Mermaid Amelia Maidenus Magnifica sighted February 18, 1832 near Cape Verde Island

On December 26th, 1831, Sir Edmund Roberts outfitted the H.M.S. Baci for a naturalist’s circumnavigation of the globe. His primary and sole purpose was to observe and subsequently classify the various oceans’ diversity of “Sea Maidens” as he called them. Convinced that they existed outside of folklore, Sir Edmund was determined to systematically pursue them. […]

July 7, 2019 popeye3165

Welcome to Robert Kline Art nautical artist and story teller.

Nautical, fantasy art and stories created by renowned artist and novelist Robert Kline of Saint Augustine, Florida. We feature an outstanding collection of mermaids (Sea Maidens), Sea Babies (mermaid babies), mermen (Sea Masters), pirates and lighthouses created by Robert. Each of the prints comes with an excerpt from Robert’s entertaining merfolk novel The Forgotten Voyage […]

June 5, 2018 popeye3165