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15 Best Gifts for Science Teachers in 2023


Finding the perfect present for a science teacher can be quite a daunting task. They often appreciate items that are both practical and distinctive, with a touch of nerdy charm. Drawing from my experience as a scientist and former teachers’ assistant, I have carefully curated a list of exceptional gift ideas that will not only showcase your understanding of their adoration for science but also offer unwavering support for their scholarly pursuits.

This compilation represents a curated selection of my top picks sourced from various corners of the internet. Among them, you will find ingenious creations from our very own Genius Lab Gear, as well as a few that we can’t help but feel envious of for not conceiving first! Certain links provided in this page are affiliated, implying that any subsequent purchase of these items through the links will earn Genius Lab Gear a modest referral fee, without any additional cost incurred by you. We value your support immensely, as it enables us to persistently innovate and evaluate the most exceptional scientific tools available on the planet!

1. The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation reference

Your beloved science mentor will forever cherish this exceptional present! They will carry this science ruler, the size of a credit card, throughout their entire existence. Moreover, we have intricately engraved the backside with an array of fundamental scientific equations and physical constants. Check out the product page for a comprehensive list of the remarkable features we have included!

Enhance the charm of your events, networking endeavors, or promotional giveaways by incorporating a personalized logo! Tailored requests begin at a minimum of 100 pieces – simply drop us an email to obtain further details.

You can get it with complimentary shipping from our website or from Amazon.

The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation reference is a handy tool for scientists and students alike. It provides a compact way to measure objects and serves as a quick reference for various equations in the field of science.

2. National Geographic Science Magic Kit

Teachers often find themselves caught up in the demands of curriculum and the relentless pursuit of better test scores, leaving little room for enjoyment. However, amidst this serious atmosphere, there exists a delightful remedy in the form of the National Geographic scientific magic kit. Unlike the enchantments of Harry Potter, this kit offers a captivating blend of entertainment and education through the wonders of science.

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The National Geographic Science Magic Kit is a fun and educational set that allows children to perform exciting science experiments and learn about the fascinating world of science.

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3. Science Basic Word Magnets

Our science-themed word magnet sets surpass the usual dullness of science-themed gifts, offering endless entertainment and lasting appeal! These captivating sets were introduced with the purpose of fostering creativity and self-expression in labs, classrooms, and offices. Each specialized pack comprises meticulously crafted 144 tiles, expertly designed by a PhD in the respective field to ensure both technical precision and subtle whimsicality.

Up until now, our collection includes assortments encompassing Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, Academia, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Ecology, PhD Balance (focusing on mental well-being during graduate school), and Basic Science. The majority of individuals opt for a 2, 3, or 4-pack that epitomizes their distinct journey in the field of STEM.

Additionally, it is now accessible on

Science Basic Word Magnets are a fun and interactive educational tool that helps children learn and understand scientific concepts through hands-on experimentation and play.

4. Test Tube Plant Terrarium

Giving your teacher an apple is a thoughtful gesture, but imagine their delight when you present them with something that will endure long after the lunch break. This captivating test tube terrarium serves as a perfect project for them to adorn their desk with and infuse some tranquility into the classroom. Crafted from exquisite vintage charred brown wood and top-notch glass, this unique terrarium can be elegantly displayed on a wall or placed gracefully on a table. Undoubtedly, it is an extraordinary gift that will surely enchant any science teacher with a passion for plants in your life.

A test tube plant terrarium is a small, enclosed ecosystem that allows you to create a miniature garden inside a glass container, providing a unique and visually appealing way to display and nurture plants.

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5. Leonardo da Vinci Premium Aerial Screw Model Kit

This Leonardo da Vinci Aerial Screw wooden model kit will surely bring immense delight to your science teacher. Among Leonardo’s numerous drawings, the Aerial Screw stands out as a symbol of his visionary artistry and inventive mind. This model, based on his designs, intricately showcases the spinning canopy and support structure using a bevel gear, offering a fascinating demonstration of his belief in the possibility of flight. Constructing this kit is not only an enjoyable experience but also an opportunity for your teacher to engage with curious students who will undoubtedly have a multitude of questions.

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The Leonardo da Vinci Premium Aerial Screw Model Kit is a meticulously crafted replica of the visionary invention by Leonardo da Vinci, showcasing his innovative spirit and genius in the field of aviation. This model kit offers a hands-on experience in understanding the principles behind da Vinci's ambitious design, allowing enthusiasts to marvel at the intricacies of his revolutionary flying machine.

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6. The New Science Teacher’s Handbook: What You Didn’t Learn From Student Teaching

Teachers, just like their students, are always in pursuit of growth and knowledge. The New Science Teacher’s Handbook: Unveiling the Untaught Wisdom, unveils the secrets to becoming a captivating and impactful science teacher. This invaluable treasure trove is the perfect offering for novice educators, as it unveils a roadmap consisting of a dozen practical phases, enabling them to blossom into triumphant pedagogues. Furthermore, it shares gripping anecdotes from the authors’ own classroom experiences, making it an inspiring and relatable companion.

15 best gifts for science teachers in 2023 644775

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7. Science Enamel Pin Set

Surprise your beloved science teacher with this one-of-a-kind enamel pin collection, specially curated to highlight their unwavering dedication to the world of science. With a delightful assortment of 9 distinct designs, including a captivating beaker and mesmerizing atomic and molecular formations, they can effortlessly blend and pair these pins with any ensemble they desire! Crafted meticulously from top-notch metal and adorned with lustrous soft enamel hues, this pin adds a whimsical flair to their lab coats, conference attire, and even their everyday wardrobe.

The Science Enamel Pin Set features a collection of pins inspired by various scientific subjects, making it a perfect accessory for science enthusiasts and professionals alike. Each pin showcases intricate designs and vibrant colors, representing different branches of science and their significance in our daily lives. Whether you're a biologist, physicist, chemist, or simply have a passion for knowledge, this enamel pin set is a great way to show off your love for science and spark intriguing conversations.

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8. Outer Space Canvas with Wood Hanger

The meeting of art and science is beautifully showcased in this canvas scroll wood hanger depicting our solar system. Designed specifically for astronomy enthusiasts and science teachers, it captures the captivating beauty of our vast universe. Crafted from durable and water-resistant canvas, it serves as a powerful tool to inspire and engage students in exploring the wonders of our solar system. Framed by two wooden strips, it features a convenient rope for easy hanging. Unroll the canvas and let the learning begin!

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The Outer Space Canvas with Wood Hanger is a stunning piece of artwork that brings the wonders of the universe into your home, perfect for adding a touch of cosmic beauty to any space.

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9. Ask a Science Teacher: 250 Answers to Questions You’ve Always Had About How Everyday Stuff Really Works

Drawing from his extensive 30+ years of teaching science, Larry Scheckel harnessed his wisdom to formulate a collection of 250 captivating inquiries about the world of science. These queries were painstakingly addressed and transformed into an enlightening masterpiece called Ask a Science Teacher: 250 Answers to Questions You’ve Always Had About How Everyday Stuff Really Works. This invaluable resource equips science educators with a treasure trove of knowledge, allowing them to captivate their students with fascinating information. The wide-ranging topics covered in this book effortlessly transition from mundane to profound scientific inquiries, making it suitable for both high school and college lectures.

15 best gifts for science teachers in 2023 406517

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10. Subatomic: An Atom Building Game

In the evenings, teachers dedicate their time to crafting educational curricula and evaluating students’ assignments. Engaging in a friendly board game session with friends and family can bring joy to anyone’s day. For a science teacher, the board game Subatomic: An Atom Building Game is the perfect choice. This meticulously designed card game revolves around particle physics and chemistry, offering a highly strategic and scientifically precise experience. Whether played during work hours with students or enjoyed at home with their loved ones, this game makes an exceptional gift for any science teacher.

Subatomic: An Atom Building Game is a strategic board game that allows players to explore the world of atoms, build their own molecules, and learn about subatomic particles and chemical reactions.

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11. Science Insulated Lunch Bag

Looking for a unique and eco-friendly present? How about a science-inspired lunch bag that can be used over and over again? This versatile bag is perfect for your daily commute and is sure to make waves among your fellow educators in the lunchroom!

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The Science Insulated Lunch Bag is designed to keep your food fresh and at the right temperature, making it perfect for students, office workers, or anyone on the go.

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12. Lab Coat Pocket Protector

In the swinging 60’s and groovy 70’s, the esteemed Pocket Protector rose to fame as a quirky symbol of geek culture. However, as time passed, it fell out of favor and faded into obscurity. Yet, for diligent scientists and devoted science teachers, these indispensable tools are essential for maintaining order, maximizing productivity, safeguarding lab coats, and ensuring timely completion of experiments, all without missing out on a well-deserved lunch break. Hence, we dedicated ourselves to thorough research and exhaustive testing of every variant ever created, ultimately devising this rejuvenated design to systematically address and overcome each challenge.

A lab coat pocket protector is a small accessory that is used to keep pens, pencils, and other small items secure and easily accessible while working in a laboratory setting. It is made of durable material and is designed to fit perfectly into the pocket of a lab coat, providing convenience and organization for scientists, researchers, and other professionals in the field.

Spruce green, sapphire blue, and faded pink – the magnificent trio of colors chosen by our beloved fans! Obtain it effortlessly from our convenient Amazon page, should you prefer that option.

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13. Things my Students Said: A Teacherโ€™s journal of memorable sayings from Students

Surprise your beloved science teacher with a journal that not only sparks thoughtfulness but also offers practicality. “Things My Students Said” is the perfect avenue for capturing all the delightful, lovable, hilarious, peculiar, and clever remarks made by their students. With designated sections for names, ages, and dates, this compact 5×8″ journal ensures that no precious memory is lost. It’s a gift that is guaranteed to be cherished for countless years to come, making it an exceptional choice for a distinctive Christmas or end-of-year present for your favorite science teacher.

15 best gifts for science teachers in 2023 771576

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14. Science Cookie Cutters Chemistry Set

Surprise your favorite science teacher who has a passion for baking with this delightful science cookie cutters chemistry set. Crafted from durable food-grade stainless steel, it guarantees longevity. The set features four captivating science-inspired designs: atom, beaker, test tube, and flask. Now they can effortlessly whip up delectable science-themed cookies to delight their colleagues and students. Moreover, it’s an ideal addition for school functions and graduation celebrations!

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The Science Cookie Cutters Chemistry Set is a fun and educational toy that allows kids to explore the world of chemistry through baking and creativity.

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15. The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of the Universe

Gravity, black holes, matter-antimatter, light, quantum physics, time, and space are all encompassed within the pages of this book. Prepare to embark on a thrilling cosmological journey that will captivate your science teacher’s imagination. The Theory of Everything unveils a tapestry of the most ingenious physics theories from both the realms of the past and present. As you delve into its contents, you will be enlightened and enlightened about the opulent chronicles of scientific contemplation, as well as the intricate complexities of our very existence.

15 best gifts for science teachers in 2023 442599

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the best gift for a science teacher?

Anything that’s practical yet unique and a little nerdy that can help them show their love for science. Here are our favorites:.

  • The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation guide.
  • Science Fundamental Word Magnets.
  • National Geographic Science Enchantment Set.
  • Test Tube Botanical Terrarium
  • Leonardo da Vinci Deluxe Air Screw Model Kit.
  • The Handbook for New Science Teachers: What You Missed During Student Teaching.
  • Science Lapel Pin Collection.
  • Canvas with Wood Hanger for Outer Space.
  • Inquire with a Science Educator: 250 Responses to Inquiries You’ve Always Posed Regarding the Inner Workings of Everyday Objects.
  • Subatomic: A Game for Construct
  • Scientific Insulated Lunch Bag.
  • Contemporary Pocket Shield for laboratory coats.
  • Memorable Sayings from Students: A Journal by a Teacher
  • Science Cookie Cutters Chemistry Kit.
  • The Theory of Everything: The Beginning and Destiny of the Cosmos.
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