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When young ones are included in your wedding celebration, it becomes essential to have a well-thought-out strategy to ensure their happiness and prevent any potential meltdowns. Fear not, for we have assembled a comprehensive compilation of delightfully entertaining concepts to aid in amusing your precious children while allowing their parents to unwind. Rest assured, our suggestions are worth jotting down!

1. Designated Kids Corner

Children will absolutely love having their very own exclusive seating area, where, for a change, a rule prohibiting parents is in effect! Add a touch of excitement with one-of-a-kind, miniature furniture that will make the trendy kids corner feel tailor-made.

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1. Oversized Lawn Games

Hosting an outdoor gathering? Embrace the fun and excitement with a variety of yard games! From giant Jenga to chess/checkers, tic-tac-toe, or even a thrilling game of Connect 4, there’s something for everyone. Plus, parents of little ones can relax knowing that there’s no risk of small game pieces causing any trouble. And when the festivities are over, clean-up will be a breeze!

Emmaline Bride

Emmaline Bride

3. Coloring Table

Unleash the kids’ imagination by securing a sheet of rustic brown paper and gathering an abundant supply of pencils, crayons, and (don’t forget, washable!) Markers. Grant them the freedom to express their artistic prowess. Inspire them with wedding-themed concepts and emphasize that the Bride and Groom eagerly anticipate marveling at their masterpieces!

My Wedding

My Wedding

4. Board Games

This idea may be more suitable for older children or at least require some supervision for the younger ones. Introduce timeless games like Monopoly and Sorry, ensuring the kids engage in competitive yet harmless amusement!

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5. Place Cards

Children will undoubtedly adore the idea of having an exclusive spot at the dining table reserved just for them, personalized with their own name! Let your imagination run wild and consider incorporating thematic elements, such as using a beach pail as a seating arrangement for a maritime-themed wedding. Moreover, these delightful setups can serve a dual purpose by also serving as delightful keepsakes for the young guests to bring back home.

Project Wedding

Project Wedding

6. Custom Coloring Book

Rewritten Output: Captivate the children’s attention by incorporating vivid memories from their past or present the bridal party in a whimsically innovative manner through a unique coloring book! The little ones will be overjoyed to stumble upon familiar faces of their beloved Aunt or Uncle, especially when given the opportunity to unleash their creativity and design a wedding gown of their dreams! 😉

Lovely Indeed

Lovely Indeed

7. Flashlights/Glow Sticks

Flashlights! Inform the youngsters about the enthralling game of flashlight tag, ideal for when darkness envelops the surroundings. Additionally, these illuminating devices can be of great use on the dance floor, aiding children in their quest to locate their guardians! To add a touch of amusement to your wedding reception, consider acquiring flashlights in hues that match the color scheme, enabling delightful photo opportunities!

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide

8. Care Packages

Why choose one of these ideas when you can have them all! Fill cute caddies with snacks, crayons, stickers, and other kid-friendly items so children can pick and choose how they want to spend their time. We love the idea of using old-school lunch boxes and that way at the end of the night parents can throw everything in, lock it up, and let the kids use your fun toys on the drive home!Output: Why settle for just one idea when you can enjoy them all! Pack adorable caddies with delightful treats, colorful crayons, whimsical stickers, and a variety of kid-friendly items, allowing children to curate their own leisure. Our fondness for the concept of utilizing nostalgic lunch boxes adds charm to the experience. And when the evening draws to a close, parents can effortlessly gather everything, secure it within the lunch boxes, and grant their little ones the pleasure of playing with these exciting toys during the ride back home!

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9. Legos

What child doesn’t enjoy playing with Legos? Allow them to unleash their creativity and construct delightful mementos throughout the event. The setup is incredibly simple and budget-friendly. Regardless of gender, these timeless blocks will captivate your young attendees, providing hours of entertainment.



10. Disposable Cameras

Get your hands on a bunch of disposable cameras from a nearby store and create an awesome and engaging I Spy game. Watch as the children dash around, fully immersed in the party atmosphere, just like their parents! Even the little ones will feel like esteemed photographers with their own cameras. This activity ensures minimal chaos and fosters teamwork amongst the kids!

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11. Bubbles

Children and bubbles are an inseparable duo, akin to the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly. This delightful pastime is both affordable and gratifying for individuals of all age groups. With a plethora of varying forms and dimensions, enhance their allure by acquiring a colossal bubble contraption! However, be sure to procure an ample quantity to cater to everyone’s enjoyment 😉

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12. Crafts

Delight children with sugary treats and an engaging DIY project, and watch the need for a babysitter vanish into thin air! The possibilities are endless – from personalized bookmarks to charming door knob hangers and captivating masks. Just steer clear of overly adhesive or messy crafting materials when catering to a younger crowd. Witness their joy as they unleash their imaginative spirits and leave with a cherished keepsake. Here’s a pro tip: don’t forget to label and date their creations in advance, turning your wedding into a treasured memory for all!

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