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15 Games Like Cards Against Humanity to Fill the Void in Your Heart


The only issue with CAH arises when your friends have exhausted the game and all its expansion packs. You’ve played it over and over, and now you crave something fresh.

Any game, no matter how great it is, will only last for so many rounds of play before you need something new.

And honestly, Monopoly is not going to suffice, regardless of whether it’s the Game of Thrones edition or not.

In case you’re seeking a dose of grown-up, audacious, and potentially provocative adult party games, we’ve got a delightful collection of 15 additional ones for you to experiment with.

Coming soon from us here at da Vinci’s Room:.Output: Coming soon from our

Doodle Master: The Adult Party Drawing Game of Endless Combinations.

Doodle Master: The Adult Party Drawing Game of Endless Combinations is a fun-filled and creative game that allows adults to showcase their artistic skills and imagination through a wide range of doodle combinations.

Doodle Master offers a whimsical drawing experience where you fuse delightful characters with captivating scenarios, resulting in an extraordinary artistic adventure. With a staggering array of over 100,000 potential drawings at your fingertips, it rivals the boundless card combinations of the renowned game, Cards Against Humanity.

A multitude of cards range from the ordinary to the impolite, with a few that are simply unacceptable. Similar to any exceptional grown-up gathering activity, it is not suitable for individuals who are easily offended.

Obtain a sleek ebony card, a pristine ivory card, and let fate guide your hand as you roll the dice. The resulting outcome shall determine the artistic challenge bestowed upon your team.

Doodle Master: The Adult Party Drawing Game of Endless Combinations is a fun-filled and creative game that allows adults to showcase their artistic skills and imagination through a wide range of doodle combinations.

Designed for a minimum of 4 players divided into teams, you can enjoy playing it with a small gathering of friends or a large gathering.

108 cards, drawing paper, pencils, dice and a sand timer are all included in our brand new not yet launched party game.

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MSRP: $19.95.

Launched Ahead of Schedule

Purchase it directly from us now.

Purchase it on Amazon.

The project was successfully launched ahead of schedule, demonstrating efficient planning and execution.

1. Awkward Turtle (Direct From Us or ) ($19.95)

The inspiration behind Awkward Turtle arose from that uncomfortable instance when your pal casually drops words like “moist” or “vagina” during a chat, causing a momentary silence before erupting into fits of giggles reminiscent of school days.

The Awkward Turtle game combines the essence of a traditional word-guessing game such as Taboo with the edginess of Cards Against Humanity. The foundation of its inaugural version lies in peculiar dictionary words that exude an uncomfortable appearance, sound, and sensation.

For those who relish word games and thrive on creating uncomfortable situations, this game proves to be a thrilling and demanding alternative to Taboo.

The Awkward Turtle (Direct From Us) is available for purchase at a price of $19.95.

2. Awkward Turtle 2 NSFW Edition (Direct From Us or ) ($19.95)

As the unexpected success of Awkward Turtle 1 took me by surprise, the realization dawned upon me that a sequel was inevitable. The resounding feedback I received from countless individuals echoed two distinct desires: an insatiable hunger for more content and an unapologetic yearning for a naughtier experience.

I am at your service.

Awkward Turtle 2 shifts its focus to slang terms sourced from the Urban Dictionary, departing from conventional dictionary-style words found in its predecessor. While some of these slang expressions are relatively mild, others are more explicit, and occasionally the game ventures into offensive territory. It’s quite audacious of you to request it, but as they say, “ask and you shall receive” is the mantra we abide by here.

The Awkward Turtle 2 NSFW Edition is a hilarious party game, perfect for adults only. It can be purchased directly from us, or from select retailers, for the price of $19.95.

3. Never Have I Ever ($25.00)

Prepare to be astonished if you haven’t experienced the non-card rendition yet, as Never Have I Ever offers a refreshing twist to the timeless drinking game, unveiling the myriad of absurdities your companions have engaged in.

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Picture it as the ultimate embodiment of Truth or Dare, where the sole authentic principle set by the mastermind behind the game is “Embrace Non-judgment.”

15 games like cards against humanity to fill the void in your heart 874095

4. Deck Around ($35.99)

Once you’ve finished fooling around, you can relax and release some tension with Deck Around. Admittedly, that sentence was horrendous. But who’s judging?

Unleashing a quirky twist on the Dictionary Game, this exhilarating game embraces an adult-oriented ambiance by infusing it with an array of vibrant slang expressions. Players are bestowed with peculiar slang terms, such as “twerk,” and are challenged to craft a compelling definition that persuades fellow participants of its absolute accuracy.

15 games like cards against humanity to fill the void in your heart 982287

5. F**ktionary ($25.00)

F**ktionary, much like Deck Around, is a captivating word game reminiscent of a Dictionary. In this unique twist, players take turns vocalizing a word while the remaining participants embark on an imaginative journey to craft their own definitions. Ultimately, you hold the power to crown the victor of this exhilarating linguistic battle.

F**ktionary ($25.00)

6. Personally Incorrect ($25.00)

This game takes idea cards and makes you pick a player in your group to focus on i.E. “(Insert name here) likes to put (blank) in their mouth.” Once you choose a person to focus on for that round and card, players put their best suggestion cards for the (blank). The whole group then votes on who is the winner for the round.Output: In this game, idea cards come into play as you select a member from your group to center your attention on, such as “(Enter name here) has a penchant for placing (empty) in their mouth.” After choosing a focal person for the round and card, players contribute their finest suggestion cards for the (empty). Subsequently, the entire group engages in a voting process to determine the victor of the round.

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Personally Incorrect ($25.00) is a party game that challenges players to come up with the most hilarious and outrageous responses to questions and statements, making it a perfect choice for a fun-filled gathering with friends and family.

7. Drunk Stoned or Stupid ($15.00)

In this simple game, a suggestion card is handed out and the group collectively determines the person who closely matches the description on the card. The cards encompass various intriguing traits and characteristics such as…





Watch the show “Planet Earth” for a duration of


Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a party game that is available for purchase at a price of $15.00.

8. Adult Loaded Questions ($ 19.99)

1) Spin the fidget toy with a flourish, select the following card, and vocalize the associated query. (Imagine if the inquiry were “What peculiar item would you least desire to stumble upon within your significant other’s nightstand?”).

2) Each and every participant pens down their own unique response to the query on their designated answer sheets, which are subsequently gathered and recited audibly by the player situated to your right.

3) Once you’ve listened to all the responses, select your preferred one and correctly associate it with the corresponding player. If you manage to make a perfect match, you’ll be rewarded with a coveted VIP card. Moreover, the player who authored your favorite answer will also be awarded one of these exclusive cards. The ultimate victor of the game is the first fortunate player to gather a total of 10 VIP cards!

Adult Loaded Questions is a fun and hilarious party game that will challenge your knowledge and spark amusing conversations among friends and family. It is available for the affordable price of $19.99.

9. Disturbed Friends ($25.00)

A stroke of misfortune befalls a player as they grasp a card brimming with multiple choice questions, soon to be voiced aloud. Anticipation fills the air as the remaining players cast their votes, speculating on the answer their companion will ultimately select.

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The cards in this game possess an uncanny resemblance to a whimsical blend of hallucinatory visuals and the surreal ambiance of watching Donnie Darko while under the influence.

Disturbed Friends is a party game that will make you question your friendships, with outrageous and disturbing scenarios that will test your moral compass and sense of humor.

10. The Voting Game ($25.00)

The Voting Game starts when the initial question card is unveiled. For instance, Who would endure the longest in a zombie apocalypse?

Players then anonymously cast their votes for the player who is most accurately described by the question.

Each player who receives votes is granted an equal number of opportunities to deduce the identity of their voter. Only upon guessing accurately will the veil of secrecy be lifted, unveiling the truth.

The Voting Game is a popular party game that costs $25.00, where players vote on various funny scenarios and try to guess how others will vote.

11. A Terrible Time ($35)

The company’s game description is likely the finest and most concise, so I will allow them to speak for themselves here.

“In an exciting game, two teams alternate in taking on daring challenges that push their limits by assessing their expertise in illustrating or acting out the most dreadful entities imaginable. From infamous individuals to dark chapters in history, and even dreadful illnesses, nothing is off-limits in this thrilling competition.”

If you manage to conquer a challenge, your team will progress further on the game board. However, should you stumble and fail, you’ll be compelled to select a card from the Humiliation Deck, which will determine the kind of physically, emotionally, or socially agonizing task you’ll have to face.

A Terrible Time ($35) is a gripping and suspenseful thriller novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

12. Mobscenity ($14.95)

Mobscenity is an exciting game of whimsical wordplay. In this game, each player takes their turn by placing two word cards containing ordinary words to create a unique slang term. For instance, “Furious Ferret” or “Cocoa Burro,” and so on. Afterwards, players unleash their creativity to provide a definition for the newly formed slang word, and the player in charge of the turn selects the victorious definition for the round.

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13, 14 and 15. The Three Clones

For those craving an extra dose of Cards Against Humanity mayhem, several enterprises have emerged, crafting unofficial expansions and replica games. The pioneering clone that soared in popularity is none other than “Crabs Adjust Humidity ($14.99),” while a more recent addition to the scene is the intriguing “Cocks Abreast Hostility ($15.00).” Lastly, a standalone game has emerged, adopting the name of the original mimicry game (after all, CAH is a cheekier rendition of Apples to Apples) and giving it a delightful twist. Enter Rotten Apples ($19.99), which encapsulates the essence of CAH while presenting it in an entirely unique package.

Before diving into a game, why not warm up with an ice breaker? Take a look at our captivating ice breaker game called “Ask Me About” that comes completely free of charge.

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