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Ruby Animal Crossing Guide- Gifts, Personality, House & More


Unveiling a one-of-a-kind bunny, Ruby possesses numerous qualities that set her apart, ranging from her extraordinary appearance to her distinctive appellation. Despite her seemingly impassive demeanor, she radiates boundless vivacity, promising to infuse your island with a delightful aura. Delve into the depths of Ruby’s persona through this comprehensive Ruby Villager Guide!

Ruby, the lively bunny resident, is known for her energetic and enthusiastic personality. Initially appearing in Animal Crossing: Wild World, she has become a beloved character in every subsequent installment, including the latest release, New Horizons. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her return in the upcoming game as well!

Ruby’s Name

Ruby’s English moniker is derived from the fiery hue of her eyes and her vibrant color scheme. Being an albino bunny, her ruby-like crimson eyes lend her a distinct charm. She playfully alludes to this exceptional trait with her cherished catchphrase: “Embrace the red-eye allure.”.

Ruby’s Name

In the realm of the celestial, Luna is the enchanting name bestowed upon her, resonating with the essence of the moon in ancient Latin. A subtle nod to the captivating Asian folklore of the moon rabbit, wherein a heavenly white rabbit dwells upon the lunar surface, ceaselessly grinding within a mortar and pestle, be it nourishment or an elixir.

Both titles have fascinating beginnings, don’t you believe?

Ruby’s Looks

With an intriguing design and an inquisitive gaze, Ruby effortlessly distinguishes herself from the other rabbit villagers. As an albino rabbit, her snow-white fur, round crimson eyes, and reddish inner ears contribute to her captivating appearance. Undoubtedly, it is her eyes that steal the show, shimmering like precious ruby gems, while her inner ears flawlessly complement her crimson-themed ensemble.

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Adorning her cheeks are three delicately placed dots, resembling the enchanting craters of the moon, subtly connecting to her allusion of being a moon rabbit.

Her blank expression, a familiar sight, catches your attention. Ruby, the master of keeping a poker face, rarely reveals her emotions, except in moments of pure joy or distress. It’s through the depths of her eyes that she chooses to convey her innermost feelings.

She consistently dons an array of her beloved rabbit-themed shirts across various game editions. In Wild World and City Folk, it was affectionately referred to as the Bunny Shirt, while in New Leaf, it took the form of the Bunny Tee.

Welcome to the realm of New Horizons, where the Rabbit Tee takes center stage. Picture this: a delightful array of mint-colored shirts, adorned with an enchanting print or patch featuring a jovial rabbit. And guess what? The rabbit bears an uncanny resemblance to the beloved Ruby herself, adding an extra touch of charm to this perfect shirt made just for her!

Ruby’s Looks

With her unique appearance, Ruby stands out as a truly inquisitive bunny. However, as you delve deeper into her world, you’ll uncover the many intriguing layers that make her who she is. Don’t be fooled by her enigmatic exterior – Ruby is far from just a mere facade!

Ruby’s Catchphrase

In the English version, Ruby concludes her sentence with “li’l ears.” This charming moniker she affectionately uses for the player bears resemblance to the adorable ears of bunnies, adding a delightful touch to her words.

Ruby, you’re totally groovy! In Japanese, her catchphrase is “futsuuni,” which is like a super cute slang that all the cool kids are using. This study reveals that it’s an awesome way to intensify things. Keep rocking it, Ruby!

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Ruby’s Personality

Ruby, a member of the lively Peppy gang, surprises everyone with her initial demeanor as she exudes an unmistakable energy that resonates with her fellow villagers.

Cheery residents exude a remarkable friendliness, effortlessly establishing harmonious connections with a diverse range of villagers. They engage in delightful conversations about indulging in delectable treats alongside the laid-back Lazy villagers, enthusiastically partake in energetic activities like dancing and running with the athletic Jocks, and enjoy serene and tranquil moments in the company of kind-hearted and agreeable Normal villagers.

The infectiousness of their enthusiastic disposition can either spread like wildfire or become overwhelming. Their excessively exuberant ways may clash with Snooty’s polished demeanor or Cranky’s grumpy attitude. When they engage with their fellow Peppy companions, be prepared for a burst of unbridled vitality! Whether it manifests as a positive or negative force, it remains to be discovered.

Ruby’s House

Ruby’s House

Stepping into Ruby’s abode in Animal Crossing is like entering a captivating realm. Despite its understated exterior, adorned with subdued hues, a verdant Thatch Roof, sturdy brick walls, and a charming pink Simple Door, the true enchantment lies within.

The interior theme of her house embraces the enchanting concept of moon rabbits, creating a captivating atmosphere. The floor showcases the mesmerizing Lunar Surface flooring, while the walls are adorned with the celestial Starry-Sky Wall, casting a dreamy ambiance. Taking center stage, a magnificent Moon steals the spotlight, exuding its ethereal charm. Standing proudly at the entrance, a squad of Astronaut Suits safeguards the door, adding a touch of cosmic elegance. Furthermore, scattered throughout the room, beautifully adorned Asteroids serve as delightful decorative accents, completing the celestial wonderland.

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Ruby’s House

The moon bunny and the intergalactic dwelling harmoniously persist across the entire series. In past iterations, the protagonist’s abode boasted a celestial wallpaper adorned with countless stars, a lunar terrain serving as the flooring, and an unexpected addition of a traditional mochi pounding tool! Undoubtedly, this particular residence in Animal Crossing entices an irresistible urge to pay a visit.

Ruby’s Popularity

In Peppy or rabbit villager popularity lists and discussions, Ruby consistently gets ranked high by Animal Crossing communities, blogs, and news sites.

Her popularity can be attributed to various factors, such as her captivating character design, the allure of her enchanting house, and her presence in previous installments of the gaming franchise.

Chance To Get Ruby

From the observations of a compassionate individual in search of villagers on Mystery Islands, it appears that the game prioritizes determining the species before the personality. The abundance of Peppy rabbits makes encountering Ruby during island hopping quite dependent on sheer luck. Prepare your Nook Miles Tickets, ladies and gentlemen!

Exciting news awaits as Ruby, the adorable character, awaits your arrival with her very own Amiibo card. If your endeavors on the Mystery Island or Campsite paths have proven unfruitful, fret not, for this alternate route will surely lead you to her delightful presence.

There is a chance to get a ruby, which is a precious gemstone known for its vibrant red color and symbolizes love, passion, and courage.

What To Get Ruby in Animal Crossing?

Ruby adores the mesmerizing hues of aqua and pink, adorning herself in adorable and vibrant ensembles. If you’re seeking gift ideas, consider the whimsical Star Hairpin or the enchanting pink Magical Dress.

Ruby in the DLC

Continuing with her celestial rabbit motif, the moon rabbit theme persists in the New Horizon’s DLC. The ultimate desire is for her vacation abode to become a haven where the moon can be cherished. As a starting point, a Telescope, Moon, and Lunar Rover will be provided to adorn her personal space.

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Ruby in the DLC refers to a valuable gemstone found within the downloadable content (DLC) of a video game or digital media, adding an extra level of excitement and rarity to the gaming experience.

Ruby Trivia

She can be seen in a K.K. Song called K.K. Adventure, set in a thrilling pirate-themed, action-packed world. Alongside Wolfgang, Gloria, Hans, and the legendary K.K., Ruby strikes a pose high above a city that resembles a futuristic metropolis.

Ruby bids her farewell, but do not be daunted by her stoic gaze. This lively bunny brings endless amusement to your island!

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