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The Funniest Memes for Singles Awareness Day


Solitude Celebration Day (or Solitude Appreciation Day) is the unofficial festivity of the unattached individuals. And when Lunay proclaimed “being single is in vogue,” he was not exaggerating. As per a recent analysis, almost 60 percent of millennials are unattached and have never walked down the aisle. No, they are not demolishing Valentine’s Day, they are simply redefining it. If you are experiencing unease at the thought of scrolling through your social media and witnessing couples’ public displays of affection while lounging on your sofa, fret not. We have got you covered with these nine amusing Solitude Awareness memes that will bring laughter and help you embrace the joys of the single life.

Just Remember the One You Really Love

Photo: Instagram/@doyouknowdono.

Skip the hassle of booking a luxurious eatery. Instead, whisk up a delectable feast, complemented by a personalized playlist that embraces self-admiration, and delve into a profound self-reflection to acknowledge your true essence.

The One Time Being The Third Wheel Pays Off

Photo: Instagram/@funnycaptions
Photo: Instagram/@funnycaptions

Let’s face it, a torta is far more enticing than a mere box of chocolates. Indulge in the deliciousness of your torta, reveling in the blissful knowledge that you don’t have to part with a single bite.

This is A Major Upgrade From the Usual Dinner And A Movie Date

Photo: Instagram/@nomanchesmexicans.

Nothing compares to the comforting embrace of a cozy cobija. The experience becomes even more blissful when it’s your mother who lovingly wraps you up. This cherished Latino tradition ensures that you will enjoy the most rejuvenating slumber of your entire existence.

Y El Novio?

Photo: Instagram/@memelodia
Photo: Instagram/@memelodia

When inquired about the state of your romantic affairs, you can cleverly respond, “Every day is like a Mazola.” This delightful meme is just what you need for the family group chat, particularly when they commence their inquisitiveness regarding your significant other.

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Food is My Love Language

Food is the way I express love and affection, through cooking and sharing delicious meals with those I care about.

Photo: Instagram/@desiastutiaz.

Unquestionably, this year’s Valentine’s Day will hold a distinctiveness like no other. Nevertheless, the quintessence of #singlelife shall endure, for cheese is the epitome of existence.

Calmate o Te Calmo!

Photo: Instagram/@pisces_myth.

Our relationship with the chancla is a rollercoaster of emotions, fluctuating between love and hate. While we despise receiving it from our mothers, we secretly enjoy the challenge it presents during target practice.

The Only Bouquet That Really Matters

Photo: Instagram/@girlwithnojob.

Why not embrace your undying devotion to chicken nuggets and commemorate it? Delighting in the waning sun’s glow while accompanied by a captivating bouquet of these delectable treats seems like an enchanting rendezvous.

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

Photo: Instagram/@raisinghappyplants.

Indulge, my lady! It is often said that one cannot bestow flowers upon oneself, yet those societal norms hold no true power. There is no shame in desiring the finer things in life and pampering oneself with their presence.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

You don’t spend money on Valentine’s Day if you’re single pic.Twitter.Com/CUO

— Tommy (@tomasitooo_) February 2, 2017

Photo: Twitter/@tomasitooo_.

Imagine the endless savings that await you! Picture yourself indulging in an abundance of V-day sweets, purchased at a mere fraction of their original cost the following day. Prepare to embark on a delectable journey through the chocolate haven that awaits us!

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