Saint Augustine Lighthouse Lantern or Lamp Room

The Saint Augustine Lighthouse lantern/lamp room (in the old days it was called LANTHORN) houses a Fresnel lens which was crafted in France in the late 1800s. The revolving lens produces a fixed white light, varied every three minutes by a white flash, at a focal plane of 165 feet. Originally fueled by lard oil, […]

January 19, 2020 popeye3165

Saint Augustine Lighthouse with Moon in Background

Photograph of the Saint Augustine Lighthouse with trees in the foreground and the moon in the background. The St. Augustine lighthouse sits on the northern end of Anastasia Island, where the nearby Matanzas River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Several towers have been built in this area throughout the years overlooking the inlet that leads […]

January 12, 2020 popeye3165

Saint Augustine Lighthouse Looking back from Lighthouse Park

This photograph of the Saint Augustine lighthouse was taken at the nearby Lighthouse Park and fishing pier located at 442 Ocean Vista Avenue St Augustine, FL 32080 (GPS 29° 53’10.45″ N    81° 17’10.74″ W). Lighthouse Park features a free fishing pier, a picnic area, small playground, boat ramp and restrooms. The fishing is about […]

January 11, 2020 popeye3165

Saint Augustine Lighthouse Lamp Room Illuminated by the Sun

The Saint Augustine Lighthouse with the sun directly behind the lamp room showing the sunlight being reflected through the Fresnel lens. The original Saint Augustine Lighthouse received a first order Fresnel lens from Parisian lens maker Sautter, Lemonnier & Cie. The lens has 370 individual prisms and weighs roughly 2 tons. A 1000-watt light bulb […]

January 10, 2020 popeye3165

Saint Augustine Lighthouse The Lantern Room

A wonderful photograph of Saint Augustine Lighthouse’s “Lantern Room”. The lantern room of a lighthouse is the top of the lighthouse which houses the lamp and the lens. This was the first lighthouse established in Florida by the new, territorial, American Government in 1824. According to some archival records and maps, this “official” American lighthouse […]

January 4, 2020 popeye3165

St. Augustine Lighthouse Standing in the Shadow

A photograph entitled Standing in the Shadow of the Saint Augustine Lighthouse. The Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum features shipwreck artifacts, a wooden boat building exhibit and a 165-foot-tall lighthouse. It is thought to have been erected out of a series of wooden watchtowers of Spanish descent in the early 1500’s. The lighthouse is […]

January 4, 2020 popeye3165

Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

The Saint Augustine Lighthouse and Museum located in Saint Augustine, Florida on Anastasia Island the GPS Address is: 100 Red Cox Road St. Augustine, FL 32080. This is a wonderful historical, educational and scenic stop if you are visiting the Saint Augustine area for both the young and old alike. There are plenty of activities […]

January 3, 2020 popeye3165