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This Bulb-of-the-Month Club Provides a Blooming Gift Throughout the Year


This bulb-of-the-month club’s gorgeous blooms take the guesswork out of finding a unique gift for Easter, Mother’s Day and beyond.

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Want to bring joy to someone’s day but feeling clueless about what to get them? Fear not, because the Harry & David Bulb-of-the-Month Club is here to save the day. Vibrant blossoms are guaranteed to uplift anyone’s spirits, and a subscription to this monthly floral delivery will keep them excited for a delightful surprise every month of the year.

For years, Harry & David has been renowned for their exquisite culinary delights and luxurious gift baskets, making them a go-to choice for cherished holiday presents. While their delectable pears are undeniably irresistible, Harry & David’s offerings extend far beyond exceptional food. Among their array of monthly subscriptions, the Bulb-of-the-Month Club stands out as a delightful source of year-long joy. Whether you seek tokens of affection for Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or simply to show someone you care, the Harry & David Bulb-of-the-Month Club never fails to impress. After all, who wouldn’t relish the pleasure of receiving a stunning floral arrangement every single month?

What is the Bulb-of-the-Month Club?

The Bulb-of-the-Month Club is a subscription service that delivers a different type of bulb to your doorstep each month.via merchant

Experience the magic of the Harry & David Bulb-of-the-Month Club, where the beauty of nature is delivered right to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in a delightful flower subscription that spans three, six, or even 12 months. Every month brings a carefully curated assortment of pre-planted bulbs, perfectly synchronized with the ever-changing seasons.

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  • January: Diverse Bulb

  • February: Tulips.

  • March: Garden of Spring Mix

  • April: Garden of Tulips and

  • May: Garden of Mixed Tul

  • June: Daff

  • July: Garden Bulb Blend

  • August: A Summer Delight

  • September: Paperwhites Bul

  • October: Orange A

  • November: Amary

  • December: Flower Garden

  • The initial floral display makes its grand entrance within an ornamental vessel, while the subsequent ones are presented in thriving containers. Each arrangement is thoughtfully accompanied by detailed guidance on nurturing and transplanting, ensuring their blossoms endure and multiply for years to come. By tending to these floral treasures with utmost care, numerous monthly floral consignments from Harry & David persist in bestowing fresh blooms to grace the garden in the ensuing year!

    Delight your cherished ones with the enchanting gift of exquisite blooms through the captivating Harry & David Bulb-of-the-Month Club. This extraordinary offering is particularly delightful for avid gardeners, as it provides a continuous source of joy. Unlike fleeting bouquets, these monthly deliveries consist of bulbs that can be effortlessly transplanted into pots or gardens, ensuring a gift that will flourish indefinitely. With this thoughtful gesture, you can effortlessly enhance your loved one’s Easter decorations.

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    Why I Love It

    When you’re searching for a way to make someone feel extraordinary but lack the perfect gift idea, flowers always come to the rescue. However, with the innovative Bulb-of-the-Month Club by Harry & David, the element of uncertainty is entirely eliminated. Simply select from the options of three, six, or twelve-month shipping intervals and let the magic unfold. Receiving an unforeseen present at your doorstep is already remarkable, but when this delightful surprise repeats month after month, it becomes a truly heartfelt gesture.

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    Unlike cut flowers that wither even with the most careful nurturing, the pre-planted bulbs from Harry & David can be transplanted by the recipient. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member with a knack for gardening, as you are essentially giving them a whole garden! However, these blossoms can also provide indoor enjoyment. Moreover, they serve as stunning Easter flowers that can also adorn a table. If you’re gifting an Easter basket to an adult, these flowers are even more delightful than a basket filled with chocolate.

    But Don’t Take My Word for It!

    The Bulb-of-the-Month Club has received rave reviews, proving to be an absolute sensation! The website is flooded with numerous glowing reviews, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars out of five.

    Beth M. Showers the monthly subscription service with five shining stars. “For countless years, I have bestowed upon my beloved mother this delightful three-month present, commencing in the month of her birth, December. She eagerly anticipates the enchanting transformation of these exquisite blossoms emerging from the humble soil,” she expresses. “Just as the first bloom fades away, the next one gracefully appears, initiating a joyful cycle of renewal. Undoubtedly, it brings an immense radiance to her wintry days in the heart of the Midwest.”

    “Everyone I purchase these for adores them. Excellent go-to present,” proudly states five-star reviewer, Susan B.

    Pamela D. Exclaimed, “Purchasing this delightful present for my mother is such a fantastic idea! She resides in a region known for its icy temperatures, so the prospect of witnessing flowers blossom during the winter months is absolutely exhilarating!”

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    Where to Buy Harry & David’s Bulb-of-the-Month Club

    Harry & David's Bulb-of-the-Month Club can be purchased at select retailers or online through their official website. This exclusive club offers monthly deliveries of beautiful and high-quality bulbs, allowing you to enjoy a variety of stunning flowers throughout the year.via merchant

    Ready to send a box of sunshine? This monthly flower delivery is offered on Harry & David’s website. Choose from three subscriptions:.

  • 3 months:

  • The price for a

  • Twelve months: $

  • By opting for the six-month subscription, you can pocket some savings. Take the leap and go for the full-year subscription, and you’ll receive an extra month at no cost (and maybe more). Above all, the immeasurable worth lies in the anticipation of seeing the joy on your giftee’s face as they receive their monthly Bulb-of-the-Month Club package.

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