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Mermaid Cathy Art by Robert Kline
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Mermaid Cathy - Sea Maiden 29

Mermaid art and story by Robert Kline

This mermaid print is available in the following matted sizes: 8" x 10", 11" x 14" and an 11" x 17" that comes unmatted on a piece of 1/4" foam board.

This wonderful Mermaid named Cathy art print and story comes from a collection of Sea Maidens (mermaids), Sea Babies (mermaid babies), Sea Masters (merman), pirateslighthouses and fairies created by renowned artist and novelist Robert Kline of St. Augustine, Florida.  The print is a lithograph reproduction of Robert's original watercolor and pencil painting. Hand labeled and signed by Robert in pencil, all the prints come with a 1/4" foam backing and the 5" x 7", 8" x 10", 11" x 14" are matted so all you need is a frame and they are ready to hang on your wall! Each print also comes with an excerpt from Robert’s novel The Forgotten Voyage of H.M.S. Baci. A fantastic saga in which multiple generations of the Roberts’ family explore the seven seas in search of the world’s mermaid and merman population. Thus, you receive the passage from Robert's novel describing the particular event in which the character(s) in the print were sighted. The following is the story for this print:

Sir Edmund Roberts, gentleman naturalist and Sea Maiden questor, left the Galapagos Islands in a haze of doubt and sailed south southwest through the unforgiving main. Captain Constance Daphne was at the height of her beauty, her body that of a glorious and mature woman, her confidence soaring as she was truly master of the vessel she commanded; it being the H.M.S. Baci. Her sexual proclivities were being handsomely addressed. Through seemingly endless ocean they plowed until they came to the Easter Islands. In the bosom of the Rapa Nui culture, Sir Edmund Roberts continued his Sea Maiden exploration in earnest. The giant statues, of course, fascinated him, and as expected, Gnarly Dan, the vessel of endless obscurata and font of homey wisdom, had his theory regarding the huge craved heads leaning everywhere.

“Any fool can see they’s the toys a’ giants—Jack an’ ‘is Beanstalk an’ such as that. This musta been they home before they went wanderin’ to merry England an’ the land a’ Frenchy’.”
To his credit, Sir Edmund neither bothered to refute nor acknowledge the old salt, himself being more drawn to the birdman petroglyphs and then amazingly, to a lone petroglyph of a Sea Maiden.

“By Jove, they’re here!” he exclaimed and went about sighting them. It was the following morning in the glow of dawn that he spied his 29th Sea Maiden, she reclining on the beach with her back to the naturalist and Gnarly Dan. Sir Edmund watched and pondered and sketched, at last whispering, “You needn’t tell me, I remember from the 4th Sea Maiden we sighted; she’s grieving over a lost love.” Gnarly Dan first smiled and then chuckled. “Well, yer honor, ’tis an honest mistake, sure enough, and it does have to do with there bein’ no lover near ’bouts.” He paused as if he expected the naturalist to ascertain where he was guiding him. But Sir Edmund was unable to follow and so the old salt continued, “I’m a might becalmed here, squire, seein’ how yer honor has ‘is own way of explainin’ things. The long an’ short of it bein’, she’s no doubt dreamin’ a’ bein’ in the arms of another.” He waited to see if Sir Edmund understood. When remained chagrined Gnarly Dan huffed, “Her other han’! Her other han’! Fer an educated gent you sure does miss what’s nailed to the main mast.”

Sir Edmund’s journal reads:
Sighted our 29th Sea Maiden on the beach, preoccupied, if you will.
Beautiful body. Amply endowed. Green Tail. Easter Island. “Cathy”
Maidenus fantasia

There are many more Sea Maiden (mermaid), Sea Baby, Pirate and Sea Master (merman) prints available. Different characters and print sizes. Collect the series! This item will be sent flat via USPS 1st class mail or priority mail.

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