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The Very Best Christian Easter Basket Ideas


Are you seeking inspiration for Christian Easter gift baskets? We’re here to assist you!

Supporting a sizable Christian household can be costly.

Throughout the ages, our Easter baskets have predominantly brimmed with an assortment of Easter confections, shiny coins, and delectable chocolate bunnies. Devoid of extravagance or exorbitance, regrettably lacking a strong focus on the teachings of Christ.

However, our children, the adorable darlings, have always been excited about these uncomplicated Easter baskets.

The Very Best Christian Easter Basket Ideas

As we ascended the hierarchical structure of the corporate world, our earnings soared, enabling us to allocate a modest sum towards procuring an Easter basket for each child.

However, apart from selecting toys or educational games, we consistently ensure that a significant part of our Easter concepts and presents revolves around the profound essence of Christ.

Free Printable Jesus Christ Puzzles

One of the easiest ways to keep Christ as the center of Easter is by including activities that focus on Jesus Christ.

These complimentary printable puzzles of Jesus Christ are an excellent method to accomplish that.

Grab hold of the complimentary brain-teasers, procure a print of them, and meticulously sever the fragments. Next, conceal the sections within translucent Easter eggs or present them to your little ones for a riveting assembly session.

Regardless, your children will be contemplating Jesus while enjoying Easter activities.

Click here to download your complimentary collection of Jesus Christ puzzles now!

Alternatively, complete the form provided below.

It’s a breeze to embrace a Christmas centered around Christ. However, families often find it challenging to experience a truly Christian Easter. And that simply won’t do! Behold, He has triumphed over death, and it is imperative that we impart this knowledge to our children – now, more than ever!

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But don’t worry, I’m here to assist you!

Here are a few of our preferred Christ-centered Easter present suggestions for God-fearing, devout youngsters!

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Free Printable Jesus Christ Puzzles are educational and entertaining activities that can help children learn about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ while having fun solving puzzles.

Explore all these wonderful suggestions for Christian Easter gift baskets!

1. Bible Stories Water Wow

These small water wow toys are very enjoyable! They are ideal for car journeys or remaining peaceful in a place of worship.

Children have the freedom to unleash their artistic talents without leaving a trace of chaos. Moreover, when the water evaporates, the vibrant hues magically vanish, leaving the coloring book pristine and ready for a fresh round of creativity!

These are available in various (and enjoyable) themes, but for an Easter basket centered around Christ, consider the bible story theme.

Alternatively, here is the identical concept from another company, Kanga Toys.

2. Reusable Resurrection Storyboard with Stickers

If your child is a fan of stickers, take a look at this reusable storyboard.

Watch as your child’s imagination comes to life with a delightful, unyielding backdrop that sets the stage for an enchanting Easter tale. Place the charming sticker characters onto the captivating board and witness their transformation as the story gracefully unfurls.

This is an excellent tool for strengthening the genuine significance of Easter through interactive activities!

3. Stuffed Jesus Doll

This small plush Jesus doll is another enjoyable tool for educating children about the genuine significance of Easter.

Watch as your little one joyfully runs and frolics with this enchanting Jesus doll, treating it with the same affection as any other cherished playmate. Unbeknownst to your child, this remarkable Easter present will gently instill a profound affection for Jesus, nurturing a deeply rooted love that blossoms alongside their adoration for this precious little doll.

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4. Silly Easter Shirt

Embrace the whimsical spirit of Easter with this delightful shirt, offering a captivating means to involve children of every generation in a Christ-focused Easter basket. Explore the depths of Amazon’s vast offerings and discover a myriad of diverse styles to choose from.

Embrace the lightheartedness of Easter with this cute shirt, commemorating our Redeemer in a playful and cheerful way.

5. Resurrection of Jesus Christ Magnet Toys

Just like the aforementioned sticker storyboard, this Resurrection storyboard employs the use of felt. Felt proves to be much more mom-friendly (no more worries about stickers on the carpet!) While still offering an equally enjoyable experience for children! It is indeed the ideal Christ-centered Easter present.

6. Resurrection Eggs

The popularity of Resurrection Eggs is rapidly increasing among Christian families.

These are fun because they seamlessly combine the fun of the Easter bunny and Easter eggs with the true meaning of Easter.

Revealing each egg reveals the essential components of the authentic Easter story, accompanied by delightful stickers and a captivating storybook.

7. Little Stuffed Lamb

Isn’t this adorable little stuffed lamb the most adorable thing??

This lamb, so delightfully cuddly, is an absolute treasure for little ones. And with a gentle twist, it serenades them with the beautiful melody of “Jesus Loves Me.” (Truly, this ranks as my utmost adored suggestion amidst all the Easter gift concepts listed here.)

8. Cross Lamp

Delight in the joyous spirit of Jesus with the Cross lamp – an enchanting and refined gift option that resonates with older children, be it during Easter or throughout the entire year!

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9. Easter Storybooks that Focus on Jesus

Our household holds a special fondness for an Easter gift that takes the form of a captivating storybook centered around the life of Jesus. The abundance of options to select from is truly remarkable!

Some are adorable and enjoyable, while others are more holy and divine in essence.

In this day and age, an abundance of books exists covering a vast array of topics and themes, catering to every conceivable interest. Therefore, if you currently seek exceptional Easter literature that delves into the genuine essence of this holiday, rest assured that locating suitable material will prove effortless.

10. Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pad

And in the event that you haven’t encountered sufficient sticker alternatives, here is an enormous collection of stickers depicting stories from the Bible for you!

Melissa and Doug, a remarkable brand, consistently offers top-notch products. This incredible set comprises of 5 reusable backgrounds adorned with over 160 Bible-themed stickers. A flawless addition for Christian Easter baskets!

11. Pre-Filled Christian Puzzle Easter Eggs

Discover the joy of Easter with these pre-filled eggs adorned with the sacred symbol of Jesus Christ’s cross. Each egg your little ones uncover will serve as a poignant reminder of the true meaning behind this cherished holiday.

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Picture the sheer delight on your child’s face as they unveil this Easter present infused with the spirit of Christ. Embrace the inclusion of Bible verses as an integral component of your Easter morning festivities.

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12. Jesus Christ Puzzle

A Jesus Christ puzzle of exceptional quality will captivate children of every age. While the mentioned free printable Easter puzzles are wonderful, consider including a truly remarkable puzzle in your Easter basket ideas by investing a few dollars.

13. Easter Sunday Church Outfit

Celebrating Easter morning is most delightful when spent at the church. Moreover, discovering a unique Easter Sunday attire nestled in their basket serves as a beautiful reminder for children as to the significance of this joyous occasion.

Unsure of whether your search for the ideal Easter morning attire would yield triumph in the vast realm of online shopping or prove more fruitful within the confines of a nearby boutique.

However, a fresh church attire is a great Easter present suggestion.

14. Easter Cross Necklace

Why not place a beautiful cross pendant in their basket?

Easter provides a splendid opportunity to spread the profound message of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Moreover, it serves as a poignant reminder that Jesus’ omnipresence transcends all boundaries, accompanying individuals on their journeys through life.

You can discover numerous alternatives on the internet or acquire some artisan materials and create your own!

15. Bible Verse Easter Eggs

These are ideal for children of any age, particularly if you require something that is not filled with chocolate.

Discover an array of kits available on the internet or unleash your creativity by crafting personalized versions. Engage in the delightful process of inscribing Bible verses on delicate paper strips, carefully tucking them within vibrant plastic eggs, and adorning the exteriors with sacred symbols. Witness the joyous fusion of scriptural knowledge and sheer excitement as your children eagerly unwrap their precious treasures.

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This is not only a good suggestion for Christian Easter baskets – it is also a fantastic idea for Christ-focused Easter egg hunts.

16. Christian Music

Enrich your children’s lives with the enchanting world of music! Explore the realm of CDs, digital melodies, or streaming marvels to foster a deep connection with your family’s devotion. Uncover a treasure trove of delightful Christian melodies online, fostering a joyful and captivating understanding of God and Jesus. An exceptional notion for crafting spirited Christian Easter baskets for the little ones!

Behold! Behold! Here lies a magnificent collection of the finest Christian Easter presents tailor-made for children in their tender elementary years. May this meticulously crafted assortment serve as a beacon of inspiration and may it bring joy to your beloved kin on this joyous occasion of Easter!

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