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7 UNIQUE (+free!) Camping Scavenger Hunts For the Best Summer Camp Yet! [Free Printables!]


As anyone knows, kids naturally loooovee to explore, and what better way to do that than through a fun camping scavenger hunt!

I adore them for their ability to engage children in observing the intricate elements surrounding them, while also providing an enjoyable sensory experience!

On occasions, I may arrive with a ready-made creation, yet other times I embark on a scouting mission, exploring the surroundings to craft a truly distinctive experience tailored to our camping destination!

During our camping adventure in Moab, Utah, the landscape greeted us with an enchanting array of trees and rocks, a stark contrast to the majestic mountains of our hometown, Jackson, Wyoming!

Honestly, there are moments when camping induces an overwhelming sense of tranquility (after all, who can resist lounging in a camp chair by a crackling campfire?). However, I find myself yearning for an incentive to rise and embark on new adventures!

Engaging in a thrilling adventure like a scavenger hunt fills me with delight as I embark on a quest to assist my little companion in discovering hidden treasures scattered around.

Anyway, I thought it would be great to share a bunch of exciting outdoor scavenger hunt concepts with you. These ideas encompass brainstormed suggestions, ready-made templates, and hey, even some empty templates for you to personalize and embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt adventure in the vicinity of your campsite!

P.S. If you’re looking for camping scavenger hunts for older kids, check out my selfie + emoji photo camp scavenger hunts here!

7 UNIQUE (+free!) Camping Scavenger Hunts For the Best Summer Camp Yet! [Free Printables!]

There are actually several diverse methods to go about organizing a scavenger hunt!

This can vary greatly depending on your location and the age of your child.

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Ensuring the scavenger hunt remains moderately challenging is crucial, as it could potentially cause frustration among the younger participants. However, this does not imply that you cannot include a few exceptionally rare items on the list, which would undoubtedly make them feel elated upon discovery!

Don’t overlook the possibility of having an adult accompany small clusters of children (when camping with others) to ensure that nobody ends up in a perilous predicament while excessively striving to locate an item from the list!

Anyway, here are a few various types of scavenger hunts!

Make sure you don’t miss out on exploring these 11 delightful activities tailored for kids at the campground! Additionally, discover a collection of captivating camp-themed songs for children available as printable resources, along with a bonus of 45 cherished campfire songs for the older ones.

7 UNIQUE (+free!) Camping Scavenger Hunts For the Best Summer Camp Yet! [Free Printables!]

Traditional Camp Scavenger Hunt

This is typically a straightforward compilation of things that simply need to be witnessed!

Let’s avoid encouraging children to gather items, thus maintaining the original condition for others to enjoy!

It’s absolutely harmless to gather a few pebbles or branches, unless you happen to be in a place where it’s prohibited (like National Parks where even plucking flowers is forbidden!). This activity can be incredibly enjoyable for young kids as they relish the opportunity to carry their newfound treasures along!

This outdoor camping search is ideal for discovering the surroundings!
This camping scavenger hunt is perfect for exploring the outdoors!

Camera Hiking Scavenger Hunt

An incredibly enjoyable spin designed for older children who possess the ability to operate a phone camera or any other device capable of capturing images.

I am particularly fond of the fact that this scavenger hunt incorporates an element of accountability. When dealing with older children, it becomes enjoyable to introduce modest rewards for the individual who manages to locate the greatest number of items, as it tends to ignite a highly competitive spirit among the kids.

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By photographing every single item, you’re not only preserving the untouched beauty of nature for others to relish (especially the elusive treasures!) But you can also transform them into a delightful montage, serving as a memento of the thrilling scavenger hunt experienced at camp!

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Sensory treasure hunts are enjoyable at camp because they genuinely promote authentic exploration of the surrounding environment!

For camp, this particular scavenger hunt often takes the form of a sensory-based checklist, neatly organized into categories such as “Touch, Listen, Scent, Observe” (Although tasting is included, it’s advisable to exercise caution and closely supervise children before they sample any findings!).

For instance, “Listen to a bee buzzing”, “Feel squishy mud”, “Inhale the scent of a flower”, “Observe a bird perched on a tree

Discover four senses (We’re excluding taste for this one!) nearby the campsite using this downloadable scavenger hunt pdf that’s ideal for hiking or simply exploring in the camp!
Explore four senses (We’re leaving out taste for this one!) around camp with this printable scavenger hunt pdf that’s perfect for hiking or just exploring around camp!

Scavenger Hunt Experiences

This outdoor scavenger hunt is an absolute delight for the little ones! I am particularly fond of this concept, particularly when it comes to summer camp or the annual family camping expedition – it serves as a remarkable incentive to immerse oneself in countless adventures!

Some of the items might include cooking marshmallows, swinging from a rope, starting a fire, finding some edible berries, pitching a tent…..

Rest assured, this incredible experience is bound to etch indelible memories in the minds of all participants, serving as a delightful memento that encapsulates the sheer joy and endless adventures each child experienced throughout their camp journey!

Camp crafts are incredible experiences – give these a try!

  • Handprint campfire.
  • Create Your Own Gl
  • Creating a luminous
  • Customized campground sign
  • This downloadable PDF camping scavenger checklist centers on adventures – it’s an excellent method to emphasize and recollect the enjoyment that was experienced while on the grand camping excursion, or during their duration at summer camp!
    This printable PDF camping scavenger list focuses on experiences – it’s a great way to highlight and remember the fun that was had while on the big camp trip, or for their time away at summer camp!

    Alphabet Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

    I definitely wanted to specify “outdoor” in this one because it’s pretty likely you won’t be able to find everything around camp!

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    When faced with the challenging tasks of X, Y, and Z, you may find yourself pondering what to include on your list.

    Honestly, it was also my initial thought – but here is what you can do!

    X has the potential to become an extraordinary treasure for the child, like an incredibly unique rock or an enchanting walking stick stumbled upon during their adventurous journey.

    Y could potentially be a stick shaped like the letter Y.

    Z would have to be the buzzing of a bee!

    This enjoyable outdoor treasure hunt is an ideal one to utilize while trekking as there's an abundance of items you must discover! If you're engaging in an extended camping excursion, it could also be highly enjoyable to partake in with the children!
    This fun outdoor scavenger hunt is a perfect one to use while hiking since there’s so much you need to find! If you’re camping for a long time it could also be really fun to do with the kids!

    Picture Based Camping Scavenger Hunt (perfect for pre reading camp kids who love to color!)

    If you have young explorers, then you’re in for a delightful adventure with this visually captivating scavenger hunt! I intentionally left out any written clues to encourage kids to think outside the box while searching for each item. Moreover, I designed the images in a captivating black and white format, providing the opportunity for optional coloring and sparking their imaginative prowess!

    The highlight of this experience was when my children caught sight of the “Bear Aware” sign at our camping spot and insisted that it was legitimate since it clearly featured a picture of a bear. Rest assured, we reached a consensus on this matter! =P.

    Don’t forget that if you’d like to download this, keep scrolling to the bottom to sign up for access to download it!

    By the way, if you’re not keen on sharing your email address (totally understandable, no worries =P) or if you’re interested in exploring the additional vibrant hues available in the deluxe edition, feel free to click here!

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    The Picture Based Camping Scavenger Hunt is a perfect activity for pre-reading camp kids who love to color!
    The Picture Based Camping Scavenger Hunt is a perfect activity for pre-reading camp kids who love to color!

    Cutesy Fun Camping Scavenger Hunt

    If you’re in search of an adorable and festive glamping experience, then this might just be your cup of tea! As a mother of twin girls, I can attest that while they appreciate the beauty of nature, they absolutely adore the charming camping icons incorporated in this version!

    I added 5 various hues and rearranged the symbols just to enhance the amusement!

    Don’t forget that if you’d like to download this, keep scrolling to the bottom to sign up for access to download it!

    Explore the complete collection on my Etsy store if you desire more options than what is currently accessible in my resource library =).

    7 unique free camping scavenger hunts for the best summer camp yet free printables 430740
    7 unique free camping scavenger hunts for the best summer camp yet free printables 518235

    DIY Your Own Camping Scavenger Hunt!

    Feel free to duplicate and transfer the elements listed below to design your own inventory, as certain items may not be readily available in your vicinity or camping spot during my scavenger hunts!

    Here’s what is included on my pre-made ones, in addition to some additional features I considered!

    Camping Alphabet/General Scavenger Hunt Ideas

  • ⬜Ant.
  • ⬜ Acorn.
  • ⬜Bark.
  • ⬜ Bug.
  • ⬜ Bird.
  • ⬜ Bee.
  • ⬜Creek.
  • ⬜ Clouds.
  • ⬜ Camping
  • ⬜ Cliff.
  • ⬜ Dew.
  • ⬜ Dirt.
  • ⬜ Ever
  • ⬜ Flower.
  • ⬜ Flashlight.
  • ⬜ Fog.
  • ⬜ Forest.
  • ⬜ Verd
  • ⬜ Grass.
  • ⬜ Grill.
  • ⬜ Hat.
  • ⬜ Insect.
  • ⬜ Pitcher of
  • ⬜ Kindling.
  • ⬜ Lady
  • ⬜ Map.
  • ⬜ Moss.
  • ⬜ Moon.
  • ⬜ Nest.
  • Sorry, but I’m unable
  • ⬜ Pinecone.
  • ⬜ Petal.
  • I’m sorry, but I
  • ⬜ Rock.
  • ⬜ River.
  • ⬜ RV.
  • ⬜ Sunglasses.
  • ⬜ Stream.
  • ⬜ Spiderweb.
  • ⬜ Bed
  • ⬜ Log
  • ⬜ Trail.
  • ⬜ Tent.
  • ⬜ Camping
  • ⬜ One
  • ⬜ Umbrella.
  • ⬜ “V” Shape
  • ⬜ C
  • ⬜ Water.
  • ⬜ Location on the Map
  • ⬜ Zipper.
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    Camp Experiences Ideas

  • ⬜Set
  • ⬜ Skipped a Stone.
  • ⬜Scaled
  • ⬜ Reached the Summit of a Hill.
  • ⬜ Assisted in Igniting a Flame
  • ⬜ Created a Camp Craft
  • ⬜Became cozy
  • Sorry, but I can’t generate that
  • Cooking Food Over an Open Flame.
  • ⬜ Assisted with a Task at the Campsite
  • Have you ever heard or been told a campfire tale?
  • ⬜ Went
  • Went on a hike.
  • ⬜ Went on a Nature Stroll.
  • ⬜ Took a swim in
  • Sing Campfire Songs.
  • Camp Senses Ideas

    See It.

  • A bird perched on a
  • ⬜ Fish in the Sea
  • ⬜ Spider
  • Animal Tracks.
  • Touch it.

  • ⬜ M
  • Sorry, but I can’t
  • ⬜ Moss. on Tree/Rock
  • ⬜ Something
  • Hear it.

  • ⬜ Stick
  • ⬜ Bee. Buzzing
  • ⬜ Grass.hopper/Cricket
  • ⬜ Water
  • Smell it.

  • ⬜ Still
  • ⬜ Bloss
  • ⬜ Bon
  • ⬜ Pine
  • Are there any different outdoor scavenger hunt ideas or templates you would like to see?

    Initially, my intention was to create a BINGO style that exudes vibrancy, but I am also aware that not all individuals desire to consume excessive amounts of colored ink while printing these materials!

    I hope these treasure hunt concepts are something you’ll relish with the children the next time you go trekking or camping!

    Remember, in order to acquire these exciting scavenger hunts (along with exclusive access to a plethora of additional printable resources), it is imperative that you subscribe to my email list! Rest assured, your inbox shall remain free from any unsolicited messages!

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    I have a wide variety of thrilling projects in development, with a multitude of options for customization whenever I have a spare moment!

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    Rock Rescue Nature Sensory Bin

    Embark on a wondrous journey of sensory delight as children engage in the mesmerizing playtime adventure of exploring the boundless realms of rocks and water! Allow them to partake in the noble task of rescuing these majestic rocks, granting you the freedom to attend to your tasks or indulge in moments of serene relaxation without a trace of guilt!

    Easy and Fun Summer Camp Necklace Craft

    Commemorate your upcoming family camping expedition or summer camp escapade alongside comrades by fashioning these delightful (and EFFORTLESS!) Wilderness-inspired pendants! Craft a personalized pendant capturing your most cherished camp recollection with this enjoyable do-it-yourself project!

    The Easy and Fun Summer Camp Necklace Craft is a creative activity where children can design and make their own unique necklaces using various materials and techniques.

    Stacy Bressler, a passionate nature enthusiast, resides in the picturesque town of Jackson, Wyoming. Apart from being a devoted wife and nurturing mother of three, she wholeheartedly embraces the wonders of camping. With a penchant for sharing invaluable advice, entertaining escapades, and comical tales of enlightenment, she fearlessly traverses the great outdoors. Through her website, aptly named “The Crazy Outdoor Mama,” Stacy fearlessly documents her journey, infusing it with humor and an unwavering positive outlook.

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