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20 Best Gifts For The Honeymoon


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Searching for honeymoon presents for the ideal wedding registry?

Prior to tying the knot, Chris and I cohabitated harmoniously for an extensive period. Consequently, when the moment arrived to curate a registry for our nuptial presents, we found ourselves perplexed, uncertain about the ideal starting point. Our abode was already equipped with almost every essential item. Therefore, alongside selecting a few household necessities, we decided to craft an additional registry specifically tailored to our dream honeymoon adventures.

As avid adventurers, if you share our passion for exploring, then you must be well aware that the most extraordinary wedding registry concepts revolve around wanderlust-infused presents, be it for an enchanting honeymoon or an upcoming escapade. Whether you seek delightful surprises to bestow upon the newlyweds or are keen on curating your own registry, fret not, as we present to you an exhaustive compilation of remarkable suggestions!

Without any more delay, let’s delve into the top honeymoon funds and honeymoon gift concepts that will be adored by every couple who loves to travel.

1. Gift of Experiences/Day Trips

These days, there is a shift towards cherishing experiences over material possessions. Through Blueprint, our honeymoon registry allowed us to craft personalized experiential gifts. From witnessing the majestic Angkor Wat Temples to embarking on a thrilling snorkeling adventure in Koh Lipe, we curated unique contributions that resonated with our Southeast Asia honeymoon.

Gift of Experiences/Day Trips allows individuals to create lasting memories by offering opportunities to explore new places, engage in exciting activities, and immerse themselves in different cultures, enhancing their overall sense of adventure and personal growth.

This incredible concept is truly remarkable as the gifts, although modestly valued (approximately $100 or less), provide the perfect opportunity for individuals to treat us to an unforgettable outing instead of contributing $100 to a typical honeymoon donation pool.

Other alternative suggestions that are already popular on numerous registries encompass dancing, dining, beverages, and so on.

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Some excellent options for registering for a honeymoon experience are Blueprint Registry and HoneyFund.

2. Couples Massages

Couples Massages

Following the whirlwind of wedding preparations and the extraordinary nuptial ceremony, indulging in a blissful couple’s massage amidst a picturesque honeymoon offers the ultimate opportunity to decompress and rejuvenate as newlyweds.

3. Drinks on the Beach/Plane

Enjoying drinks on the beach or plane can be a delightful experience, as it allows you to relax and savor the stunning scenery while indulging in refreshing beverages.

This idea is absolutely delightful! Although many airlines generously offer complimentary low-tier alcoholic beverages on long-haul flights, you have the option to indulge in more sophisticated spirits and sparkling drinks by making a generous contribution towards in-flight libations.

Moreover, indulging in beachside cocktails is an absolute necessity! Chris and I had an absolute blast lounging on the shores of Koh Lipe, relishing delicious cocktails during the delightful hours of happiness, and frolicking with the adorable canines that belonged to our hotel. The generosity of our friends, who graciously contributed towards our enjoyment of additional libations throughout our journey, was truly cherished and adored!

4. Airline Tickets

Airline Tickets

If you’re in a particularly generous mood, you have the option of buying the air tickets for the joyful duo or treating them to a luxurious upgrade to business or first class.

Alternatively, should they possess an abundance of miles and points, they possess the means to secure flights to the couple’s idyllic honeymoon spot for a mere $100 per person! It was precisely what we accomplished when reserving our first-class tickets to Southeast Asia at an astonishingly low cost of $60 per individual!

Naturally, no one anticipates a visitor to cover the entire airfare, but if the individual happens to be intimately connected to the couple and possesses a generous spirit, it would undoubtedly be a highly esteemed gesture. Nevertheless, if they opt to assist with the flight expenses instead of footing the bill entirely, it opens the door to the subsequent gift suggestion.

5. Airline Gift Cards/Contributions to Flight

Airline gift cards or contributions to flight expenses are a thoughtful and convenient way to support someone's travel plans or help them experience new destinations.

Enhancing a honeymoon registry with airline gift cards is a brilliant notion to alleviate the expenses of a luxurious flight to a romantic honeymoon destination. Furthermore, these gift cards hold the potential to be utilized for an upcoming amorous escapade. Online platforms offer a wide range of gift cards from renowned airlines like Delta and Southwest!

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Additionally, there are innovative honeymoon registry platforms such as Blueprint or HoneyFund that offer the option for guests to partake in funding the couple’s plane tickets, providing them with the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution rather than covering the entire cost of the flight as previously mentioned.

6. Hotel Gift Cards

Numerous online platforms offer gift cards which can be included in your registry, allowing you to indulge in a delightful hotel experience. Among these, Hotels dot com stands out as a favored choice for booking a dreamy honeymoon accommodation.

Moreover, certain honeymoon registry platforms allow you to incorporate a delightful surprise, such as a generous contribution towards a romantic hotel stay, enhancing the experience for your beloved guests.

7. Airbnb Gift Cards

Looking for an exceptional way to make your honeymoon unforgettable without breaking the bank? Look no further than Airbnb! With the added bonus of an Airbnb gift card, you can elevate your experience by choosing a luxurious and one-of-a-kind Airbnb accommodation.

Include gift vouchers to the honeymoon gift registry and you’re ready to save a substantial amount of money on your honeymoon.

8. Book About the Destination You Are Visiting

Exploring the allure of our chosen destination often enthralls us, particularly when it’s an uncharted territory awaiting our arrival. Whether immersing ourselves in the literary works of local wordsmiths or delving into guidebooks uncovering the secrets of diverse nations, the power of a captivating book adds significant value to our honeymoon preparations.

Some of our preferred options include Moon Travel Guides (such as this guide about the National Parks or this one about Thailand).

9. Matching Suitcases

Looking to upgrade your travel gear? We are absolutely smitten with our trusty companions, the Osprey Farpoint 40 backpacks, which have accompanied us on incredible adventures spanning from a thrilling two-week escapade in South Africa to a whirlwind four-day romp in the enchanting streets of Paris! Feast your eyes on the female version displayed in the captivating photo below, while the male version stands tall and ready for action.

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Matching Suitcases

Looking for a trendy travel companion with wheels? Look no further than LEVEL8! This fantastic brand offers a delightful range of suitcases that are perfect for your upcoming adventure. Vibrant hues, effortlessly gliding wheels, and an overall playful vibe make these suitcases a must-have. I recently acquired one myself and I’m completely smitten!

PS- Utilize Discount Code: Katherine10 for a 10% reduction on your acquisition at LEVEL8!

10. Matching Passport Holders

Safeguard your passport with style and coordinate with your significant other for your romantic getaway using adorable passport holders adorned with endearing labels such as “Mr.” And “Mrs.” Some even feature captivating travel quotes! Explore these personalized passport holders that are sure to capture your heart!

11. Destination Specific Supplies

Dreaming of an adventurous honeymoon surrounded by wildlife? How about embarking on an exhilarating expedition to the enchanting Amazon rainforest? Even a thrilling snorkeling escapade demands a few unique essentials that might not be in your possession yet.

Discover an assortment of must-have items tailored to specific destinations and ensure your preparedness! Take, for instance, our venture into the captivating Amazon Rainforest, where a trusty headlamp and a pair of binoculars became indispensable. Alternatively, if you plan on indulging in the wonders of snorkeling, consider acquiring a pair of goggles or a snorkel mask to enhance your underwater exploration.

12. New Camera or GoPro Make for Perfect Honeymoon Gifts

As a newlywed couple, you’ll want to save those memories from your honeymoon. This makes a new camera or GoPro a must.

Our collection of mesmerizing underwater snorkeling and thrilling sea kayaking moments captured in Halong Bay using our trusty GoPro is absolutely breathtaking. When it comes to capturing stunning visuals, we can’t help but adore the user-friendly Olympus mirrorless camera, perfect for beginners, or the effortless elegance of the Nikon Coolpix.

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13. Tripod

Who will be the one capturing your adventurous moments during your honeymoon escapades? This compact tripod is absolutely adored, as it effortlessly supports both small cameras and mobile phones to capture stunning shots of your beautiful union. Undoubtedly, a remarkable present to commemorate your honeymoon wedding.

14. Honeymoon Bound Shirts

Who can resist the charm of a delightful t-shirt to commemorate the joyous journey of your honeymoon? These personalized tees are absolutely adorable and make for an impeccable addition to your repertoire of honeymoon gift ideas.

15. Travel Map

A splendid gift for newlyweds embarking on their honeymoon journey is a captivating travel map. Whether it be a mesmerizing scratch-off map akin to our cherished possession or a charming map adorned with pins, it allows you to joyfully commemorate the shared destinations and proudly exhibit it within the confines of your abode.

16. Novelty Customized Mugs

Indulge in a delightful cup of coffee (or perhaps a glass of wine) while enjoying the tranquil beach atmosphere, as you explore the exquisite selection of personalized travel mugs designed specifically for newlyweds, making them the ultimate romantic presents.

17. Global Entry

Look no further than this marvelous present that just keeps on giving! Whether you possess a credit card that offers this perk or simply wish to shell out $100 per individual, you have the power to cover the application fee for both of you and unlock the wonders of Global Entry. Brace yourself for seamless international travel and a smooth return home, as this remarkable service expedites your journey through customs.

Additionally, it encompasses TSA precheck, a remarkable feature that hastens the security process, granting you ample moments to savor a couple of delightful cocktails prior to embarking. What’s more, this remarkable perk remains valid for a splendid span of 5 years!

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Global Entry

18. Priority Pass Lounge Subscription

Indulge in the everlasting delight of a splendid honeymoon present – an annual membership to Priority Pass. Immerse yourself in the opulence of Priority Pass lounges and dining establishments, where you can relish complimentary delectable cuisine and exquisite beverages prior to your flight. With a staggering count of over 1,300 lounges across the globe, this extraordinary gift has been our cherished companion for several years, and we wholeheartedly endorse its magnificence!

Embracing the joy of effortlessly gliding through security and embarking on a journey to the lounge, where relaxation awaits us before taking off, is something we truly cherish! Thanks to the generous perk offered by Chase Sapphire Reserve, we not only enjoy unrestricted entrance but also extend the invitation to a complimentary guest. For an enhanced experience, we suggest considering the enticing options of Standard Plus ($299 per person) or Prestige ($429 per person) registration. Alternatively, transforming this opportunity into a contribution gift on BluePrint could also be an excellent choice.

Priority Pass Lounge Subscription provides members with access to over 1300 airport lounges worldwide, offering a comfortable and luxurious travel experience with amenities such as complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating.

19. Honeymoon Gift Box

What a delightful concept! For those seeking to unleash their creativity and craft a honeymoon care package, this charming approach offers a wonderful opportunity to gift a memorable honeymoon present.

Alternatively, there is a ready-made honeymoon gift box that includes a silicone ring, baggage tags, and additional items!

20. Honeymoon Fund

Last, but certainly not least, if you are looking for great honeymoon gift ideas, then a honeymoon fund is an obvious choice!

Blueprint offers an incredible opportunity to create a collective fund, allowing individuals to contribute towards a common goal. For those looking to support the couple’s dream honeymoon, Honeyfund stands out as an exceptional platform where guests can generously contribute towards the couple’s blissful getaway.

To be completely frank, our previous attempt at such an endeavor revealed that people were inclined towards offering us personal experiential presents rather than simply contributing to a common fund. Consequently, we decided to dismantle our Thailand Honeymoon Fund and instead requested gifts such as couples massages, beachside drinks, and exciting day trips. Remarkably, our guests wholeheartedly funded all of our desired experiences!

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Our encounter might have diverged drastically from yours, leaving room for unique experiences. If you find yourself uncertain about how to make the most of your honeymoon, consider setting up a honeymoon fund for your guests! And if you already possess all the essentials, why not curate a registry for the things you truly desire?

Honeymoon Fund

The Perfect Way to Say Thank You For the Honeymoon Gifts

It is common knowledge that expressing gratitude through a thank you note is an essential practice when acknowledging wedding gifts and appreciating the generosity and thoughtfulness of our guests. While we adhered to the customary thank you notes for all attendees, we went the extra mile for those who contributed to our honeymoon. To show our appreciation, we collected postcards during our trip and sent them based on the specific locations they had supported. For instance, guests who funded our visit to Angkor Wat received a postcard featuring the stunning temple, while those who generously contributed to our beachside drinks received a postcard showcasing the beautiful surroundings of Koh Lipe.

On our adventurous journey, we delighted in expressing our gratitude for their invaluable contribution to the extraordinary moments we shared, adding a touch of amusement along the way!

What other presents for honeymoons would you like to include in your wedding registry?

Searching for alternative gift suggestions? Explore our offerings for couples who have a passion for traveling, as well as presents for hiking enthusiasts!

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