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Punch A Present Gift Idea


Neglecting to share this brilliant Christmas gift concept slipped my mind, but I reckon now is the perfect moment, with Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching. Being an avid aficionado of the Price Is Right (I’ve even had the pleasure of attending a live taping…Although my luck eluded me when it came to stepping onto the stage for a shot at winning a bedroom set), stumbling upon the notion of a gift punch board instantly ignited my creative fervor, compelling me to create one myself.

The initial concept that caught my eye featured brown paper bags securely attached to the rear side of a poster board. However, when I decided to present mine as a Christmas gift, I encountered a predicament with accommodating heavier objects within a mere paper bag. Consequently, I ingeniously fashioned my own version using a sturdy cardboard box.

Punch A Present Gift Idea

Interested in creating one? I have compiled this video tutorial to demonstrate precisely how to craft one.

Punch A Present Box Video Tutorial


  • Remove circular shapes from the underside of a cardboard container.
  • Utilize pieces of cardboard to create horizontal and vertical separators that seamlessly connect with slots.
  • Affix the separators inside the box to partition each of the circular shapes.
  • Place the tissue paper over the circles and secure it with glue from the interior.
  • Place gifts inside each opening, then seal the box with tape.
  • If you want, you can adorn the exterior of the box.
  • I presented this quirky item to my brother who is currently attending college, anticipating that it would amuse him. I suspect he perceived me as slightly eccentric, yet it provided immense amusement observing him unveil its contents.

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    Obviously children would adore this. But honestly, anyone who has a youthful spirit would as well.

    I think it would be the perfect gift for a spouse on Valentine’s Day. Here are some suggestions for what to include inside:Output: I believe it would be the

  • All his beloved snacks: jerky, nuts, carbonated beverages, crisps…Whatever he
  • Romantic items: tall glasses, a bottle of bubbly cider, intimate apparel, chocolate-dipped strawberries. You understand.
  • Hobby items: fresh golf balls, fishing flies, and so on
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