Saint Augustine Lighthouse Viewed from Downtown St. Augustine

This photograph of the Saint Augustine lighthouse has a view point looking across the Matanzas River (Intracoastal Waterway) in downtown St. Augustine south of the city marina.

The Matanzas River is located in northeast Florida. It runs from St. Augustine Inlet near St. Augustine, Florida, to right around Gamble Rodgers State Park, where it becomes the Halifax River. It splits Anastasia Island from the mainland. The Matanzas River isn’t a true river, but is actually a long, narrow lagoon created by the Florida northeast coast and three islands an large unnamed barrier island, Rattlesnake Island, and Anastasia Island. Because it is not actually a river, some people refer to the Matanzas River as “Matanzas Bay,” however, this can be confusing, as there is another Matanzas Bay in Cuba as well as the lagoon in Florida. The Matanzas River, at about thirty-five miles long, is part of the famous Intracoastal Waterway. The thinnest section of the lagoon is roughly 300 feet wide, while the broadest section is almost a mile wide.Most of the Matanzas River is saltwater, however, it may begin to turn brackish in its very southernmost end. The Matanzas River has two inlets to the ocean – St. Augustine Inlet, located near St. Augustine, Florida, and Matanzas Inlet, just north of the Marineland/Summer Haven area.

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