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24 Father’s Day gifts under $50 for nerdy, geeky, and fun-loving dads


If your father doesn’t conform to the conventional image of the “typical American dad,” then a run-of-the-mill gift such as ties or tools simply won’t suffice this Father’s Day. To assist you in discovering the ideal Father’s Day present that fits within your budget, we have compiled a collection of 24 quirky, nerdy, and unconventional items, all priced under $50, that we believe your dad will wholeheartedly adore.

The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook, available for just $27 on Amazon, offers a remarkable feature of seamlessly converting handwritten notes into digital files. And here’s the interesting part – when Dad finishes filling it with his thoughts, he can erase the entire content not once, not twice, but up to five times simply by microwaving it. Believe it or not, this is no joke!

Credit:                Rocketbook

Credit: Rocketbook

You can delete this book in a microwave.

Looking for the perfect gift for your tinkering dad? Look no further than the 5-in-1 tool pen available at UncommonGoods for just $25! This versatile pen not only allows him to jot down his thoughts but also serves as a tablet stylus, screwdriver, bubble level, and ruler. With this handy tool pen, your dad will be prepared for any task that comes his way!

Credit:                UncommonGoods

Credit: UncommonGoods

Father will never desire to depart from the house without this convenient tool pen.

3. The LIFX WiFi intelligent LED bulb that transforms colors ($45.99 on Amazon) can be effortlessly placed in any lamp or fixture throughout the house, granting Dad the power to control it directly from his smartphone. This exceptional gadget is ideal for fathers who relish in the art of hosting.

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Credit:                LIFX

Credit: LIFX

Manage this color LED bulb using your smartphone.

Looking for a unique gift for Dad? How about the Sugru Mouldable Glue, available for just $15.24 on Amazon? This unconventional yet fascinating adhesive is not your ordinary glue. With its putty-like texture upon application, it magically transforms overnight into a rubbery material. Dad will be thrilled to have this versatile tool for various DIY projects and household fixes.

Credit:                Sugru

Credit: Sugru

The opportunities are limitless with this distinctive adaptable adhesive.

Transforming rain into a cosmic battle, the Lightsaber umbrella ($20 on Amazon) empowers Dad to transcend into the realm of a Jedi knight. Effusing radiant hues, the shaft illuminates in a mesmerizing symphony of seven diverse colors, ready to combat the shadowy forces of any rainstorm.

Credit:                BESTKEE


Protect yourself from rain and the shadows with this illuminated umbrella.

The Magnetic Sand Timer, available for $7.95 on Amazon, is undeniably captivating to behold. With a hint of nostalgia resembling Wooly Willy, this sleek and refined gadget exudes charm and elegance, although it may not offer the same level of amusement as its timeless predecessor.

Credit:                UncommonGoods

Credit: UncommonGoods

This captivating hourglass is certain to be a remarkable addition to Father’s workstation.

Dad can indulge in the timeless charm of a magnetic sculpture desk toy ($9.99 at Amazon) as a delightful stress reliever, shunning the outdated fidget spinners. Let him enjoy this beloved and best-selling creation while he immerses himself in his work.

Credit:                Glantop

Credit: Glantop

Mold and squish these small beads to your heart’s delight.

The brain cell plush for the Smartest Dad ($7.99 at ThinkGeek) is a fun way to showcase your dad’s brilliance. Not only is it adorable and charming, but it can also make for a delightful gift embellishment.

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Credit:                ThinkGeek

Credit: ThinkGeek

Make sure to inform everyone about the intelligence of your father.

9. The Amazon Echo Dot, available for $39.99 on Amazon, is a remarkable home companion that will delight tech-savvy dads who enjoy tinkering with gadgets. Not only does it provide a means for them to engage in lively conversations about the weather, but it also boasts a discounted price of $10 off the regular $49.99 until June 18th.

Credit:                Amazon

Credit: Amazon

The Echo Dot is similar to a robot butler.

For the TV fanatic

Step into the fantastical realm of Doctor Who with the extraordinary Doctor Who robe, available at the incredible price of $48.99 on ThinkGeek. This splendid robe, fully authorized by the prestigious BBC, presents an ideal opportunity for Dad to unwind and fully immerse himself in a day of indulging in his beloved TV series. Take your pick between embodying the charismatic fourth Doctor or embracing the enigmatic allure of the Tardis.

Credit:                ThinkGeek

Credit: ThinkGeek

Give your father the present of geeky coziness.

Sci-Fi DVD box sets

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day? How about indulging in an extraordinary binge-watching session of his beloved sci-fi gems? Here are some fantastic options to consider: 11. Embark on a thrilling journey with the iconic Star Trek: Original Series, available for just $39 on Amazon.12. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Battlestar Galactica (1978) for only $23.37, also found on Amazon.13. Take a leap into the unknown with the complete series of Quantum Leap, priced at just $29.96 on Amazon.14. Experience the mind-bending tales of the Twilight Zone, available at $46.95 on Amazon.With these incredible choices, Father’s Day will undoubtedly be an unforgettable adventure for both of you. Happy binge-watching!

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Credit:                Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Watch Dad’s preferred television series together.

Does your father incessantly lament his cable package? Opting for a streaming stick might just be the ideal remedy, as these three options are not only budget-friendly but also highly efficient.

At just $29.99, the Roku Express from Target offers a seamless streaming experience. With convenient buttons for popular platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Google Play, and Sling, this device is compatible with numerous other streaming services as well.

Credit:                Roku

Credit: Roku

Gain instant access to the leading streaming platforms with just a single touch

With just a mere $30 investment at Target, Dad can unlock the wonders of Google Chromecast. This nifty device empowers him to effortlessly stream an array of captivating TV shows, videos, and melodious tunes from his smartphone directly onto the big screen of his television. Amazingly, all he requires is the presence of a single HDMI port.

Credit:                Google

Credit: Google

Chromecast allows you to stream anything from your phone to the television.

At just $39.99 on Amazon, the remarkable Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa grants Dad the power to effortlessly command Alexa to discover his favorite shows or access apps, simplifying the process of finding and enjoying his preferred entertainment.

Credit:                Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Request Alexa to locate your preferred programs for you.

Enhance Dad’s home theater experience with the Sideclick universal remote attachment for Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, available for just $29.99 on Amazon. This ingenious add-on allows seamless control of all devices, including Fire Stick or Apple TV (2nd or 3rd gen. Only), with just one remote.

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Credit:                Sideclick

Credit: Sideclick

Transform that small remote into a versatile universal controller.

Unusual and geeky conversation pieces

Experience the mesmerizing allure of the magnetic perpetual calendar, available for just $32-$45 at UncommonGoods. Crafted with utmost artistry, this calendar, once showcased at the prestigious Museum of Modern Art, boasts a harmonious blend of simplicity and elegance. As a timeless treasure, it eliminates the need for Dad to ever invest in another calendar, making it a truly everlasting gift.

Credit:                UncommonGoods

Credit: UncommonGoods

Father can utilize this magnetic calendar repeatedly, over the course of many years.

20. The Extraterrestrial Cookie Container ($29.99 at ThinkGeek) For those moments when your father indulges in a delectable treat while witnessing Ripley’s heroic triumph over a bloodthirsty extraterrestrial species, this remarkable cookie jar is bound to claim victory – and it is available in either sleek black or elegant bronze.

Credit:                ThinkGeek

Credit: ThinkGeek

This is one extraterrestrial being you won’t want to escape from.

21. Marvel at the exquisite etched rocks glasses available in a plethora of captivating designs ($13-$28 at UncommonGoods). My cherished collection of Boston city maps glasses has never failed to impress my guests, who shower me with compliments upon their arrival. The sheer artistry of these glasses is unparalleled, showcasing an array of options such as intricate city maps, timeless literary masterpieces, historically significant American documents, enigmatic genetic codes, and even the iconic lorem ipsum spiel.

Credit:                UncommonGoods

Credit: UncommonGoods

These engraved glasses are available in various distinctive designs ideal for any father.

22. Experience the captivating allure of Star Wars with these enchanting heat changing mugs featuring the Death Star and Millennium Falcon. Embrace the dark side with the Death Star variant, an ideal choice for fathers who are drawn to its mysterious power. For those who embody the spirit of rebellion, the Millennium Falcon edition is a must-have. Discover the perfect mug that embodies your father’s unique personality, whether he leans towards the shadows or stands boldly against them.

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Credit:                ThinkGeek

Credit: ThinkGeek

Once the stars and bursts begin to diminish, your tea has cooled down sufficiently to be consumed.

The HODOR door stop, available for $19.99 on Amazon, is a delightful present that is guaranteed to bring joy to any devoted Game of Thrones enthusiast.

Credit:                HODOR

Credit: HODOR

This is the ultimate method for any Game of Thrones enthusiast to ‘brace the entrance.’

The Useless Box, priced at $24.68 on Amazon, is a remarkable testament to the pinnacle of engineering absurdity. With its sheer pointlessness, this quirky invention promises to captivate all visitors, ensuring endless amusement for dear old Dad.

Credit: Useless Box is a fun and entertaining gadget that serves no practical purpose but brings joy and laughter to anyone who interacts with it.

Credit: Useless Box

This container might not be very practical, but it is enjoyable.

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