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40 Best Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For Students From Teachers (2023)


Embracing the role of an educator, bestowing a touch of uniqueness upon your students during the festive period never fails to ignite joy. Allow us to unveil an assortment of Christmas presents curated exclusively for students, straight from the benevolent teacher’s treasure trove!

40 Best Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For Students From Teachers (2023)

However, it can be challenging to find the ideal Christmas present for each of them, particularly when attempting to adhere to a budget.

With a handwritten message and a small present, you can express gratitude to your students this winter vacation for their dedicated efforts!

That’s why we have gathered this compilation of 40 affordable Christmas presents for students from educators.

From kindergarten to secondary school, these delightful Christmas vacation gifts are perfect for teachers of all levels.

There are numerous diverse choices to select from, whether you desire to provide them with something enjoyable or practical.

1. Christmas Theme Bookmarks

Christmas Theme Bookmarks are festive and fun accessories that can be used to mark pages in books or planners during the holiday season. They often feature designs and images related to Christmas, such as Santa Claus, reindeer, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. These bookmarks can add a touch of holiday spirit to your reading or planning routine and make for great gifts or stocking stuffers.

Looking for a little something extra to enhance your Christmas presents this year? These beautiful Christmas bookmarks are ideal!

Crafted from premium PP plastic, every bookmark exudes a delightful touch, ensuring safety and offering a gentle feel. Discover an enchanting assortment of five unique designs, each showcasing timeless Christmas motifs.

They make fantastic stocking fillers or presents for teachers, and at a reasonable price of 75, they won’t put a strain on your wallet.

For all the bookworms out there who cherish their reading journey but despise defacing the pages, behold the ultimate present that combines practicality and delight!

2. Invisible Ink Pen With UV Light

Step into the captivating realm of the Enigmatic Ink Pens! These extraordinary pens empower you to transcribe clandestine missives that remain concealed until unveiled under the mystical glow of UV light.

Craft your heartfelt message using the mystical invisible ink and unveil its secrets by illuminating it with the enchanting UV light emitted from the pen’s cap, thus manifesting the hidden words into the realm of visibility.

This is as simple as pie! Children will absolutely adore receiving these pens as delightful party favors or charming stocking stuffers, while parents will undoubtedly value their versatility for educational purposes too.

This is one of the finest presents for any student from their teacher.

3. Pop Christmas Push Bubble Fidget Toys

Add some festive cheer to your workstation with these Pop Christmas Push Bubble Fidget Toys!

With its dual personality, these one-of-a-kind playthings offer a tranquil and boisterous popping experience, making them an ideal remedy for alleviating stress and rejuvenating your spirits.

They are also excellent for individuals with autism, ADHD, the elderly, children, and adults who require stress relief.

Crafted from high-quality silicone material, they are secure and harmless, odorless, and will not pose any danger to individuals or animals.

So acquire a few of these as presents this holiday period!

4. Kraft Paper Notebook

The Kraft Paper Notebook Set is an impeccable choice for individuals who enjoy jotting down thoughts, documenting experiences, or indulging in artistic expressions. This exquisite set comprises of 24 notebooks, featuring 80 pages of elegantly lined white paper, inviting infinite possibilities.

Within the journals lie a treasure trove of 6 awe-inspiring quotes, while the velvety soft notebook effortlessly slides into a journal cover, enabling effortless note-taking on the move.

This new book is perfect as an inexpensive gift idea for anyone who enjoys writing or drawing.

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5. Personalized Stocking Gift

A personalized stocking gift is a thoughtful and unique present that adds a special touch to the holiday season, making it a cherished item for years to come.

The ideal method to finalize your presents this holiday season is with a personalized stocking holder!

With a generous top opening and ample interior space, it is the perfect location for storing various types of candies.

Customize the holder with your student’s name or a special christmas message, making it an extra special gift for them to cherish.

This will be the most significant gift suggestions for them to treasure.

6. Christmas Squishies

Discover these delightful 26 soft and playful playthings that make ideal Christmas presents for students! They will captivate every child’s imagination and assist them in achieving a quieter concentration on their tasks.

Crafted from harmless components, these mesmerizing fidget spinners are the perfect present that guarantees not only acceptance but also delight for individuals of all generations.

They come in a range of Christmas-themed patterns, such as Christmas trees, snowmen, and reindeer.

Delight your little ones this festive season with these delightful Christmas squishies, designed to bring joy and fun to their leisure hours as they embrace the holiday spirit.

7. Merry Christmas Silicone Wristbands

These Christmas bracelets are available in various designs and dimensions.

They are composed of silicone substance, which renders them gentle to the touch but resilient enough for extended use.

They will not get damaged even when falling off during activities like dancing or running around!

With their captivating patterns, these Christmas silicone bracelets effortlessly distinguish you from the masses, exuding an air of effortless elegance wherever you go.

8. Christmas Fun Pack

Not only are these whimsical 50 pack boxes of Wikki Stix a hit at parties and ideal for delightful presents, but they also prove to be an exceptional tool for fostering education and learning.

Stix fun paks offers 8 diverse shades and includes a dot-to-dot activity sheet with a festive Christmas motif on one side.

Explore a plethora of fascinating concepts like crafting 3D sculptures and fashioning unique eyewear, among other brilliant ideas! Embrace the fact that this delightful activity not only captivates your students, but also allows your beloved family members to partake in the joyous experience.

9. Color Scratch Christmas Tree Ornaments

Color Scratch Christmas Tree Ornaments are a fun and creative way to decorate your Christmas tree. These ornaments come in a variety of colors and designs, and can be customized with your own unique patterns and designs. They are made from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they will be a cherished part of your holiday decorations for years to come. Whether you are decorating your own tree or giving them as a gift, these Color Scratch Christmas Tree Ornaments are sure to add a festive touch to your holiday celebrations.

These vibrant scratch ornaments will transform into a cherished Christmas ornament for students and their families.

Simply utilize the provided stylus tool to scrape off patterns on the dark coating, uncovering vivid hues beneath.

Each pack contains various shapes and sizes, such as Christmas trees, reindeer, and snowmen.

A fantastic holiday present that can also serve as an enjoyable pastime during the festive period.

10. Holiday Glasses

This splendid assortment knows no bounds! Alongside the iconic Reindeer, Santa Claus, and Christmas trees, these novelty glasses boast an array of 16 captivating designs, ranging from adorable antlers to twinkling stars.

Embrace the universal design that guarantees a snug fit, perfect for all ages, from little ones to grown-ups, making it an ideal choice for any festive gathering.

Spread the holiday cheer with these delightful Christmas glasses that are perfect as party favors and presents for your dearest best friend, beloved family members, and wonderful colleagues. Not only that, but wearing them is an absolute blast!

11. Christmas Linen Bags

These fabric sacks are ideal for containing holiday gifts, stocking fillers, or celebratory goodies.

They are available in a variety of Christmas designs including Santa Claus, reindeer, and Christmas trees.

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Discover a simple method to neatly package delightful goodies or handcrafted cookies into individual pouches. Enhance the presentation by attaching an adorable gift tag, adding a unique and personalized flair.

This practical and adorable Christmas present is perfect for any middle school teacher to give to their students!

12. Christmas Stickers

This Christmas sticker set is perfect for embellishing cards, presents, scrapbooking, or simply adding some holiday spirit to everyday objects.

With more than 1,000 stickers in a range of Christmas patterns like snowmen, Xmas trees, and candy canes.

An ideal stocking filler or small Christmas present for any student who enjoys crafting and creating things uniquely theirs.

Ideal for their laptops, water bottles, or notebooks, these items are simply perfect! Moreover, they make an excellent choice to reward younger students with extra points.

13. Mini Holiday Activity Books

Mini Holiday Activity Books are perfect for keeping kids entertained during vacations or long trips, offering a variety of puzzles, coloring pages, and games to keep them engaged and have fun.

Let your little ones dive into a world of endless entertainment with these 36 captivating Mini Holiday Activity Books! Packed with an exciting array of 24 pages filled with engaging games and delightful pictures, these books are sure to keep them happily occupied for hours on end.

Because each book occupies only 2-3 inches in width and 3 inches in height, they are ideal as party souvenirs or rewards in educational settings as well.

These delightful end-of-year presents are an ideal way for your students to take home and sustain the festive spirit of Christmas throughout their well-deserved school vacation.

14. Christmas Bingo Games

This Christmas-themed bingo game is an excellent activity for the whole class during the festive period!

Includes 36 playing cards and more than 200 images and words related to Christmas.

An ideal and exciting present for students who are passionate about games and engaging activities, or those who simply yearn for meaningful moments with their dear ones during the festive season.

Board games and similar activities are always popular among students!

15. Fun Pencils

Make your little ones’ Christmas extra special with the ultimate present. Delight them with a delightful assortment of 50 X-mas pencils and 51 charming erasers, boasting a myriad of adorable designs. Watch their faces light up with joy and make their day truly memorable!

These Christmas pencils showcase holiday symbols such as Christmas trees, Santa Claus, snowmen, candy canes, and other festive

An excellent present for younger children that they can utilize as academic materials throughout the festive period.

16. Christmas Make-A-Face Stickers

Discover the ideal assortment of decals for your upcoming crafting endeavor with this cost-effective bundle.

Embrace the festive spirit with an abundant collection of 32 sheets, each adorned with a plethora of enchanting designs. Delight in the presence of Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, and an array of other captivating motifs, effortlessly fulfilling all your Christmas decoration desires beyond imagination!

Additionally, they are excellent for distributing among friends, ensuring that each person has their individual copy as well.

With an abundance of materials, even older children can engage in play without succumbing to boredom or causing chaos like some other sets often do.

17. Glitter Christmas Straws

Glitter Christmas Straws are festive and decorative accessories that add sparkle and cheer to your holiday drinks and parties.

These 25 Christmas themed curly straws are ideal for any gathering or holiday-themed festivity!

The straws are available in different Christmas patterns like Christmas trees, reindeer, and snowmen.

They also possess a hint of shimmer to enhance the radiance of your vacation drinks.

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A fun and unique gift for students or as party favors for the end of the school year and during the holidays.

18. Christmas Wish Bracelet

This Christmas desire bracelet showcases a joyful hue with a star pendant.

Ideal for adorning the stockings or gifting during the festive season, this mesmerizing trinket is a delightful choice for jewelry enthusiasts or those seeking a sprinkle of good fortune.

This Christmas desire bracelet additionally incorporates a Christmas holiday cheer wishing card, making it the ideal distinct thoughtful present.

This present is certain to make you the beloved educator among your students!

19. Hot Chocolate Gift Set

The compact Hot Chocolate Gift Set is the ideal present for any teenager on your list this year.

Select from the assortment of customization items, which consists of four designs, including a mixture of chocolate with marshmallows and wooden spoons.

Nestled within a transparent cubic enclosure, adorned with crinkled paper surpassing its own size, lies a captivating present assortment that is bound to delight those of more seasoned intellect.

Personalize your gift with meaningful words that capture what truly matters! Elevate your status as a beloved high school teacher with this amazing present for students.

20. Personalized Elf

This customized elf is the ideal Christmas present for any young student on your list.

Select from four patterns and customize them with their name as well as a unique message or seasonal salutation.

The elves come alive in shades of vibrant green, pure white, and radiant bright red. This delightful present is an ideal choice for the festive season, cherished by both Sunday school teachers and Kindergarten educators alike.

It’s not just a fantastic addition to the classroom, but also something they can preserve for years to come.

21. Marbled Starry Slime

Marbled Starry Slime is a popular type of slime that features a mesmerizing combination of vibrant colors and glitter, creating a stunning starry effect. It is a favorite among slime enthusiasts for its unique appearance and satisfying texture.

The ideal gift for any kid, this package of Starry Marbled Slime will provide them with a sensation of being in outer space!

With a total of 24 pieces and the ability to transform into various shapes or forms.

It has never been simpler than it is now to distribute these incredible arts and crafts toys at your upcoming occasion.

Not only are they incredibly enjoyable and an absolute blast, but they also have the remarkable ability to banish stress with a mere touch, all the while acquiring fresh knowledge on a daily basis.

22. Christmas Notepad

Christmas notebooks are a fantastic way to incorporate some holiday joy during this season.

With a generous count of 24 pieces per set, you’ll never have to worry about running out! These delightful companions are an ideal choice for students seeking to jot down notes or engage in some whimsical doodling during their classroom adventures.

They also serve as excellent stocking fillers or small Christmas presents for anyone on your roster.

This Christmas gift from the teacher can transport students to exciting and innovative realms through their imagination and creativity.

23. Christmas Keychains

These keychains are ideal for fastening to your knapsack, sweet bag, or any other object you desire!

There are nine various designs, including snowmen wearing hats that say “Merry Christmas” on them.

They are available in six different colors and the use of high-quality materials ensures that these sturdy keychains will withstand the test of time.

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This Christmas present, being one of the finest class offerings and coming from your child’s beloved teacher, is guaranteed to bring joy and festive spirit to whomever receives it.

24. Christmas Coloring Books

Discover an enchanting collection of 54 coloring books featuring adorable and huggable Christmas characters! Overflowing with 72 captivating illustrations, these books will spark joy and educate your students about the magical holiday season.

Inside the pages, you will find a captivating assortment of 12 detailed and unique illustrations, guaranteed to bring delight and improve their skill.

While they’re enjoying a great time discovering all the festive aspects through creative activities at home or while traveling.

25. Christmas Temporary Tattoos

Christmas Temporary Tattoos are a fun and festive way to add a touch of holiday cheer to your look. Whether you're dressing up for a Christmas party or just want to show off your holiday spirit, these temporary tattoos are a great option. They come in a variety of designs, from Santa Claus and reindeer to snowflakes and Christmas trees. Easy to apply and remove, they are a temporary way to celebrate the holiday season.

Fun, long-lasting temporary tattoos for children that glow in the dark!

Select from a variety of snowman or reindeer options to make your child experience the joy of Christmas morning.

The straightforward application procedure will get them enthusiastic even before you remove their initial layer.

Your students will love showing off these colorful temporary tattoos to their friends, making you their beloved teacher!

26. Snowman Stress Ball

This cute snowman stress ball is the perfect Christmas gift for any student looking to relieve stress during their school day.

With its gentle exterior, this delightful companion is perfect for relieving stress or anxiety. Plus, the cute snowman motif brings an extra dose of festive joy!

You can purchase these items from Amazon Prime and receive them in time for the final day of school before Christmas!

27. Candy Cane Pens

These peppermint striped pens are a enjoyable and distinct present that can be utilized all through the festive period.

It is constructed from top-notch plastic with blue ink, which ensures its durability for extended periods of usage as well!

And don’t worry about losing them because these adorable candy cane colored pens come in packs enough to supply your whole class.

28. Christmas Erasers

Not only are these whimsical erasers perfect for assisting children in eradicating their writing blunders, but they also serve as delightful tokens bestowed by educators.

Explore the enchanting realm of Christmas festivities with these delightful party supplies and stocking stuffers! This marvelous collection comprises of 300pcs mini-sized companions, adorned in a myriad of timeless designs such as the legendary Santa Claus, intricate snowflakes, and adorable snowmen.

A perfect little something enjoyable you can give to your students.

29. Christmas Magic Springs

Christmas Magic Springs is a festive holiday event that promises enchanting decorations, twinkling lights, and a charming atmosphere for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

The Magic Springs are ideal for children to enjoy as they are small and convenient.

The holiday elements on the surface make plastic spring toys ideal as gifts during this season.

It’s fantastic for enhancing your child’s hand-eye coordination skills and fostering creativity in children!

30. Christmas Slap Bracelets

Wearing the slap bracelet is a breeze; effortlessly slide it onto your wrist and witness a perfectly snug fit within mere seconds!

This exquisite item is ideal for presenting to students or as delightful rewards. The enchanting Christmas designs bestow blessings upon us during this joyous season of cherished togetherness.

This pack of 48 comes in 8 various designs, ensuring there’s plenty for everyone!

31. Christmas Bell Necklaces

During the festive season, jingle bells serve as a delightful addition to enhance the merriment. With their diverse array of shapes and sizes, there is undoubtedly a suitable one to meet every requirement!

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You can utilize these as necklace components, hair bands, or costume embellishments. The possibilities are limitless!

With a bundle of 24, these festive Christmas bell necklaces are perfect for spreading holiday cheer among your entire class, making them ideal as party favors or thoughtful gifts.

32. Flexible Soft Pencils

The delightful soft pencils, with their pliable nature, add a touch of whimsy to the act of writing and drawing, making it an even more pleasurable experience for tiny hands. Encased in a pack of 30, each pencil boasts a vibrant hue, ensuring a delightful burst of color with every stroke.

Not only are they fun to use but also cute to look at and perfect for Christmas gifts for students from teachers!

33. Animal Scratch Bookmarks

Animal Scratch Bookmarks are fun and interactive bookmarks that feature different animal designs, adding a playful touch to your reading experience.

If you are seeking a imaginative and enjoyable method to involve your children, these animal scrape bookmarks will offer precisely that!

With a total of 96 pieces, including 12 different styles of bamboo stick-on patterns, 22 vibrant satin ribbons, and 8 painting templates.

Unleash your imagination and create vibrant rainbows or exquisite designs on any surface, inviting your children to uncover a mesmerizing array of hidden colors by simply scratching.

34. Christmas Pop Fidget Keychain

With the festive season of Christmas just around the bend, there’s no better way to embrace the joy and merriment than by indulging in a delightful collection of captivating keychain toys!

Our Christmas Pop Fidget Toys Pack offers a variety of 24 styles, including options that are suitable for children’s hands.

These popular fidget keychains are an excellent gift or party favor for the festive season.

Additionally, they offer an excellent opportunity for relaxation and a means to concentrate during lessons.

35. Make A Christmas Tree Stickers

Unleash the creativity of children with Christmas tree stickers, allowing them to personalize their very own festive trees! This extraordinary sticker set boasts an array of 6 distinct styles, with a generous offering of 5 sheets per style.

They can place various decorations on the tree branches such as stockings, snowflakes, or candy cane sticks.

With a generous assortment of 30 different pieces, this package ensures that each child can explore a wide array of options and unleash their creativity. The possibilities truly appear boundless, allowing them to find the perfect decoration that resonates with their unique style.

36. Gift Card

Expressing your heartfelt sentiments, a gift card serves as an impeccable means to demonstrate the depth of your affection. It stands as the quintessential token of appreciation suitable for every possible event, ensuring absolute joy without any additional charges or time constraints!

High school students will enjoy receiving a gift voucher to their preferred shop, eatery, or cinema.

Additionally, individuals can utilize it at their own convenience without the need to be concerned about returning or exchanging a product.

Empower your high school students and express your gratitude in the most delightful way possible with a gift card or gift certificate, allowing them the liberating joy of selecting their very own special gift.

It’s always a popular choice for Christmas presents given by a teacher to a student.

37. Christmas Themed Pens

Christmas Themed Pens are festive writing instruments that often feature holiday-inspired designs and motifs, adding a touch of joy and cheer to your everyday writing experience.

This Christmas, treat your students with the ultimate present – a delightful assortment of feather ballpoint pens. Unwrap the magic of this 24-pack, which not only includes 8 enchanting lollipop and bell-fiber designs but also brings joy to their writing experience.

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Adorned in vibrant red and green polka dot silk, embellished with three delightful bells atop, these whimsical creations exude a creative flair that renders them perfectly suitable for youngsters and scholars alike.

The interchangeable refills ensure that these colors never deplete throughout the season as well.

As one of the preferred presents, these pens can be found in many places, including the dollar store.

38. Christmas LED Rings

Looking for the ultimate Xmas essentials? Look no further than these extraordinary, shimmering rings! Not only are they ideal for spreading holiday cheer, but they also serve as marvelous presents that are guaranteed to light up the faces of their recipients.

It doesn’t end there though- these enjoyable small gadgets can also assist you in embellishing in some imaginative manners as well.

39. Holiday Facial Masks

These merry facial masks are a delightful addition to any Christmas stocking or an extra surprise for your students. They come in a set of 12, featuring an array of 4 uniquely themed masks.

In addition to offering the ultimate relaxation experience, they also contribute to enhancing skin tone and texture.

Your students will enjoy relaxing with these holiday-inspired masks during their winter vacation from school.

40. Christmas Themed Chapstick

Embrace the joyous spirit of the holiday season with this delightful and functional present that is an absolute necessity. While Chapstick is undeniably a smart choice, the addition of Christmas-themed Chapstick elevates it to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Embrace the winter wonderland with this delightful 5-piece set of chapsticks. Bursting with the delectable essence of candy canes, these lip balms will not only keep your students’ lips nourished in the chilly months but will also ignite their festive fervor.

Holiday Gifts

In case you’re still pondering over the perfect gift for your students, why not seize a mason jar and brim it with delightful Christmas goodies and playthings? Alternatively, you can unleash your creativity and fashion your very own coupon books tailored for your class.

Enhance the uniqueness of your presents by including customized gift tags, a heartfelt message, or wrapping them with decorative ribbon.

You can purchase card paper at Home Depot or Oriental Trading to compose the ideal message.

Ensure that by day’s end, you have contemplated the desires and requirements of your students, so as to bestow upon them a remarkable sense of significance throughout the festive period.

Final Thoughts

In general, there are numerous excellent present choices for your students during the holiday season of Christmas.

From stress-relieving toys to festive skincare products, there is a wide variety of options for every individual on your shopping list.

Elevate the final offerings of the previous year with a delightful dash of personalization that will be treasured by your students. Furthermore, enhance the upcoming year’s gifts manifold by initiating your shopping spree well in advance and discovering extraordinary presents tailored to the distinct interests of each student.

Express your gratitude and share some festive joy with these amazing presents. Happy Holidays!

Final Thoughts

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