Mermaid Fran

Mermaid Fran Sea Maiden 6 – Maidenus Vigilante

As captain Fitzwillie lay a mental invalid, his wife continued in pursuit of the fabled pirate Naughty Nat, a heartless cur who had come into possession of her husband’s coveted heirloom hat. Ms. Fitzwillie set a trap for the pirate after learning of his plans to visit his ailing, blind and comatose mother at her beach hut at Cane Garden Bay.

Constance Daphne Fitzwillie landed the HMS Baci’s lone but powerful cannon on a point guarding the bay. The subsequent encounter was colorfully recounted in the journal of Sir Edmund Roberts, the naturalist Sea Maiden questor:

“Glorious events! We dashed the villain Naughty Nat once more, retrieved the captain’s ridiculous cap, got a golden surprise AND saw our sixth Sea Maiden!

As captain of the gun, I had it pointed, shotted and ready when we heard the pirate’s launch’s raucous approach — they no doubt celebrating some obscure buccaneer holiday. I fear I chuckled too loudly, for Ms. Fitzwillie, looking stunning, threatened to personally flog me if I made another sound — interesting proposition, that!

At the propitious moment, I redeemed myself by sending my first ball into the launch’s tiny bowsprit, reducing it to splinters. I then blew off her rudder and finally halved her mast. Naughty Nat, ever observant, got my point and hastily departed his vessel in advance of his crew, some of who aquatically challenged, proceeded to explore the sea bottom.

Taking advantage of the mayhem, Constance Daphne took our boat and crew to retrieve her husband’s abandoned and floating hat, returning hastily with Naughty Nat’s launch in tow. She wished us to leave our cannon, explaining with animation that Naughty Nat had been transporting two treasure chests! I confess my attention strayed as Constance Daphne stood gesticulating, drenched from masthead to keel, her clothing now diaphanous. I trust to the confidence of my journal that I am smitten!

Oh yes, we saw a Sea Maiden as we lay the ambush. Sensing us near, she struck what he increasingly irritating Gnarly Dan describes as the Sea Maiden pose pf coy watchfulness – “Like their bodies, their hearts is wedded to the sea and so they loves only a sailor; himself being familiar-like. Naturally, when we was near and all salty she knowed it.”

The gun crew, enjoying a fore view, voted to name her Fran while the watch party, decidedly aft, were mad for Fanny. Tossed coin – Fran prevailed.”

Maidenus Vigilante


September 28, 1832

Can Garden Bay, Tortola

Long multi-hued body, strawberry hair, admirable chest, slightly worn tail.

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