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13 Best Gifts for Professors or PhD Advisors (in 2023)


A quick search on Amazon for “PhD Advisor Gifts” will yield approximately 45 mugs and a mere 3 t-shirts. Quite underwhelming, if you ask me. Having navigated the challenging journey of graduate school and collaborated with numerous esteemed professors, I am well-equipped to offer valuable insights into what they would genuinely cherish as a heartfelt token of gratitude. Without further ado, behold my meticulously curated selection below.

This compilation embodies a selection of my most cherished discoveries from the vast realm of the internet. Among them, you’ll find ingenious inventions crafted by our very own Genius Lab Gear team, as well as those that have left us green with envy for not having conceived them first. Certain external links featured on this page are affiliated, meaning that any subsequent purchase of the showcased items will incur a small monetary referral fee, generously redirected back to Genius Lab Gear, without any additional cost to you. Your invaluable support enables us to persist in our pursuit of designing and evaluating the finest scientific tools known to humanity!

1. Academia Word Magnets

The realm of academia is brimming with a plethora of inside jokes, idiosyncrasies, and cringeworthy quirks that bring endless amusement to professors. These magnetic word magnets are ingeniously crafted to provide a platform for academics to vent their frustrations, savor their triumphs, and indulge in hearty laughter. They serve as an ideal addition to the office refrigerator or magnetic whiteboard, acting as sneaky tools for students to leave subtly confrontational phrases for their advisors to stumble upon later. Explore our website to acquire these intriguing creations, and explore the possibility of combining them with other field-specific sets tailored to the professor’s area of expertise.

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Additionally, it is now accessible on

Academia Word Magnets is an educational tool that provides a fun and interactive way to learn and create sentences, allowing users to explore language and expand their vocabulary.

2. The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation reference

Your most cherished mentor with a PhD will delight in utilizing this one-of-a-kind present on a daily basis (and hopefully forever hold you in their thoughts)! They can effortlessly bear this conveniently-sized ruler, reminiscent of a credit card, along with a scientific reference, ensuring its usefulness in both the classroom and laboratory. Moreover, it serves as an invaluable tool for creative doodles in their office space. To add a touch of finesse, we have intricately laser-engraved the reverse side with a plethora of fundamental scientific equations and constants. For a comprehensive rundown of the remarkable features we have incorporated, kindly peruse the product page!

Offered with complimentary shipping on our website or through Amazon.

The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation reference is a handy tool for scientists and students, providing a convenient way to measure small objects and access important equations on the go.

The Pocket Scientist available at Genius Lab Gear.

The Scientist’s Guidebook on Amazon

How to utilize The Pocket Scientist – Comprehensive User Manual.

Additionally, we offer tailor-made editions explicitly designed for Chemists, Physicists, and Engineers, ensuring a perfect match for the individual you are considering!

3. Rocketbook Beacons to digitize their white board

Have you ever witnessed the captivating creations of your college professor, beautifully etched on a whiteboard, only to vanish into thin air when the next student arrives for a discussion?

Renowned for their innovative reusable notebooks embedded with grids and QR codes for swiftly capturing and organizing handwritten notes digitally, Rocketbook has now unveiled a remarkable addition to their repertoire – a GENIUS product designed to replicate the same functionality for whiteboards. By simply affixing a triangle at each corner and utilizing their cutting-edge app, one can effortlessly capture a photo, subsequently transforming and enhancing the image with flattened perspective and heightened contrast, before seamlessly dispatching it to their preferred note-saving application. Safeguard those flashes of brilliance with ease!

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Rocketbook Beacons are a set of reusable, stick-on markers that can turn any whiteboard into a smart, digital surface, allowing users to capture and save their notes or drawings in real-time through the Rocketbook app.

4. Funny Coaster Set for Teachers and Professors

Professors and students delight in sharing a good chuckle at each other’s expense. However, why not turn the tables and surprise them with a touch of humor through these amusing professor coasters? Not only will these coasters safeguard their desk from beverage spills, but they will also provide ample opportunity for them to jest about the unfinished lab work you may have overlooked this week.

The Funny Coaster Set for Teachers and Professors is a delightful and practical gift that will bring a smile to their faces while protecting their surfaces from beverage stains.

5. Wireless Laser Pointer and PowerPoint Presenter

Laser pointers, a device often overlooked until its absence becomes apparent. The laser pointer I possess boasts a plethora of essential features, ranging from a convenient pen clip to volume buttons and slide control buttons. DinoFire offers a variety of tiers, each flaunting distinct attributes, assuring satisfaction regardless of the choice made.

The Wireless Laser Pointer and PowerPoint Presenter is a versatile tool that allows you to effortlessly navigate through your presentations with precision and ease. It features a wireless connection, allowing you to move around the room freely, while still maintaining control over your slides. Additionally, its laser pointer function allows you to highlight key points or emphasize important information, making it an essential device for professional presentations and public speaking engagements.

6. Smart Coffee Mug Warmer

This desktop mug warmer is a savior for the coffee-addicted advisor who never leaves their office but lacks a microwave. It eliminates the need for countless trips to warm their beverage and boasts a remarkable function – it automatically switches on and off when a mug is placed on top, ensuring no energy is wasted!

The Smart Coffee Mug Warmer is a device designed to keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature for an extended period of time, so you can enjoy your hot beverage without it getting cold. It is equipped with advanced heating technology and can be easily controlled through a smartphone app. This innovative gadget is a must-have for coffee lovers who want to savor every sip of their favorite drink.

7. Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

Let’s be honest. Most college professors barely make it into the lab now, spending all of their time making presentations and writing grants at their computer. This new vertical mouse design is starting to catch on because it’s more ergonomic for people spending hours upon hours at the computer each day. They’ll thank you for finding such a unique solution that they probably didn’t know existed (and were too frugal to get for themselves). It’s “Treat yo’self” day for your professor. They deserve it.Output: Be honest, college professors are hardly seen in the lab these days. Instead, they dedicate most of their time crafting presentations and securing grants on their computers. The rising popularity of this innovative vertical mouse design can be attributed to its ergonomic benefits, specially designed for individuals spending countless hours in front of their screens. Discovering this remarkable solution, which they likely didn’t even know existed (and were too frugal to purchase themselves), will undoubtedly earn you their heartfelt gratitude. It’s time to celebrate “Treat yo’self” day with a thoughtful gift for your deserving professor.

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The Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse is designed to provide a comfortable and efficient user experience, reducing strain and promoting natural hand and wrist positions.

8. Novium Hoverpen 2.0

Should your PhD mentor possess a profound affection for physics, astronomy, space, or technology, they are bound to derive immense satisfaction from adorning their desk with this exquisite creation. Behold the Novium Hoverpen 2.0, an opulent magnetic pen that defies gravity, gracefully floating at a precise angle due to its magnetic allure. Witness its breathtaking display as it elegantly twirls in space, leaving a lasting impression on any student who ventures into their office hours.

Novium Hoverpen 2.0 is an advanced version of the hoverpen, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and enhanced features for a seamless writing experience.

9. Personal Aeropress or Pour-Over Coffeemaker

In the event that the coffee provided at the office is widely known for being of poor quality, the professor would undoubtedly derive pleasure from possessing a personal reserve and the necessary equipment to brew single cups. I happen to be in possession of both, and they are in frequent use. The Aeropress, renowned for its speed and simplicity, produces the most efficient and convenient single-cup coffee you can find. All you need is a method to heat the water and a supply of their compact, circular filters. Moreover, there exists an entire collection of organizers designed specifically for the Aeropress, such as this charming little bamboo desktop cabinet. On the other hand, the Chemex Pour-over method is ideal for brewing 2-3 cups at a time, although it does require a bit more time and effort.

The Personal Aeropress or Pour-Over Coffeemaker is a convenient and efficient way to brew your favorite coffee at home or on the go.

10. Canvas Reusable Lunch Bag

The conservation-minded professor will find immense delight in owning a superb, eco-friendly lunch bag that is designed with utmost care. Its durability is enhanced by double-stitching, making it resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, it is completely waterproof and devoid of any delicate components that may easily detach. With its understated yet stylish appearance, this lunch bag embodies simplicity, informality, and a commitment to sustainability. Undoubtedly, it will be cherished by its owner for a lifetime.

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The Canvas Reusable Lunch Bag is an eco-friendly and practical choice for carrying your meals, snacks, and beverages, helping you reduce waste and contribute to a greener planet. Its durable material and spacious design make it perfect for everyday use, ensuring your food stays fresh and protected.

11. Scientist Quote Desktop Canvas

Our collection of renowned scientist quotes on canvas prints fills us with immense pride. These compact 5″x7″ pieces effortlessly stand upright or can be elegantly displayed on any wall. As I compose, one of these masterpieces resides beside me, serving as a constant reminder of humility in my quest for the mysterious.

13 best gifts for professors or phd advisors in 2023 691432

12. Rat mood chart canvas print

Those familiar with “rodent models” are well aware of the challenges they face. Our Rat Mood Chart artwork brilliantly captures the bittersweet reality of the hardships endured by these miniature warriors in the pursuit of scientific knowledge.

The Rat Mood Chart Canvas Print is a quirky and artistic piece that showcases different emotional states of a rat, adding a touch of whimsy and creativity to any space.

13. Professor Gift Bundle

Don’t worry if you’re still indecisive; I’m here to lend a hand! Let me take charge and present to you the Professor/PhD Advisor Gift Bundle, specially crafted to simplify your choice. This incredible set comprises the esteemed Pocket tool and captivating Word Magnets mentioned earlier, along with a delightful assortment of science-themed stickers. By opting for this bundle, you’ll be saving more than 20%! Allow me to finalize this decision for you and consider it done!

  • The Pocket Scientist measuring tool and formula guide.
  • Academic Word Magnets
  • Science Fundamentals Word Magnets
  • Connector word magnets for beginners (144 tiles of linking words).
  • Marie Curie dec
  • Science is for Everyone decal.
  • Sticker with a
  • professor or PhD adviser gift bundle



    Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure as you navigate through a seemingly endless array of products, where limitless choices await. Fear not, for we have meticulously curated a selection specifically tailored to your tastes.

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  • The Pocket Scientist pocket ruler and equation guide.
  • Physics Word Magnets for the refrigerator or office decoration.
  • Rocketbook Beacons enable the conversion of their whiteboard into
  • Hilarious Coaster set for Educators and Profess
  • Wireless Laser pointer and Powerpoint presenter.
  • Intelligent Coffee Cup Heater.
  • Kensington Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse.
  • Sorry, but I can’t
  • Personal Aeropress or Pour-over Coffee Maker.
  • Canvas Lunch Bag that can be
  • Scientific Quotation Desktop Canvas.
  • Canvas Print of the Mood Chart with
  • Professor Gift Package.

    Depending on the kind of instructor you are searching for, we have also carefully selected specific specialized assortments specifically for you! Take a look at them!

  • Presents for Chemistry Professors

  • Presents for Physics Professors

  • Presents for Biology Professors

  • Presents for Science Professors

  • The best gift for professors and PhD advisors would depend on their individual preferences and interests. However, some thoughtful gift ideas could include books related to their field of study or research, personalized stationery or office supplies, a gift card to a favorite bookstore or coffee shop, a subscription to a scholarly journal, or even a handwritten thank-you note expressing gratitude for their guidance and support throughout your academic journey. Ultimately, the best gift is one that shows appreciation and acknowledges their significant contribution to your education and development as a student.“>

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