pin or badge container.
  • Adorned sorority
  • Outfit/t-shirt
  • If you’re looking to elevate your pin case to the next level, consider going for custom enamel pins. When attending a fraternity party, why not go the extra mile and personalize some enamel pins that tie in with the theme? These thoughtful gifts are guaranteed to bring an abundance of excitement and amusement to the event. With custom enamel pins, you have the freedom to incorporate personal details, aspirations, and any elements that resonate with you. Whether it’s your cherished photographs or a meaningful message, these pins serve as a canvas to showcase your individuality and unique style. Furthermore, these customized pins can be effortlessly worn on clothing, backpacks, hats, and more, effortlessly adding a touch of elegance and allure. Not only do they possess great visual appeal, but they also hold significant value as collectibles.

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    Recommended items included:

  • Candy..
  • Food.
  • T-shirts or other clothing articles.
  • Stuff animal.
  • Blanket.
  • Canvases.
  • Typically, there are three days’ worth of baskets, and each basket will hold a specific quantity of items.

    In order to minimize potential discontent or envy among new members, certain sororities enforce stricter guidelines regarding the number of items permissible in a sorority little’s basket. For instance, my sorority implemented a limit of 7 items per basket.

    The three-day collection of baskets may also feature a theme selected by the New Member Educator.

    Imagine embarking on day 1 of crafting delightful baskets, where the theme could revolve around “your Little’s favorites.” Envision curating a splendid assortment that includes her beloved candies, a refreshing beverage of her choice, a cuddly stuffed animal companion, and even a vibrant canvas adorned with her cherished quote. Let your imagination soar as you craft a truly memorable gift.

    On the second day, let’s dive into the realm of sorority pride! Create a delightful hamper brimming with a vibrant array of your sorority’s emblazoned t-shirts, artistic canvases, stylish accessories, and more.

    And then the last day of baskets is once again themed “Little’s favorites.”

    How to pick the best items to put in your little’s baskets

    By now, it’s likely that you’ve had the pleasure of meeting your sorority Little and familiarizing yourself with her interests, including her go-to dining spot, preferred sweet treats, spirit animal, cherished hues, beloved TV series, and more.

    Along with that, you might also be handed a delightful questionnaire, completed by your upcoming protegé, revealing her myriad interests. This shall aid in igniting your imagination, allowing for a plethora of sorority gift ideas to sprout forth for your cherished little.

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    However, if you are unsure about what to give your sorority little, you can opt for the mysterious route of anonymously texting her via a texting app, delving into the depths of her Facebook and Instagram profiles, exploring the vast realm of YouTube for videos on “what I got my sorority little,” and, of course, utilizing this comprehensive compendium of 101 sorority little gift ideas to ignite your creative spirit.


    However, in the end, your new sorority Little will be extremely thrilled to finally discover your identity.

    And she is going to be so lucky she has you as a Big!

    Don’t fret excessively about choosing the perfect gift for your sorority Little; just be sincere and considerate when selecting something special for her.

    101 Sorority Little Gift Ideas

  • Alarm clock.
  • Apple pen or stylus.
  • Apple Watch strap.
  • Badge/pin box.
  • Bath bombs.
  • Bath robe.
  • Blanket.
  • Body lotion.
  • Body scrub.
  • Body wash.
  • Book.
  • Bracelet.
  • Bracelet keyring.
  • Calendar.
  • Candle.
  • Candle warmer.
  • Candy..
  • Canvases.
  • Car coasters.
  • Car cleaning membership.
  • Car phone mount.
  • Mobile phone holder ring.
  • Coloring book.
  • Concert tickets.
  • Corkboard.
  • Crewneck sweater.
  • Cupcakes or a
  • Dry shampoo.
  • Earrings.
  • Emergency kit.
  • Portable power bank for charging mobile devices
  • Portable hard disk.
  • Face mask.
  • Facial cleanser and hydrating
  • Face wipes.
  • Preferred beverage (non
  • Preferred k-cup of Nespresso
  • Favorite snack.
  • Digital print in a
  • Fuzzy socks.
  • Gift voucher to preferred film, eatery, shop, and so
  • Hairbrush.
  • Hair mask.
  • Hair scrunchies.
  • Hat.
  • Headphones/earphones.
  • House plant.
  • Jewelry tray.
  • Keychain.
  • Lap desk.
  • Laptop case.
  • Lavalier.
  • Leggings.
  • Letterboard.
  • Lunch bag.
  • Makeup mirror.
  • Makeup bag.
  • Makeup palette.
  • Motivational mug.
  • Cup with Greek letters.
  • Nail set with nail varnish and protective layer.
  • Necklace.
  • Subscription to Netflix or Hulu.
  • Notepad or diary
  • Oil diffuser.
  • Pajama set.
  • Passport holder.
  • Pen set.
  • Fragrance or body mist.
  • Phone case.
  • Picture display.
  • Picture frame.
  • Pillow.
  • Planner.
  • Polaroid camera.
  • Popsocket.
  • Task list notepad
  • Tote bag.
  • Ring.
  • Shoes.
  • Sorority flag.
  • Sorority buttons.
  • Planetarium/dome
  • Adhere to cellular phone pocket.
  • Stickers available on
  • Stitch letters.
  • String lights.
  • Stuffed animal.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Tray.
  • T-shirts.
  • Table coasters.
  • Tank Tops.
  • Sampler of tea or coffee.
  • Portable coffee/tea
  • Wallet.
  • Water bottle.
  • Wine glasses.
  • Wooden letters.
  • Wooden sign.
  • Yeti tumbler.
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    You got your sorority little gift ideas, now go curate the perfect sorority big/little baskets for her!

    Crafting the ideal baskets for your sorority little is one of the most thrilling, yet demanding periods in your sorority journey.

    However, the ultimate fulfillment can be found in capturing precious moments of your sisterhood, as she joyfully unwraps her delightful gifts.

    And it is even more thrilling on Reveal Night when you have the opportunity to unveil yourself to your brand new sorority little sister.

    I am confident that your sorority little will absolutely adore the delightful sorority gift baskets, and my sincere wish is that these 101 creative sorority little gift suggestions have assisted you in discovering unique items to include in her sorority gift baskets.

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