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27 of the Funniest and Best Gifts for Plumbers


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27 of the Funniest and Best Gifts for Plumbers

Buying gifts for plumbers can be challenging. They work in a specialized trade that most laymen out there can’t begin to understand, and it’s intimidating to figure out what they might want or need. You may fear you’ll buy the wrong thing or purchase something they don’t actually want. At General Contractor License Guide, we aim to curate useful resources for all things related to the skilled trades, including helping you find the perfect gifts for the hardworking men and women in the plumbing industry.Output: Finding the ideal gifts for plumbers can be quite a task. These skilled individuals work in a specialized trade that is beyond the comprehension of most people, making it challenging to determine their desires and necessities. The fear of making a wrong purchase or getting something unwanted can add to the pressure. However, at General Contractor License Guide, we are dedicated to gathering valuable resources for various skilled trades, and we are here to assist you in discovering the ideal gifts for the dedicated men and women in the plumbing industry.

Discover our curated selection of extraordinary presents tailored for plumbers. Whether you seek distinctive gifts for a cherished individual or an esteemed professional, we have you completely taken care of. Embrace our assortment of amusing and practical offerings, catering to all budget sizes.

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Need to rush? Here are our top picks from the list below:

Top Pick.

Reasons for our attraction to it

There is no tool a plumber utilizes more than a pipe wrench!

Funniest Gift.

Reasons for our attraction to it

Because it’s extremely

Best Value.

Reasons for our attraction to it

If the plunger is unable to solve the problem, this electric auger certainly will!

July 17, 202

When selecting the perfect presents for plumbers, it becomes crucial to consider the unique traits of the individuals and their current professional stage.

  • Is their journey just commencing, with a longing for the fundamental implements of their craft? Serendipity has arrived! This compilation brims with an abundance of items that would fulfill the desires and requirements of any aspiring plumber.
  • Are you searching for a skilled plumber who has mastered the fundamentals but craves something extraordinary? Look no further, as we can assist you in discovering that exceptional tool which every seasoned plumber will adore.
  • Are they enthusiasts of a splendidly amusing surprise? We’ve curated an outstanding assortment of comical and mischievous presents that are sure to elicit a hearty chuckle from your cherished plumber.
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    Understanding the recipient is the crucial factor in selecting the ideal present. We will handle the rest!

    Plumber’s Daily Essentials

    Embark on our compilation by showcasing a collection of artifacts that are part and parcel of a plumber’s routine. These offerings for plumbers are foolproof choices, as they embody the very essence of their craft. Should a plumber lack any of these tools, they are deemed indispensable. And even if they possess them already, a spare or an enhanced version is forever welcomed.


    DURATECH 4-Piece Sturdy Pipe W

    Pipe spanners are associated with plumbers, and for good reason. There is no tool a plumber utilizes more.

    Within the profession, there exists a level of discord regarding the superiority of aluminum or cast iron wrenches. While cast iron wrenches boast unparalleled durability and strength, their weight may present a challenge. On the other hand, aluminum, although noticeably lighter, comes with a hefty price tag.

    Consider investing in a collection of petite cast iron wrenches. The Duratech wrench set, priced at $52.99, offers a delightful assortment of sizes: 8″, 10″, 14″, and 18″. Moreover, the captivating aqua-blue hue adds an extra touch of allure. Reserve the use of aluminum for those exceedingly colossal wrenches.

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    Bahco 325 Hacksaw with Ergo Handle is

    As ancient as it can be, this tool embodies the essence of tradition, yet nothing else can rival its effectiveness in swiftly severing pipes. A hacksaw accompanied by a set of spare blades is an absolute necessity for any skilled plumber.

    Renowned among skilled plumbers, the Bahco hacksaw reigns supreme as an exceptional choice. Boasting a 12-inch length, this remarkable tool comes at a price of $55.21. While it may exceed the cost of other hacksaws available both online and in hardware stores, its impeccable ability to slice with precision and neatness, coupled with its ergonomic handle, graciously bestows comfort upon its user. These pivotal factors hold great significance when embarking on a day filled with the task of cutting pipework.

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    High-quality Trigger-Start Torch

    Plumbers frequently engage in the task of mending and fitting copper pipes within residential structures. In order to effectively accomplish these tasks, they rely on a top-notch plumber’s torch that enables them to heat and join metals through the process of soldering.

    Bernzomatic, the epitome of reliability in the realm of plumber’s torches, offers an exquisite assortment ranging from essential to top-tier. Priced at a mere $97.50, this remarkable kit flawlessly unites their premium torch with a fuel canister. The fortunate recipients of this generous present will find themselves equipped with all the essentials to embark on their plumbing endeavors.

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    Water-resistant Steel Toe Footwear

    Plumbers working on construction sites can rely on the remarkable Ever Boot Steel Toe Industrial Boot. With its sturdy steel toe shield, it ensures utmost foot protection, while the resilient rubber soles provide a remarkable defense against potential electrical hazards of up to 18,000 volts. These exceptional boots come at an affordable price of $39.99 and have earned an impressive rating of 4.5 stars, based on over 1,000 ratings.

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    Waterproof Men’s Work Boots.

    If you’re seeking a boot suitable for daily use and common household tasks, cast your eyes upon the Ever Boots Ultra Dry Boot. Although it may come with a slightly higher price tag of $89.99, this boot offers utmost comfort, a feather-light feel, and boasts remarkable slip resistance and complete waterproofing. It’s a true epitome of excellence.

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    Dickies Men’s 7 1/2 Pound Long Sleeve

    Plumbers find coveralls to be the perfect presents. These versatile garments not only provide plumbers with a durable work attire, but also shield them from unsightly stains and the constant wear and tear of their everyday clothes.

    Step into the realm of practicality and sophistication with the Dickies Deluxe Twill Coveralls, the epitome of durability and affordability. Embrace the allure of these exceptional coveralls, priced at a mere $54.99 per pair, a fraction of the cost compared to their counterparts in the market.

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    100FT Sewer Jetter Kit for Pressure Washer.

    Employing the force of mighty water jets to eliminate any obstructions in drains or sewer pipes is a remarkably efficient method. Not only does it ensure the safety of the pipes, but it also proves to be an excellent approach.

    With its remarkable 5800PSI capability, this Sewer Jetter Kit showcases an impressive array of features, including a 100 ft hose and a variety of nozzles. Priced attractively at $62.99, it offers exceptional value for money.

    This particular device requires connection to an already existing pressure washer. In the event that you are searching for a gift for a plumber who already possesses a pressure washer, these kits serve as excellent options. However, if they do not have one, the additional cost of acquiring the power washer would classify this item as a high-end gift for plumbers.

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    High-End Gifts for Plumbers

    Behold, behold! Behold a splendid array of extravagant treasures that lie on the higher spectrum of monetary worth. The hearts of plumbers would surely dance with delight upon receiving these remarkable offerings. Such remarkable tokens of appreciation may be bestowed upon them by a beloved spouse, a doting parent, or a cherished family member. Alternatively, an alliance of dear friends or devoted family members may unite their powers and resources to present a gift that will ignite an eternal flame of love within the heart of every plumber.

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    Drain and Sewer Camera System.

    Plumbers find a sewer and drain camera to be an invaluable asset. However, the steep cost of these devices often deters them from purchasing one, making them ideal unexpected presents for plumbers.

    The drain snake is equipped with these minuscule cameras, enabling plumbers to visually examine drain or sewer pipes. This innovative technology allows them to identify the source of blockages and leaks, all without the need to dismantle pipes or disrupt a customer’s yard with digging.

    An impressive range of price points can be found among these systems, offering diverse options based on their quality and features. Anysun presents an extraordinary industrial pipe inspection camera, perfectly positioned in the mid-tier category. Priced at $459, it not only facilitates live video streaming but also facilitates seamless recordings through its integrated DVR.

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    DEWALT 16 Gallon Poly Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

    It’s a no-brainer – when it comes to skilled trades, plumbers are in dire need of a top-notch wet-dry vac. This powerful contraption is bound to endure heavy-duty tasks and efficiently handle copious amounts of liquid. Opting for a high-quality, heavy-duty machine specifically designed for professionals is the way to go. Expect to invest in a reliable wet-dry vac priced between $200 and $300.

    Our admiration goes to this robust DeWalt model. The poly composition ensures complete peace of mind as rusting becomes an obsolete concern. With a mighty 6.5 hp motor, it emanates impressive power, while the sound muffler elegantly tackles the noise commonly associated with these contraptions. Moreover, its capacious 16-gallon tank significantly reduces the frequency of interruptions for emptying during a task.

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    The RIDGID K-400 Drain Cleaning Kit is a drum

    While many plumbers typically possess a handheld or electric auger within their trusty toolkit, this is the ultimate aspiration. A drain cleaning contraption is essentially an auger with an extraordinary boost of power. It possesses the ability to delve far deeper than any snaking apparatus, effectively eliminating substantial obstructions within drainage or sewer systems.

    Among the multitude of machines available, the creme de la creme can demand a hefty price tag reaching thousands of dollars. However, fear not, for the Ridgid model presents itself as a wise and economical alternative, priced at a modest $871.69. With a generous cable length of 75′, this gem not only delivers practicality but also flaunts a plethora of impressive features. Effortlessly mobile, thanks to its top-notch wheels and built-in carrying cart, this marvel ensures smooth transportation. Furthermore, it generously includes a diverse array of cutting tools, capable of tackling a wide range of stubborn obstructions.

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    Ridgid R31110 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench

    As mentioned earlier, aluminum wrenches may come with a hefty price tag, but their value truly shines through when it comes to their larger counterparts, thanks to the remarkable reduction in weight.

    Ridgid, a renowned brand in the tool industry, offers a remarkable 36″ aluminum wrench priced at $318.65, adorned with a perfect 5-star rating. This exceptional tool can be considered the epitome of wrenches, guaranteed to elicit pure delight from any fortunate plumber who receives it.

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    Plumber Gifts Under $25

    Plumbers can be delighted without emptying their wallets, as amazing gifts for them don’t have to cost a fortune. These essential items, valued at under $25, are not only indispensable for plumbers worldwide but are also certain to be highly cherished.

    Robust Force Cup Rubber Toilet Plunger for Toilets

    We can anticipate your thoughts. A plunging tool? Seriously? However, every plumbing expert requires these essential tools, and due to their extensive usage, replacements are frequently necessary. With prices ranging from $10 to $20 per unit, the expenses can truly accumulate over time. The traditional flat plunger with a sturdy wooden handle represents just a single variant among the assortment of plungers that prove invaluable to a plumber.

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    WORKPRO Sealant

    Plumbers frequently rely on a dependable caulk gun to expertly apply sealant and perform caulking tasks around toilets, faucets, sinks, and drains. This affordable instrument proves to be an invaluable asset in their toolkit.

    Priced at a mere $19.99, the WorkPro Caulking Gun proves to be a truly versatile option. With its adjustable thrust ratio, it perfectly caters to a wide array of sealants. Additionally, the rotating barrel effortlessly facilitates work in cramped spaces, a feature highly valued by plumbers.

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    USB Rechargeable Headlamp with 6000 High Lum

    Plumbers frequently navigate through cramped and dimly lit areas. Typically, their tasks demand the use of both hands, making a hands-free illumination invaluable. If you’ve ever attempted to complete a project while gripping a flashlight between your teeth, you can truly recognize the practicality of a dependable headlamp.

    Plumbers will rejoice in the brilliance of headlamps, a splendid gift that combines luminosity with unrestricted movement. This remarkable headlamp possesses the remarkable qualities of being impervious to water and easily rechargeable. With its ability to emit a focused beam for confined nooks and a broad-angle beam for expansive regions, this illuminating marvel proves equally indispensable in the confines of a residential crawlspace or the depths beneath a bathroom sink.

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    ShuBee Unsightly Gloves

    These extraordinary gloves, discovered on numerous essential lists for plumbers, have caught our attention. Shubee gloves boast a remarkable design, featuring canvas gloves adorned with cozy jersey lining on the inside, ensuring utmost comfort. Additionally, these gloves are equipped with a layer of PVC on the outside, enhancing their waterproofing properties and providing an enhanced grip.

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    With an innovative, textured surface, these gloves provide a secure and moisture-free grip when handling routers and snakes. For the unbeatable price of just $12.00 per pair, these non-disposable work gloves offer exceptional value.

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    Unique and Funny Plumber Gifts

    From our observations, it appears that plumbers possess a remarkably zestful and vivacious sense of humor. They have endured countless jests about plumber’s cracks, pipe laying, and wading through unpleasant situations throughout their professional journey. Nonetheless, it is crucial to be mindful of the recipient’s preferences. It should be noted that not all plumbers find amusement in coffee cups fashioned to resemble toilets.

    The Authentic Bathroom Coffee Mug.

    Plumbers’ list of hilarious gifts would never be truly finished without the aforementioned toilet mug. This white ceramic replica of a toilet, brimming with steaming brown coffee, is the ultimate embodiment of outrageous and cheeky plumber humor.

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    BigMouth Inc, Golden Coffee

    Should your plumber possess a refined sense of humor, you have the option to indulge in the exquisitely cultivated rendition of this timeless present, known as the golden throne. Priced at $14.99, the white mug serves as an alternative, while the golden variant understandably demands a few extra dollars from your wallet.

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    Plumbing Coffee Cup.

    Our admiration extends to this magnificent mug showcasing “The Three Principles of Plumbing: 1. Gravity favors waste, 2. Salaries arrive on Fridays, 3. Utensils are for dining”. These profound pearls of knowledge are elegantly inscribed in ebony ink upon a pristine porcelain vessel, available for purchase at a modest cost of $19.95.

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    DESCEND Plumbing T-Shirt.

    When it comes to selecting amusing plumber presents, the options are plentiful. You’ll discover shirts that are comical, shirts that are cheeky, and shirts that are outrageously risqué. Let us share with you three of our cherished picks. These delightful tees are available in a range of vibrant hues, tailored for both gentlemen and ladies, and are priced at a pocket-friendly $19.99.

    Get ready to burst into laughter without causing any offense with this 100% cotton tee featuring a comical statement and a whimsical illustration of two plungers. Brace yourself, because things are about to take an amusing turn!

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    T-Shirt with the Hourly

    This trendy t-shirt is bound to captivate plumbers who have encountered customers attempting to dictate their work. The shirt showcases a plumber’s hourly fee on a dynamic gauge that commences at a fixed rate and progressively climbs as the customer’s interference intensifies.

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    The cost of hiring a plumber is high T-Shirt

    Plumbers who are weary of constantly being told that their services come with a hefty price tag will find our ultimate t-shirt selection to be an absolute gem. The shirt boldly declares, “Should you believe that enlisting the expertise of a competent plumber burns a hole in your pocket, dare to experience the chaos of hiring an inept one.”

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    Plumber Gift Baskets and Stocking Stuffer Ideas

    Ditch the idea of purchasing a single grand present for plumbers and opt for a creatively curated gift basket brimming with an assortment of charming trinkets. We’ve conjured up a myriad of fabulous concepts to compose an entertaining basket that will surely captivate plumbers.


    High-quality Plumber’s Put

    Plumbers rely on an endless reserve of plumber’s putty, which they cleverly accumulate in large quantities. Trust us when we say that discovering this gem in a thoughtfully curated gift basket will undoubtedly bring a radiant smile to their faces.

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    Plumbers Tape.

    When it comes to plumbers, this item is an absolute must-have. Just like the rest of us depend on duct tape, they put their trust in plumber’s tape. Its incredible versatility allows it to mend anything with ease. An abundance of plumber’s tape is something they can never have enough of.

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    Soothing Gel for Hand

    Plumbers, brave souls of the plumbing realm, often find themselves in the midst of mucky undertakings where the luxury of running water is but a distant dream. However, their resourcefulness shines bright as they wisely stock up on a plethora of hand sanitizer containers, ensuring a pristine post-job cleansing ritual.

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    Disposable Sanitary Footwear Protectors.

    These supplies are a trade person’s best friend, keeping them clean and tidy as they step into a customer’s abode, their workplace, or even their own sanctuary after a long day’s work. The considerate gesture is highly valued by both customers and the spouses of plumbers.

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    Random Plumber Gift Ideas



    Enhance your gifting options by incorporating some of the economical presents mentioned earlier. Including the exquisite golden toilet mug in a delightful gift basket would add a touch of whimsical charm.

    Discover how easy it can be to find the perfect gifts for plumbers without any stress. Explore these fantastic options that cater to any budget. Let this curated gift list inspire you, guaranteeing a surefire success no matter what you decide to pick!


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