Robert Kline Novels

Robert is most known for his lighthouse and merfolk art but writing is what actually got him started. This is a list and account of his written work.

The Forgotten Voyage of the HMS Baci by Robert Kline
ISBN: 0965268268
A fantastic nautical saga in which multiple generations of the Roberts’ family explores the seven seas in search of the world’s mermaid and merman population.

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First Sun, Last Sun ( ISBN: 0965268233 ) – As the characters in the novel mature, good luck turns to bad, the stock market collapses, and fortunes vanish overnight. Christina, Stephen, Rosey, and Nelson are thrown into different worlds as they move toward a resolution of their unspoken rivalry. In the end, it is skill and determination in the face of shattered dreams that brings them back together for a final confrontation at the National Air Races.

Dead Man’s Quarry ( ISBN: 0965268241 ) – In the course of eight days, seven people get pulled into a mix of danger and horror as they become involved in a plot that involves hit men, dark secrets and a murky quarry that holds the key.