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11 Best Gifts to Impress Your Korean Boss and Business Partners


Want to create a positive impact on your Korean supervisor or business associates?

This guide will assist you in discovering the ideal present for them.

I’ve utilized these strategies to establish connections with numerous companies in Korea.

The presents are organized by the recipient’s gender and title.

Let’s start doing it!

11 Best Gifts to Impress Your Korean Boss and Business Partners

Presenting gifts in the business culture of South Korea is a matter of great importance.

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I used to spend countless hours with my supervisor brainstorming ideas for gifts to give to clients.

Offering the suitable present can initiate a relationship on the correct path.

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If you do it incorrectly, you may sow seeds of uncertainty.

Here are some secure gift options for Korean business visitors.


  • Receive a present. It’s almost essential. They will provide one for you and mutual exchange is crucial.
  • Discover who is attending, including their age, gender, occupation, and preferences. This information will assist in deciding what to select.
  • Provide more valuable presents to individuals with experience.
  • When embarking on a journey from South Korea to various destinations across the globe, brace yourself for enduring lengthy flights. This crucial factor should be considered when pondering over the choice of a present. Opting for a gift that is compact and featherweight would be a splendid notion.
  • The act of presenting is crucial. Ensure to encase the present in aesthetically pleasing wrapping or place it inside an attractive bag.
  • Start by presenting your item to the eldest individual, and then proceed downwards.
  • Present gifts with both hands and a gentle bow. Persevere if the recipient is hesitant as this is regarded as proper etiquette.
  • Exchange presents at the conclusion of the corporate gathering. Not prior to or during.
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  • Remember everyone.
  • Avoid presenting gifts that are fragile or excessively heavy. Such items can complicate the logistics for the recipient.
  • Anything with coriander or other flavors considered exotic is risky. This includes curries and seafood products.
  • Strongly discouraged are perfumes and incense with powerful fragrances.
  • Brie, artichoke dip, and other items that Koreans are not accustomed to can pose challenges.
  • If you’re deviating from the planned dialogue, ensure that the recipient has a liking for that specific object.
  • These are not fixed, but it is good to be conscious of them.

  • Footwear signifies that the recipient may flee.
  • Belts represent the act of enc
  • Scarves carry the same meaning.
  • Cutting tools such as knives symbolize the act of severing a connection.
  • Don’ts

    For men

    Entry level employees (Sa-won to Ju-im): 1-10 USD

    Snack assortments such as nuts and dehydrated fruits are a favorable option. Pinenuts, cashews, and macadamia nuts are particularly well-liked.

    Koreans have a fondness for coffee. They possess a wide range of instant coffee options designed for both home and workplace consumption.

    Gift ideas that offer unique and exquisite flavors, crafted without the need for any fancy brewing equipment, are truly remarkable. Tasters Choice Instant Coffee, a long-standing favorite, has garnered immense popularity over the years. However, the current trend of indulging in single-serve hand drip coffees has taken the coffee world by storm.

    Office products featuring your company’s logo such as phone chargers, mousepads, etc. Can be effective if they are of top-notch quality and functional.

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    Middle management (Dae-ri to Bu-jang): 10-50 USD

    Despite the widespread use of alcohol and tobacco, Koreans prioritize their health.

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    Vitamins and supplements are costly in Korea. Consider obtaining Collagen, Calcium, Propolis, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Folate.

    Probiotics are particularly trendy at the moment too.

    Starbucks is immensely popular in South Korea. A stylish tumbler is sure to be a sensation.

    Decision makers (Bu-jang to Hwe-jang): 50-200 USD

    You can’t go astray with whiskey, even if the recipient doesn’t consume much alcohol. This present is more about status.

    Domestic labels are pleasant, but traditional favorites like Ballentines 25 or 30 year, Johnny Walker Blue function perfectly.

    Choosing high-quality hiking gear can also be a good option.

    Golf continues to hold a prominent role in the realm of Korean business, where not only skill but also well-chosen accessories such as balls, gloves, and hats leave a lasting impact.

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    For women

    Entry level employees (Sa-won to Ju-im): 1-10 USD

    Chocolates or unique teas are a delightful addition.

    Treats such as cookies will also suffice.

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    Similar to men, specialty and individual pour-over coffees are secure options.

    Middle management (Dae-ri to Bu-jang): 10-50 USD

    Silk scarves from reputable labels such as Gucci or Burberry will be highly appreciated.

    Fragrant candles from Yankee candle or comparable brands can be a great option.

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    Diffusers are also popular options as long as the fragrances are understated.

    Starbucks drink containers are also accepted here.

    Decision makers (Bu-jang to Hwe-jang): 50-200 USD

    Coach or Channel bags will help you gain an ally. They are expensive in Korea but less so in many western countries.

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    Gifts from Tiffany’s will be highly valued.

    Silk shawls from Hermes for when you absolutely have to create an impact.

    For children

    If you are aware that your visitor has kids or is anticipating, a thoughtful present can have a significant effect.

    Adidas footwear is highly sought after.

    For 돌잔치 or 1st birthday celebrations, a beautiful gold ring (돌반지) will

    For government workers

    The government of Korea has imposed a restriction on the gifts that public servants are allowed to accept.

    This includes educators, policymakers, reporters, justices, law enforcement officials, and other individuals in law enforcement.

    This legislation is referred to as “김영란법 or Kim Young-ran Law” and has been in operation since July 28, 2016.

    Restrictions on meals, food, and beverages are capped at 30,000 KRW.

    Other presents should be valued at less than 50,000 K

    Presents for special events like weddings, funerals, and first-year birthdays should not surpass 100,000 KRW.

    Whether or not this is applicable abroad is open to discussion. In any case, it’s a good reason to monitor your expenditure.

    One thing is certain, hagwon or private academy instructors and personnel are not encompassed in this classification.

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    Did we miss anything?

    Selecting the appropriate present for Korean corporate guests can be hassle-free if you adhere to the formula.

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    I’ve had a much smoother experience accomplishing tasks when I chose the suitable present.

    This is a component of constructing 정 (jeong, unspoken connection).

    Keep in mind, the priciest present does not always produce the finest outcome.

    Understanding the recipient’s preferences will assist you in maximizing the impact for every dollar spent.

    Please inform us of your preferred Korean corporate presents below!

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