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27 Christmas Words That Start With Q (List With Meanings)


Equipping yourself with a nifty compilation of Christmas terms commencing with the letter Q, accompanied by their respective explanations, aids in priming you for the moment your little ones are eager to delve into the realm of knowledge and engage in imaginative festivities. Familiarity with these distinct words, their significance, and their connection to Christmas can facilitate children’s comprehension of the holiday while enhancing their linguistic aptitude.

27 Christmas Words That Start With Q (List With Meanings)

Here’s a compilation of Christmas terms that begin with the letter Q, along with their explanations:


The criterion is employed when contrasting something to objects of a comparable type.

During the festive season, whenever dad embarks on his Christmas shopping spree, he conscientiously seeks out top-notch gifts, thus ensuring that he handpicks only a select few for us.


A value is computed from a measurement or quantity of a specific object.

Unlike her father, when it comes to Christmas shopping, mom has an insatiable desire to shower the entire family with an abundance of presents.


The act of being silent or quiet.

While attending Midnight Mass, our mother pleaded for us to maintain utter silence, yet the overwhelming joy of the Christmas season rendered us incapable of remaining still.


During the festive season, a beautifully crafted and layered fabric quilt, like a Christmas-themed one, serves as a cozy bed covering that can be gifted or used as a delightful addition to the holiday decor.

For Christmas, my mother crafted a quilt for me utilizing all of my previous T-shirts from my childhood.


To cease doing something, such as resigning from a position or halting a venture.

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Example: The holiday season during Christmas was so hectic it nearly made me consider resigning from my job at the shopping center.

Quince Pie

Quince is a fruit native to Asia that is frequently utilized for creating pies during special occasions, like Christmas.

For the upcoming Christmas feast, I have a tinge of uncertainty about whether I will relish it, yet I possess an adventurous spirit to embark on a delightful journey by indulging in my mother’s homemade quince pie.


A petite short-tailed bird with brown camouflaged feathers frequently roasted and served as a substitute for turkey.

For Christmas dinner, I ponder what crossed my mom’s mind when she chose to present roasted quail. However, my sole intention is to abstain from it and indulge in an abundance of delectable side dishes.


Something that is appealing, delightful, and vintage.

For instance: The vintage store in the city center is incredibly charming, yet it offers some of the finest Christmas ornaments accessible.


A formidable figure who governs a sovereign realm, typically acquiring her authority through hereditary means, or an individual who exhibits unkind and domineering behavior towards others. Additionally, a chess piece that reigns supreme, possessing unrivaled ability to traverse the board unhindered in countless directions.

Example: One of my favorite things about Christmas is Queen Elizabeth’s, which she delivered every year of her reign except in 1969.


A lengthy expedition in pursuit of something, or the activity of seeking for something.

Year after year, my brother embarks on an adventurous journey in search of the elusive hiding spot where mom conceals the Christmas gifts, yet he never manages to unravel its secret.

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Plumage can be found on a bird’s primary wing or tail, as well as the hollow pointed quills of a porcupine.

Example: My cousin adores writing, so we bought her a traditional quill and ink set for her Christmas gift.


A measurement unit for liquids, equivalent to one-fourth of a gallon or two pints in the United States.

As Christmas approached, I regretted not purchasing an ample supply of eggnog, for it turned out that my brother, in his eagerness, cracked open the container and indulged in a generous swig.


To a certain or relatively certain degree, or being sure.Output: To a specific or

In a whimsical twist, my younger sibling held an unwavering belief that our parents donned the magical guise of Santa Claus, yet valiantly resisted the urge to shatter the enchantment for our other brothers and sisters.


To perform an action silently without making any noise.

As my parents sneakily placed the gifts beneath the majestic Christmas tree, their every move was hushed, until an unexpected mishap occurred – my dad accidentally dropped my brother’s present, triggering the toy robot to come alive with its animated chatter.


One of four equivalent portions of something, or a coin that is equivalent to one-fourth of a dollar.

Dad’s fondness for watching football on Christmas Day knows no bounds. As soon as the first quarter wraps up, a delightful tradition unfolds – he dashes outside, gathering fluffy snowballs in his hands, ready to unleash a playful assault upon every member of the household.


The capacity to move quickly or accomplish tasks efficiently within a limited timeframe.

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In the enchanting Christmas night sky, the fleet-footed reindeer of Santa dash swiftly, their presence fleeting as they soar above; blink, and you shall fail to catch a glimpse.


An inquiry usually directed towards a government representative or institution.

For instance: The adorable vision of my younger sibling unfolded when she confidently approached Santa with a curious query, only to surprise everyone by inquiring about his ultimate cookie preference.


A sentence that is phrased in a way that requests particular details.

Dad’s annual tradition involves compiling a myriad of thought-provoking inquiries for us to pose to mom, with the sole purpose of unraveling her desires for the upcoming Christmas season.


The ability to possess the experience or skills to perform a task or be suitable for a job or activity.

Example: I love to joke around and build things, which is a suitable qualification for me to become one of Santa’s elves.


A compilation of meticulously crafted inquiries, accompanied by a plethora of response options, frequently designed to aid in the accumulation of data or facilitate a statistical investigation.

As the Christmas season commenced, the mall eagerly dispatched a survey to gauge the anticipated frenzy of Black Friday, when hordes of shoppers flood its bustling corridors.


Something that is questionable regarding the veracity, or an individual who is not entirely sincere.

Example: Despite my aunt spending the entire day preparing Christmas dinner, the figgy pudding appeared doubtful, but my father claimed it was fantastic.


The action of moving swiftly or accomplishing something quickly.

As soon as my mother granted permission to unwrap our Christmas gifts, my brother eagerly tore into his, triumphantly claiming the title of the first to unveil all his presents.

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Partitioning something into four identical sections or being situated or accommodated in a particular area.

Example: Mother required father’s assistance in the kitchen as she labored to divide the chicken into quarters in anticipation of the Christmas feast.


The action of quivering or vibrating with a slight, rapid motion.

With an exhilarating anticipation, my entire being trembled in anticipation of meeting Santa Claus, or perhaps it was the frigidness of the outside world that sent shivers down my spine.


Each of the four quadrants of a circle or a device is utilized to capture angular measurements.

In a delightful twist, my brother distributed our festive gifts, meticulously arranging each person in their designated corner of the room, ensuring that we could all maintain eye contact while unwrapping our surprises.


A quartet of individuals who perform music or sing in harmony, or a collection of four objects or individuals.

For instance, this year the Christmas celebration of the company features a quartet playing festive melodies as background music.


A tough colorless or white mineral composed of silicon dioxide that is frequently discovered in igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.

Example: Although the gemstone in the necklace I received for Christmas was quartz, it appeared as stunning and shimmering as diamonds.

Christmas Words From A-Z

Here’s a comprehensive list of Christmas vocabulary from the letters A to Z:

The alphabet comprises A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

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