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End of Year Gift: Popsicle Treat Bag Topper


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The final day of school is upon us! As a delightful end-of-year surprise, I crafted these charming goody bags for my beloved students. Additionally, we presented each of them with a personalized sand bucket adorned with their name, and to our delight, some of the children brought along various treasures to fill their buckets, including trendy sunglasses, vibrant sidewalk chalk, glowing bracelets, and enchanting bubble solution. And to top it all off, I tucked one of these treat bags into each bucket as an extra special treat.

End of Year Gift: Popsicle Treat Bag Topper

Last year, I created a gift bag topper for Goldfish crackers or Swedish fish candy as a year-end treat.

These goody bags contain four ice pops. Gently rip the ice pops along the dotted line in sets of four.

End of Year Gift: Popsicle Treat Bag Topper

The transparent treat bags (approximately the dimensions of a lunch sack) are the perfect size for four popsicles.

Securely attach the treat bag topper to the upper part using either staples or tape.

End of Year Gift: Popsicle Treat Bag Topper

In 2013, I splurged a mere $4.25 in exchange for a world of joy! A delightful box containing a hundred popsicles was mine for a mere $3.25, while an additional dollar was spent on a package of transparent treat bags from the magical realm of Dollar General.

Download the End of Year Gift Popsicle Treat Bag Toppers

With regards to “From” and “From Your Teacher”, I decided to mix things up a bit. A handful of them express “Wishing you a fantastic summer”, while others convey “Until we meet again, alligator. Have an awesome summer.” To acquire them, simply give the buttons below a gentle click.

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Download “Cool Summer”

Download: Topper “Ch

Download: Topper “Ch with “From Your Teacher”

Download “See You Later Alligator

Download: Topper “See You Later Alligator

Download: Topper “See You Later Alligator with “From Your Teacher”

Download “Cool Summer” with Swimming Gator

Download: Topper “Ch Swimming Gator

Download: Topper “Ch Swimming Gator with “From Your Teacher”

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