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9 Salon Signage Ideas to Attract More Guests and Increase Revenue


In this era of selfies and social reviews, salon signage may appear outdated as a marketing technique. Nevertheless, a surprising 76% of American customers are enticed to step into unfamiliar stores solely due to captivating signage! Unleash the immense potential of attracting new customers and watch your revenue soar with these innovative and impactful salon signage concepts that will propel your business towards triumph.

1. Design a Powerful Logo

Having a standout logo is an essential initial move, as it enables your customers to associate your salon with your brand. Regardless of whether you’re a fresh face in the industry or seeking to redefine your existing brand, opt for a captivating design that resonates with the specific services you provide. If your hair salon caters to children or your nail salon exclusively serves women, ensure that your logo captures and captivates this particular audience.

Snip-its, for instance, has ingeniously crafted a logo that distinctly appeals to children, captivating their attention through its choice of font and vibrant coloring.

Design a Powerful Logo that effectively communicates the essence and values of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

In contrast, Gene Juarez provides top-notch haircuts for women, so their logo design mirrors this specific group.

Design a Powerful Logo that effectively communicates the essence and values of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

To begin, compose a concise summary and take into account the subsequent inquiries:

Design a Powerful Logo that effectively communicates the essence and values of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

By addressing these inquiries, you will craft your logo with utmost clarity or establish precise requirements that can be effectively conveyed to a professional logo designer.

Tip: choose timeless over trendy. Stick to a simple and balanced logo design that will last. A trendy design might look incredible now, but in a few years, you and your customers might not feel the same way.

2. Showcase Your Ambience

Each salon possesses its own distinct atmosphere, vibe, and character. You have dedicated considerable effort to crafting this exquisite ambiance and allure, hence enhance it further by selecting captivating signage to exhibit.

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Infuse your salon with personalized signs that exude its unique ambiance. Is it a realm of fun and playfulness, or does it gravitate towards a more serious and sophisticated atmosphere? Would you like your signs to inspire your esteemed patrons to feel an extra dose of confidence following their delightful services? Unleash the distinctive qualities of your salon and let them shine through captivating digital displays that forge an even stronger bond between your brand and your cherished guests.

1.Ponagar TowetOutput: Ponagar Tower is a Champa Cultural Heritage, reflects the reverence and the honor of Hindu goddesses, with unique architecture and breathtaking landscape.Additional details: The Ponagar Tower, also known as Thap Ba Ponagar or Po Nagar Cham Towers, is a historical site located in Nha Trang, Vietnam. It is considered a significant cultural heritage of the Cham people, who were an ancient civilization in the region. The tower complex is dedicated to the worship of Hindu goddesses, particularly the goddess Yan Po Nagar, who represents fertility and the mother goddess. The intricate architecture of the tower features beautiful sculptures and ornamental designs, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship of the Cham people. The site offers a mesmerizing view of the Nha Trang Bay and the surrounding landscape, making it a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the towers, learn about the rich history and cultural significance, and enjoy the serene atmosphere of this sacred place.

Image source:

3. Put Salon Open Signs to Good Use

Not everyone you hope to reach is actively searching for you online, which is why beauty salon signs hold immense potential for showcasing your services to those passing by. Given that your salon is most likely situated in a bustling area with high foot traffic, capitalize on this opportunity to captivate the attention of pedestrians with visually appealing signage. Consider featuring the range of services you provide as a practical approach. You may even choose to include pricing details, although this decision should be based on how you position your brand.

The image source for Ponagar Tower can be found at

Image source:

Get inspired with nail salon signs that highlight exclusive nail treatments like indulgent paraffin manicures, perfect for nourishing and rejuvenating dry hands and feet in the chilly winter season. As for your hair salon signage, why not captivate customers by boasting about your innovative hair care techniques and the latest, most fashionable hairstyles you have to offer?

The image can be sourced from the Instagram account mentioned:

Image source:

4. Connect the Online with the Offline

Connect your social media accounts to your bespoke salon sign using digital signage. Display captivating visuals from your Instagram and Facebook feeds on your salon signage, allowing prospective customers to delve into your online presence and immerse themselves in your unique brand essence even before setting foot inside. This enticing feature will satiate the curiosity of potential customers, aiding them in their decision-making process as they contemplate whether to enter your salon or not.

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With a digitally linked salon sign, you open up a world of possibilities. Imagine delighted customers spreading the word about your exceptional services, effortlessly sharing their experiences online, and leaving virtual breadcrumbs at your fabulous salon space. These priceless actions work wonders in boosting awareness and attracting more patrons. To make it happen, make sure your social media profiles are prominently showcased on signs scattered throughout your center, catching the eye of all who pass by.

The image source for this information is from the Instagram account:

Image source:

5. Make Touch-Free Shopping Possible

Little did we anticipate that the once-celebrated touchscreen would swiftly become a relic of the past! In the aftermath of the global crisis, the demand for contactless engagements has emerged as an imperative for enterprises seeking to maintain a secure connection with their clientele.

Enhance your salon experience with a cutting-edge signage concept that empowers your customers to shop without physical contact. Whether it’s scheduling an appointment or selecting a product, a quick scan of a QR code displayed on our digital signage will offer an effortless solution. In addition to placing these signs within the salon, consider featuring a striking large-sized display on your front door or window, ensuring customers can browse and make bookings even outside of operating hours. Simply point your phone’s camera at the QR code, click the link that materializes, and accomplish your desired action seamlessly.

Tip: if possible choose digital signs and displays! Studies have shown that digital displays capture 400% more views than static signs and have nearly 48% effectiveness on brand awareness. They are known to bump up average purchases and growth in repeat buyers.

6. Cheer for Your Salon and Staff

Illuminate your team’s brilliance by commemorating special moments such as their momentous birthday or a remarkable accomplishment. This delightful act will not only acknowledge their presence but also convey your heartfelt appreciation for their unwavering dedication and extraordinary talents. Enhance this heartwarming gesture by incorporating a captivating photograph and an authentic message on your salon sign, effectively conveying your genuine sentiments. The significance of this gesture will exemplify the deep value you place on your staff’s unwavering support and unwavering commitment to their growth and success.

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Explore our suggestions on how to inspire and retain skilled experts at your beauty and wellness enterprise.

An alternative approach would be to accentuate the distinct personality and vibrant atmosphere of your salon by prominently displaying signage that highlights the remarkable special events and community initiatives you have undertaken. This strategy not only fosters a sense of connection and belonging among customers but also serves as a catalyst for engaging conversations and nurturing stronger bonds between patrons and staff members!

7. Grab Attention with Customer Testimonials

A good reputation cannot be purchased; it must be earned. Therefore, if you have received commendable feedback from your clientele, it is imperative to showcase them to prospective and fresh customers, allowing them to delve into your brand and understand it more intimately.

Harness the potential of digital signage to showcase captivating guest testimonials with a touch of artistic flair. Unleash the charm of videos featuring elated customers sharing their remarkable experiences at your salon, or pair compelling visuals with their heartfelt written reviews. These testimonials wield an influential force, instilling trust in potential clients and bolstering your esteemed reputation. Whether adorning your salon’s open sign or gracing the serene ambiance of the waiting lounge, strategically position these testimonials to leave an indelible impression.

8. Advertise Your Promotions

During the festive season or on special occasions, your salon can engage in promotional activities to attract more customers or boost marketing efforts. To effectively spread the word, it is crucial to advertise these promotions through various online and offline channels. While your social media presence can be leveraged for online advertising campaigns, how can you effectively inform the local community, including both existing and potential customers, about these exciting offers?

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Here’s a fun suggestion for your salon signage – utilize it to promote the fantastic discounts currently available at your salon. Spread the word about special offers, coupons, or exclusive perks for both new and loyal customers. Imagine a passerby catching sight of these promotions and spontaneously booking an appointment with you, or perhaps spreading the news to others. Don’t forget to consider eye-catching spots within your salon and place signs there as well. Whether it’s on your retail shelves, the restroom vanity, or even on the mirrors – since your guests will be glancing at them while you work your magic on their hair!

Explore 10 useful marketing tactics for your salon.

9. Highlight Your Industry Expertise

In a saturated market, where standing out is a challenge, customers are constantly seeking unique services. If your salon boasts experienced stylists and cutting-edge treatments, digital signage is the perfect tool to showcase your offerings. Utilize a concise and impactful style to highlight your staff’s expertise, accolades, industry involvement, and salon accreditations. By doing so, you can establish your brand as a premier beauty service provider within your community. Remember, it’s crucial to keep your content up-to-date to demonstrate your continued excellence.

Experience the captivating allure of the beauty industry’s cutting-edge trends, from avant-garde hairstyles and mesmerizing nail art to revolutionary skincare technology. Immerse yourself in a wealth of expert-backed knowledge that showcases the industry’s latest and greatest marvels.

Discover thrilling hair styling techniques that you can impart to your visitors.

Ultimately, showcasing your industry expertise is a great way to build brand credibility and win the confidence of new and potential customers.

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