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As you grow older, your Christmas list gets smaller; the things you really want for the holidays can’t be bought


As you grow older, your Christmas list gets smaller; the things you really want for the holidays can’t be bought

Throughout the years, I have noticed a fascinating occurrence surrounding Christmas.

During childhood, the enchanting essence of Santa’s extraordinary capabilities permeates every aspect of our lives, instilling a firm belief that in the festive period, miracles are bound to unfold.

During my tennis-playing days, my fellow teammates were captivated by a peculiar belief. According to their whimsical myth, placing milk, cookies, and a miniature bed would summon an enchanting elf who would diligently tidy up their rooms whilst they slumbered. Astonishingly, these imaginative children even brought their elf companions to our practice sessions.

Intrinsically, my desire was to experience the enchantment of a mystical tidying sprite. Consequently, I prepared a delectable feast and a cozy haven, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my ethereal companion. It is plausible that a nearby establishment birthed this endearing custom, and its triumph hinged upon parents being privy to the existence of these mischievous sprites and entering their children’s chambers to restore order.

Despite my fervent ramblings, my parents remained clueless, resulting in the heartbreaking absence of my cherished elf. It dealt a humbling blow to my faith in the enchanting powers of Santa Claus.

Back in those days, it was a breeze to appease me with a handful of thoughtfully selected gifts. Bring me a scooter and I’d remain satisfied for weeks on end. As for the Kim Possible walkie-talkies? Consider me completely convinced.

During my time in junior high, it was customary for all students to partake in the tradition of exchanging small gifts. The expectation was to present our teachers with heartfelt cards and homemade baked treats, while also exchanging thoughtful trinkets with our friends. I distinctly recall one particular year when I eagerly participated in this tradition by bringing in an assortment of miniature lotions from BBW and delicious chocolate bars, which I distributed to everyone.

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During our junior high years, the art of giving held as much significance as the act of receiving. Each gift we offered carried a subtle undertone of materialistic desires, hoping to receive something equally extraordinary in return.

Nestled beneath the towering tree, what hidden treasures lay in wait? A technological marvel, perhaps? Or maybe a bundle of melodic delights, wrapped in iTunes gift cards? Our hearts brimmed with desires, convinced that our benevolent parents possessed the power to grant our every wish.

During my high school years, I unraveled the essence of practicality. Gone were the days of pointless gifts. Although occasionally I still present gifts to my teachers, my focus has shifted towards the heartfelt messages within the cards rather than the delectable treats I accompany them with. As I establish a deeper connection with my educators, it becomes effortlessly natural to infuse generic holiday cards with personal memories and sincere expressions of gratitude.

Although I still desire clothing, money, and lavish smartphones, my urgency for these material possessions has lessened. I have embarked on a journey of deeper reflection when selecting gifts for others; simple offerings like lotions, gift cards, and earrings no longer suffice. The act of gift-giving has evolved beyond a mere competition within my family to outspend one another; it now centers around the sentimental value and thoughtful consideration bestowed upon each present.

As one ages, the size of their Christmas list diminishes, and the desires that truly matter during the festive season become intangible.

As our connections with others evolve and our belief in Santa dwindles while our faith in reality strengthens, as we explore the depths of the tangible world, our deepest yearning becomes the desire to be truly comprehended. The allure of material possessions no longer satiates us as it once did. True joy cannot be confined within gift wraps, nor can it be acquired through monetary transactions or bartered for; it should never be reduced to a mere commodity.

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Being a soon-to-be college freshman, this festive season serves as a poignant reminder of the joy that comes from being enveloped by my beloved family. While I anticipate returning to Atlanta in the coming holidays, it simply cannot compare to the unparalleled comfort of residing in my current home, where the anticipation of the season mounts as we subtly drop hints about our desires and necessities.

During the holiday season, sentimentality and materialism can coexist harmoniously in my perspective. There’s something enchanting about a grand, ancient tree proudly positioned in the corner of our living space, emanating a mesmerizing sparkle and glow that catches my peripheral vision. I enjoy the delightful sensation of my pants becoming snug as we mindlessly devour countless Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and I relish in the freedom to flaunt clashing red and green attire or joyfully sing and dance along to a festive Christmas playlist while showering.

Although my family leans towards Christianity, my personal beliefs are not inclined towards religion. Nonetheless, this doesn’t hinder me from joyfully partaking in the festivities of Christmas or upholding cherished customs. The season of merriment and warmth continues to evoke a profound sense of nostalgia within me.

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