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Double Stuffed DIY Oreo Couples Costume


As you all may be aware, Halloween holds a special place in my heart, particularly when it comes to creating DIY Halloween costumes! Throughout my life, I have dedicated my skills to crafting intricate costumes, but as time passes, I find myself gravitating towards simplicity. Inspired by Andy’s fondness for Oreos and my preference for cardboard as a costume material, I took it upon myself to fashion an Oreo couples costume for us! To add an extra touch of absurdity, we decided to incorporate milk headbands just a few hours before the grand party. After all, the more outrageous, the more delightful the experience becomes!

Double Stuffed DIY Oreo Couples Costume

Just a heads-up: In case you’re pressed for time, you’ve got the option to grab yourselves a couples Oreo costume at an unbeatable price of under $50! Now, let’s delve into the essentials for crafting your very own DIY Oreo costumes.

  • 2 Pieces of black cardboard for posters.
  • Two sizable cardboard pieces.
  • Black or silver paint marker.
  • Pencil.
  • Yarn or tw
  • Scissors.
  • Milk carton.
  • XACTO knife.
  • Cutting board.
  • Heat adhesive firearm.
  • Vacant dairy container
  • Plastic headband.
  • How to make DIY Oreo couples costumes

    Step 1- Cut circles

    Utilize your piece of poster board to create the most sizable circle imaginable. Implement a string and a pencil to sketch a grand circle on the board. Proceed to flawlessly cut out the circular shape using a pair of scissors. Duplicate this process to fashion a second striking black circle.

    Step 2- Scallop the edge

    After obtaining two generously-sized circles carved from sturdy poster-board, employ a pair of scissors to fashion an ornate scalloped trim encircling the ebony-hued spheres. Perfection is not a prerequisite in this endeavor.

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    Step 2 - Scalloping the edge adds a decorative and elegant touch to the fabric or paper, creating a beautiful finished look.

    Step 3- Add Oreo details

    The great dilemma that consumed my thoughts revolved around the choice between a silver paint pen and a black one. After much contemplation, I ultimately settled on black, as it closely resembled the authentic essence of an Oreo. However, I couldn’t help but acknowledge that a silver pen would undeniably enhance the visual appeal in photographs. With a bold stroke of creativity, I courageously free-handed the iconic Oreo markings. Imperfect and unique, each Oreo possessed its own individuality. Remain calm and confident, you have the ability to conquer this task! Commencing with the outer ovals, I delicately crafted one oval per scallop, gradually progressing towards the heart of the Oreo. If I were to embark on creating Oreo costumes in the future, I would undoubtedly opt for either a silver paint pen or perhaps even chalk!

    Oreo is a popular brand of sandwich cookies that consists of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling in between. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and is often used as an ingredient in various desserts like milkshakes, ice creams, and cakes. Oreo cookies are known for their distinctive taste and the satisfying crunch they provide.

    Step 4- Attach poster board to cardboard

    The Oreo markings are the most time intensive part, so pat yourself on the back now that you’re done with that! I used a cardboard box from the garage and cut a circle slightly smaller than the Oreo. You could potentially skip this step, but the cardboard backing makes the poster board Oreo much more sturdy. I used an XACTO knife. to cut the smaller cardboard circle out.

    Step 5- Attach string

    Now, it is time to turn the Oreo into a giant necklace, ha! I used the XACTO knife. to cut 2 holes about 7 inches apart in the top of the cardboard circle. I attached the string and then glued the poster board Oreo to the cardboard circle.

    Step 5- Attach string to the designated area to ensure proper support and stability.

    How to make milk jug headbands

    The milk headbands are ridiculously easy-peasy! To make Andy’s headband, I basically poured all the milk from our jug into a pitcher, gave the jug a good rinse, and then securely attached it to a plastic headband from my Halloween stash using hot glue. I even had to remove a DIY coke tab from the headband, haha! My own head couldn’t handle the weight of the milk jug headband, but it fit perfectly on Andy’s sizable noggin.

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    Milk jug headbands are a fun and creative DIY project that involve repurposing plastic milk jugs into stylish and unique headbands.

    I decided to get creative with my headband, opting for a smaller milk container instead. Ingeniously, I threaded my ponytail through the container, giving it a unique touch. To complete the look, I attached a piece of white paper to imitate the appearance of milk. The result was truly elegant. In an attempt to achieve a white hair color, we experimented with white hair spray paint. However, despite generously applying two cans to each head, our hair ended up more of a subtle gray tone.

    Milk jug headbands are a fun and creative DIY project that involve repurposing plastic milk jugs into stylish and unique headbands.

    The Oreo cookie’s intricacies were enhanced under varying illuminations, unveiling its true charm. It seamlessly stole the show at the party illuminated by the enigmatic black light! Oh, and let’s not forget about that luminous milk, an absolute spectacle!

    Milk jug headbands are a fun and creative DIY project that involve repurposing plastic milk jugs into stylish and unique headbands.

    Milk jug headbands are a fun and creative DIY project that involve repurposing plastic milk jugs into stylish and unique headbands.

    Looking for a hassle-free Halloween ensemble at the eleventh hour? Look no further than the triumphant choice of double stuffed Oreos. Simply acquire black poster boards and milk cartons from your local grocery store, and don an all-white attire!

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