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30 Best Baby Shower Prizes for Games (That Your Party Guests Will Love)


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Finding presents for baby shower games can be difficult. You desire something enjoyable, useful, and typically not overly costly.

Don’t feel obligated to bestow baby shower prizes for games; nevertheless, it can serve as a delightful motivation for your guests to engage with enthusiasm and revel in the festivities 😉.

Whether you’re arranging a digital or traditional baby shower, this carefully selected collection of rewards for participants is absolutely perfect.

Discover this collection of delightful baby shower activities to enhance your wonderful rewards and create a truly unforgettable occasion.

30 Best Baby Shower Prizes for Games (That Your Party Guests Will Love)Pin

Your baby shower attendees aren’t anticipating you to spend a fortune when it comes to rewards for games.

For the average party attendee, small tokens like lip balm, gift vouchers, and other effortless suggestions suffice. Personally, I believe that a sum ranging from $5 to $10 is ample for the triumphant game participant.

Should you opt to organize a diaper raffle or bestow a grander door prize, consider allocating approximately $20 towards the victorious reward, while crafting an amusingly curated gift basket.

Keep in mind that bestowing rewards during a baby shower serves as a splendid method to express appreciation towards your guests. However, it’s crucial to remember that the essence of the shower lies in rejoicing the expectant mother, the emerging parents, and their precious bundle of joy. Hence, if financial constraints necessitate omitting prizes entirely from your baby shower plans, rest assured that it is completely acceptable.

Which Baby Shower Games Do You Give Prizes For?

The decision is entirely in your hands, but the simplest choice would be to declare that a single victor emerges from all the games. However, if it’s merely a baby sprinkle for a second or subsequent time mom, you could opt for fewer winners. Nevertheless, even small prizes can bring joy!

Here are some popular baby shower party games for which you can give out prizes and the appropriate time to do so.

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  • Ice Cube Challenge: Embark on an icy adventure by freezing miniature plastic babies within crystal-clear ice cubes. The ultimate champion shall be the one whose frozen fortress succumbs to the elements, earning them a magnificent reward!
  • Blindfolded Diaper Challenge: Seize a baby doll and determine the ultimate victor by testing who can expertly change the baby’s soiled diaper with lightning speed, all while blindfolded. (For added excitement, transform this into a thrilling relay race with teams competing for the title of the fastest completion!).
  • The Enigma of the Baby Bottle: Let every visitor take a wild guess at the precise number of M&M candies residing within the baby bottle, jotting it down on a sheet of paper. The one who comes closest to the correct answer shall claim victory!
  • Silence the Word “Baby”: Embark on this delightfully uncomplicated game where the esteemed party attendees who possess the largest stock of clothespins (also known as adorable diaper pins) shall claim a splendid prize.
  • Name the Baby Animals: Utilize a compilation of diverse creatures and let each participant pen down the juvenile counterpart of said creature – the individual who swiftly garners the highest number of accurate responses shall emerge triumphant.
  • Baby BINGO: Unleash a collection of empty BINGO cards and ignite the commencement of the game. As the moment arrives to unveil the presents, the champions of this mesmerizing baby shower contest shall be those fortunate souls who achieve their initial BINGO by aligning with the gifts unravelled by the radiant mother-to-be.
  • Baby Photo Surprise: Request the guest list and both sets of parents to kindly share their precious childhood snapshots with you in advance of the celebration. Embark on a delightful guessing game to unravel the mystery of who is who.
  • The Baby Gear Challenge: Unveil a treasure trove of adorable baby essentials tucked inside a stylish diaper bag. Allow the guests a brief glimpse before whisking it away. Distribute sheets of paper to each guest and let the race begin. The one who can recall the greatest number of items in the shortest time will be crowned the victor and rewarded with an exciting prize.
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    How Many Baby Shower Prizes Do I Need

    To accurately gauge the number of baby shower prizes required, jot down a comprehensive list of the games you intend to organize, along with a diaper raffle and a door prize, should you opt for those additional activities.

    I strongly advise incorporating a single grand prize to be awarded to all triumphant participants of baby shower games, raffles, and door prizes. Additionally, including a few supplementary rewards as contingency measures in the event of a tie would be wise (unless you wish to devise an entertaining game or concept specifically for resolving any ties).

    # Games + # Raffle Winner + # Door Prizes + 2 (if giving gifts for ties) = total number of gifts.

    Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes

    If you’re planning to have a large number of games, opting for affordable baby shower presents is likely a great suggestion.

    These can be smaller rewards, typically less than $10 baby shower presents.

    I take pleasure in reminding myself that although these baby shower prizes may be inexpensive, they possess immense value and serve as practical presents.

    If you’re seeking a premium alternative for a pricier cost, I’ll also incorporate those.

    1. Lip Balm / Lip Gloss

    Lip balm, a versatile delight, shines either as a standalone gem or as a captivating addition to a gift ensemble. Who wouldn’t appreciate a revitalizing touch for their elusive lip balm, hidden amidst the depths of their handbag?

    Ultimate Edition: This is my absolute favorite deluxe version. Provides you with stunning looking lips that combat dryness.

    2. Coffee Mug

    An adored and charming coffee mug never fails to impress. Enhance the experience by adding a delightful hot chocolate bomb or a handful of aromatic coffee beans!

    Deluxe Option: Either the Yeti Insulated Travel Mug or the Stanley Water Cup (often out of stock!) Provides a luxurious experience.

    3. Sugar Scrub

    This Shea Sugar Scrub has more than 100,000 ratings on Amazon and is priced below $10.

    Deluxe Edition: This sugar exfoliant showcases a fantastic aroma and receives enthusiastic feedback.

    4. Coffee Beans

    Whether it’s Starbucks Coffee Beans or the Amazon brand of coffee, the majority of adults adore coffee for their morning ritual.

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    5. Kitchen Towels

    I must admit, kitchen towels may appear rather unexciting. However, they possess great functionality and there are individuals who truly adore them. Personally, I could easily be persuaded to appreciate the value of acquiring high-quality dish towels that dry rapidly.

    6. Picture Frames

    Let’s acknowledge the fact that we could definitely benefit from printing a greater number of pictures. And what better way to enhance this possibility than by acquiring a charming picture frame to beautifully showcase your cherished photographs?

    7. Nail File / Kit

    The nail file and kit exude utmost convenience, presenting a delightful surprise that you might not typically indulge in, rendering it an exceptional and budget-friendly reward.

    8. Cookie/Brownie Mix in a Jar

    Indulge in the joy of creating your very own delectable cookies or scrumptious brownies, or simply surrender to the convenience of these adorable pre-assembled mixes from the lovely world of Etsy.

    9. Chocolate

    Fancy chocolate, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, M&M’s—any variety of chocolate that tickles your taste buds—would serve as a splendidly delightful and effortlessly easy reward for a baby shower game.

    10. Knotted Headband

    Lately, there has been a surge in the popularity of knotted headbands. However, the ones that are currently trending are not knotted, yet they exude an abundance of cuteness. By simply incorporating a twist, they effortlessly elevate one’s style quotient.

    11. Bath Bomb

    A soothing bath fizzy is a straightforward present that individuals adore. And who knew you could discover such a wide range of varieties!

    Take a look at

  • Enjoyable and affordable bath bombs from Target.
  • The most adorable doughnut bath bombs I have ever witnessed (ideal for a Baby Sprinkle!).
  • These adorable heart-shaped bath bombs with a customized message (these would be perfect as party favors for all attendees).
  • 12. Adult Coloring Book

    Adults coloring books can be a relaxing and fun activity. Add some fun pens or pencils to spruce up this winner’s prize.

    13. Candle

    Get a deliciously fragrant candle or an extremely comfortable scent.

    Luxury: Pura Scents are extremely popular at the moment. They contain pure and safe ingredients, suitable for both pets and families.

    14. Bath Salts

    Bath salts make for a wonderful present for attendees of social gatherings.

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    Luxury Version.

    15. Fresh Flowers

    Who doesn’t adore vibrant blooms? This is an excellent choice if flowers are readily available during the time you reside!

    Also, did you know you have the option to purchase fresh blooms from Amazon? You have the ability to do so! 😉.

    Virtual Baby Shower Prize Ideas

    Whether it’s because of illness or geographical separation, occasionally virtual baby showers are essential.

    However, is it still possible to award prizes for virtual baby shower games?

    Absolutely, you are able to

    Indulge in the delightful decision of either selecting one among the plethora of alluring prizes (and relish the added perk of complimentary shipping!) Or opt for a splendid gift card, effortlessly dispatched either via email or traditional mail.

    16. Gift cards

    Gift cards make an excellent choice for any occasion. While they may appear effortlessly simple (which they are!), They possess remarkable practicality and are cherished by every attendee.

    Amazon and Target are among the most favored options for gift cards.

    Good Prizes for Baby Shower Games

    Occasionally, one may desire to attain a grandiose reward or opt for a smaller number of games in exchange for a handful of extravagant prizes. These coveted rewards hold immeasurable value.

    17. Photo Frames

    Electronic picture frames are still a popular option to actually view and distribute all the pictures you capture on your mobile device.

    18. Bottles of Wine

    Wine bottles are a traditional option for a recipient of a prize.

    19. Plants

    Indoor plants have become extremely popular. Offering a low-maintenance or aesthetically pleasing plant is a fantastic gift for a baby shower.

    20. Movie Basket

    When aiming for grander rewards, there are instances where it becomes truly sensible to assemble prize bundles centered around a captivating theme. In the case of a movie-themed extravaganza, one could effortlessly amalgamate an ensemble of movie tickets, delectable popcorn, irresistible candy, and other delightful goodies.

    21. Spa Basket

    The baby shower attendees will surely vie for a luxurious spa basket. With an array of indulgences like exfoliating loofahs, aromatic bath bombs, nourishing lotions, and a delightful gift card to a nearby spa, the possibilities for creating a blissful spa gift basket are endless.

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    22. Wine Glasses & A Bottle of Wine

    Enhance your bottle of wine by complementing it with some exquisite wine glasses.

    Coed Baby Shower Gift Ideas

    The trend of hosting co-ed baby showers is on the rise, prompting the need for unconventional baby shower favors specifically tailored for men or intriguing baby shower game rewards.

    Here are some excellent suggestions for party favors for the gentlemen who attend your baby shower.

    23. Lottery Tickets

    Lottery tickets are an extremely enjoyable option for both men and women. There’s an excitement that they could potentially become the grand prize victor.

    24. Tumblers

    Get some unisex tumblers that everyone is guaranteed to adore.

    25. Tile Slim

    The tile slim, a petite square, effortlessly slips into a wallet, fastens onto a phone or laptop, or adheres to any other item you wish to monitor.

    26. Tech Key Chain Bottle Opener

    Discover an extraordinary shower party reward that exudes unparalleled coolness – a remarkable present suitable for both gentlemen and ladies! Behold, a multifunctional keychain encompassing a phone charger and a bottle opener, ingeniously combined into a single entity.

    Diaper Raffle Prizes

    At a diaper raffle, every enthusiastic guest is invited to contribute a bundle (or bundles) of diapers. With each diaper bundle donated, they receive a coveted raffle ticket, presenting an opportunity to seize an exciting prize.

    The grand prize of the diaper raffle tends to steal the spotlight, often valued between $25-$50. For larger baby showers with numerous guests, consider sprinkling in additional smaller prizes to increase the number of lucky winners.

    Curious about the types of diaper raffle presents you could offer? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Gift Voucher to a renowned eatery or wellness center.
  • Movie tickets.
  • Air Fryer.
  • Assortment of
  • The Best Gifts for Baby Shower Games

    Consider the top-notch baby shower game prizes as delightful tokens of gratitude, akin to baby shower favors. While you have the option to forgo them altogether, they frequently serve as an enjoyable means to express your appreciation towards the guests attending the shower.

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