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23rd Anniversary Gifts: Best Ideas (Traditional & Modern)


Join me as we delve into the realm of exquisite 23rd anniversary gifts! Today, we shall explore the age-old traditions associated with this milestone, from enchanting gemstones and blossoms to captivating hues and gift motifs. Fear not, for we shall also uncover the contemporary themes, granting you an array of choices to imbue your gift with utmost significance.

Congratulations on reaching the remarkable milestone of spending 23 years together! We applaud your dedication and commitment. As you celebrate your 23rd anniversary, we have no doubt that you will go above and beyond to make it an extraordinary and unforgettable occasion for both you and your beloved. This is an ideal opportunity to reflect upon and treasure the enduring love and enchanting romance that have breathed life into your marriage.

But it can be quite a challenge to choose the ideal present for such a momentous event. Undoubtedly, the sentiment behind the gift holds significance, yet it can also be perceived as an embodiment of your affection. Therefore, ensure that it carries immense significance!

Simplifying matters for your convenience, we spared no effort in curating an exquisite compilation of top-notch traditional and contemporary gifts specially tailored for the 23rd anniversary. While the majority of the suggestions below flawlessly capture the essence of the 23rd anniversary theme, we also took the liberty to incorporate a selection of delightful, amorous, and imaginative gifts.

Although we can’t promise to rekindle the flames of love between you and your partner (that’s entirely up to you, you silly goose), we can assure you that you’ll discover a treasure trove of incredible gift suggestions!

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This is a segment of our series on Anniversary Gifts categorized by Year.

23rd Anniversary Themes

Were you aware that every anniversary year is linked to specific themes, colors, flowers, and gemstones? Absolutely fascinating! Familiarize yourself with these delightful details to effortlessly select the ideal present for your beloved partner. And you won’t believe it—look no further, as we possess all the solutions right at your fingertips!

What is the traditional 23-year anniversary gift?

Celebrate the 23rd anniversary with a touch of elegance – silver plate. This exquisite choice offers a more budget-friendly option without compromising on style. Delicately blending a hint of silver with another metal, it adds a unique and captivating allure.

It is a long-lasting, stunning, and reasonably priced substance for appealing products that encompass silver-coated tableware, accessories, or ornamental household objects.

What is the modern 23-year anniversary gift?

The contemporary gift theme for the 23rd year is also a silver platter.

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Why is the silver plate the traditional & modern 23rd anniversary gift?

The gleaming platter symbolizes the delightful feasts savored in unison. Consequently, it offers an opportunity to reminisce about the enchanting candlelit suppers, outdoor grills, sizzling barbeques, delectable movie night treats, and nourishing homemade meals that you have shared as partners. Moreover, it evokes a flood of joyous recollections formed throughout your journey!

What is the 23-year anniversary stone?

The prized imperial topaz is the 23rd anniversary stone and would definitely make a very regal and beautiful gift for your spouse.

Why is imperial topaz the twenty-third anniversary stone?

Imperial topaz, a truly extraordinary gem, holds a captivating allure. In a bygone era, exclusively the esteemed lineage adorned themselves with a particular hue of this resplendent topaz. What could surpass the magnificence of bestowing this rare jewel upon your beloved, who holds an even more extraordinary place in your heart!

What is the 23rd anniversary flower?

In the realm of tradition, a unique flower is assigned to commemorate each of the initial twenty years. Beyond that, flowers become entwined with anniversaries, blossoming every five years (such as year 25, 30, 35, and so forth).

Therefore, the celebration of the 23rd anniversary is not tied to any particular flower. Nevertheless, the inclusion of flowers adds a touch of brilliance and serves as delightful presents, without a doubt!

What is the 23-year anniversary color?

In relation to the customary gift motif of silver plate, the 23rd anniversary hue is silver.

10 Best Twenty-Third Anniversary Gifts

When it comes to the art of gift-giving, a plethora of options lay before you, leaving you in a state of perpetual pondering, caught in a web of uncertainty, unable to make a definitive selection.

Don’t worry! Take a look at our carefully selected assortment of breathtaking 23rd anniversary gifts, guaranteed to make your heart race.

1. Heart-Shaped Silver Plate

Celebrate the 23rd anniversary in style with this exquisite silver plate, shaped like a tender heart. It encapsulates the essence of the milestone, making it the ultimate gift choice. Embrace the timeless symbol of love and let your affection shine through this cherished token.

2. Custom Engraved Wine Stopper

Don’t miss out on this adorably charming wine stopper, meticulously engraved to deliver a truly meaningful message to your cherished one. With its practicality, captivating appearance, and personalized essence, it’s an absolute must-have! Don’t hesitate any longer, seize the opportunity to acquire this gem and complement it with your preferred bottle of wine.

Your beloved will have something that you both can relish together, along with something that can be utilized for many years ahead.

3. Just Married 23 Years Ago

What better way to express love than with coordinated outfits? Therefore, if you desire to commemorate your 23-year anniversary in style, it is about time you acquire these enchanting ‘Just Married 23 Years Ago’ shirts and elevate your marital bond to new heights!

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4. Silver Heart Photo Collage

Discover a delightful token of affection, as hearts beautifully embody the boundless love that intertwines your souls. Embrace the enchantment of this captivating silver heart photo montage, a cherished chance to reminisce upon the wondrous 23-year journey alongside your beloved, reigniting the flames of passion anew!

5. Sweethearts Bird Feeder

The epitome of wedding anniversary presents, this enchanting lovebirds bird feeder exemplifies the charm of personalized gifts. Its exquisite beauty is matched by the opportunity it presents to etch and display your initials, allowing the world to witness your eternal love.

6. Bespoke Soulmates in Silver

Celebrate the momentous 23rd milestone with a stunning silver couple figurine, an exquisite token of love for your cherished partner! This intricately crafted masterpiece exudes elegance, carries profound symbolism, and showcases the artistry of skilled hands. Rest assured, this extraordinary gift is bound to leave an everlasting impression.

So, what are you hesitating for? Obtain it here to make your spouse feel that additional bit unique.

7. Night Sky Canvas

Star maps are incredibly popular right now, serving as excellent decorative pieces for walls. Therefore, on this extraordinary occasion, transport yourself back to your wedding day, your initial rendezvous, or perhaps the very instant you crossed paths, and present your beloved with a breathtaking and precise illustration of the celestial sky from that very moment.

Extra credit if your initial date also included observing the stars!

8. Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

Celebrate your marriage with the extraordinary Custom Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan, an exceptional gift that combines functionality and sentimentality. This remarkable piece not only serves as a delightful keepsake but also adds charm to your home bar, making it perfect for hosting, indulging in tasting experiences, and embellishing your space. Moreover, you have the delightful opportunity to personalize it with your family name, location, and the cherished year of your anniversary.

9. Silver Plated Rose

Forget ordinary flowers! Embrace the allure of everlasting blossoms. Indulge your partner’s love for floral beauty with this exquisite silver-plated rose, a stunning tribute to celebrate your 23-year anniversary in absolute elegance.

10. New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Behold, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! This unique anniversary tome celebrates the passage of time by meticulously compiling every historic New York Times front page, elegantly bound in a chronological fashion, capturing the essence of each year from your wedding day to the joyous occasion of your 23rd anniversary.

Ideal present for any pair that enjoys history or simply the New York Times!

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Traditional & Modern 23rd Anniversary Gifts (Silver Plate)

Behold, behold! Allow us to unveil a splendid array of enchanting treasures, hand-picked and meticulously curated to commemorate the grandeur of your 23rd anniversary. Delve into a realm where the timeless allure of silver plate seamlessly intertwines with both tradition and modernity. Prepare to witness your beloved spouse’s heart dance with delight as they immerse themselves in the sheer magnificence of these extraordinary offerings!

11. Engraved Silver Jewelry Box

Embrace the flawless charm of a silver jewelry box, an absolute foolproof choice! Discover it right here and infuse your significant other with overwhelming emotions this anniversary.

12. Love Notes Hanging Envelope

Expressing love in the form of a heartfelt and enchanting love letter is truly incomparable. Yet, imagine the everlasting impact if it were etched into eternity. Oh, indeed, we adore that notion as well! So, if you desire to provide unwavering assurance to your beloved, promising a love as enduring as this very message, seize this opportunity to acquire the love-filled envelope without delay – this very moment!

13. Custom Silver Bookmark

Is your better half fond of indulging in books? If so, ensure that you occupy their thoughts each day with this distinctive silver bookmark that is bound to captivate their heart!

14. We Made a Family 23rd Anniversary Gift Sculpture

Behold, behold! I present to you yet another splendid commemorative sculpture, tailor-made for rejoicing in the glorious twenty-three years of your sacred union. A grand gesture of romance, this masterpiece shall serve as a gentle nudge, reminding your beloved of the remarkable journey you both have traversed, and the immense significance it holds in your hearts.

15. Silver Heart Locket

Celebrate your 23rd wedding anniversary with the perfect present – a magnificent silver locket that not only holds your dearest memories but also embraces the shape of a heartfelt symbol. This exquisite piece is a heartfelt choice, making it an ideal gift to commemorate your enduring love.

16. Silver Plated Wine Glasses

Wine glasses make for an impeccable gift choice that never disappoints. Hence, we propose indulging in these exquisite silver-plated wine glasses to impart a sense of uniqueness and extravagance to your significant other on this exceptional occasion.

17. Always and Forever Heart

Celebrate your unbreakable bond with an irresistible reason to utter “always and forever yours” on your remarkable 23rd anniversary! Pause your busy schedule and seize the opportunity to surprise your beloved with the enchanting Always and Forever Heart decor. This exquisitely designed masterpiece serves as an exquisite repository for all your profound emotions.

18. Wüsthof Silver Carving Knife Set

Celebrate your 23rd year of marriage with the stunning Wüsthof Silver Carving Knife Set, a truly exquisite gift. Crafted with precision from premium stainless steel, this set is a perfect addition to elevate any kitchen.

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19. Custom Silver Map

Enhance the element of surprise with a handcrafted masterpiece—a personalized silver map that symbolizes your unwavering commitment to your partner, ensuring them that they hold the key to your heart and provide you with a sense of belonging.

20. Silver Ceramic Wall Planters

These adorable silver ceramic wall planters are an absolute delight, making them an ideal addition to any plant-loving household seeking a touch of charm.

If you and your spouse have a thing for plants, this should be the present you choose for your 23-year marriage anniversary!

23 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

21. Imperial Topaz Ring

Rings serve as exquisite symbols of unwavering dedication and heartfelt vows. To ignite a radiant smile upon your beloved’s face, bestow upon her the resplendent imperial topaz ring, and embark on a splendid celebration of your twenty-third anniversary, embracing elegance and sophistication.

22. Apron Dress

Is your better half an aficionado of culinary arts? If so, this present is tailor-made for them! This fashionable and sophisticated apron dress not only looks fabulous but also performs flawlessly in the kitchen! Don’t miss the opportunity this year to present your beloved with a gift they will adore, treasure, and put to great use!

23. Forever Loved Bracelet

Experience the euphoria of constant reminders of affection from your loved ones. Embrace the eternal bond with the Forever Loved Bracelet, and express the depth of your adoration for your partner. Ensure that they truly comprehend their remarkable significance in your life!

24. Fernweh Candles

Indulge in the captivating aroma of candles infused with the essence of enchanting destinations, igniting a sense of wanderlust and tranquility within your soul. Embrace the allure of Fernweh Candles as the perfect gift choice, celebrating your eternal love for shared adventures and the joy of exploring the world side by side.

25. Mother Nestling Birds Silver Necklace

Indulge in yet another enchanting necklace, for necklaces possess an undeniable allure. It is an undeniable truth that necklaces hold a special place in everyone’s heart, and when adorned with the shimmering hue of silver, they harmonize flawlessly with the jubilant ambiance of a 23-year anniversary celebration! Immerse yourself in the allure of the Mother Nestling Birds Necklace, skillfully handcrafted by the talented Rhonda Dudek. This exquisite masterpiece is meticulously forged from recycled sterling silver, and adorned with delicate baby chicks, symbolizing the cherished members of your beloved family.

23 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

26. Imperial Topaz Earrings

Behold these exquisite imperial topaz earrings, perfect for those who embrace the allure of jewelry. Delicately designed, they effortlessly elevate any ensemble, and rest assured, your beloved will be utterly enamored by their charm.

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27. Silver Engraved Cufflinks

Delve into the realm of exceptional gifting ideas for your beloved by considering silver cufflinks, meticulously adorned with your intertwined initials, symbolizing a cherished connection. Unveil the epitome of perfection in cufflinks by exploring this exquisite collection, where unrivaled magnificence awaits.

28. 52 Weeks of Love

They claim that a single day is insufficient to demonstrate one’s affection for another person. Therefore, what if we consider 52 weeks?

Indulge in this extraordinary package brimming with 52 affectionately crafted messages. Embrace the flawless means to articulate your emotions towards your cherished one through an unparalleled, profoundly romantic act!

29. Personalized Leather Wallet

Indulge in the charm of this bespoke leather wallet, a gift that guarantees perfection. Discover it here and express your profound appreciation for your beloved partner.

Moreover, this gift not only serves a practical purpose but also leaves a lasting impression on him whenever he puts it to use. Don’t delay any longer – seize the opportunity and make the purchase right away!

30. Custom Engraved Card & Dice Box

Show your poker-playing husband how much he means to you with a personalized card and dice box, a thoughtful gift that highlights your appreciation for his passions and your attentiveness to the smallest details of his life.

23 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

31. Personalized Silver Picture Frame

Sometimes, simplicity holds greater allure. And if you’re still searching for the ideal present for your beloved, perhaps you should opt for timeless elegance by gifting them this exquisite silver photo frame. It will enable your partner to reminisce fondly upon cherished moments shared between you both.

32. Mr. & Mrs. Vintage Silver Spoon Ring Dishes

Are you intrigued by the idea of repurposing vintage cutlery into charming jewelry holders? Count us in! This extraordinary present is simply perfect for a duo who appreciates adorning themselves with beautiful ornaments. So, why wait? Acquire it right away and surprise your significant other with an extraordinary and collaborative gift!

33. Candy Club

What could possibly rival the pure delight of receiving candy as a gift? Absolutely nothing! Therefore, when you find yourself in search of a saccharine token of affection for your adored one, seize a delightful box of Candy Club to express the overwhelming sweetness they bring into your life.

34. Personalized Wine Bar Sign

For those who are passionate about wine (because let’s face it, who isn’t?), This elegant wine bar sign with a silver-toned finish is the ultimate present for your beloved spouse! When it’s time to commemorate your 23rd wedding anniversary in style, surprise your significant other with a subtle yet meaningful token of your love. Let the celebratory toast begin!

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35. Custom Regal Portrait

Indulge in the delightful concept of a regal portrait, an idea that exudes joy and stands out from the ordinary. Treat your loved one to a personalized regal portrait, allowing you to express the profound beauty they hold in your eyes.

Unique Twenty-Third Anniversary Gifts

36. Ultimate Monthly Subscription

When it comes to commemorating the 23rd year of marriage, this monthly subscription package offers a delightful and imaginative gift option for your partner, particularly if they have a fondness for wine, cheese, beer, cigars, or chocolate. It creates an ideal platform for enthusiasts to unite and celebrate joyously.

37. My Open Heart Silver Keyring

This exquisite silver keyring is an impeccable choice for commemorating your anniversary, allowing your beloved to carry a token of your essence wherever they go. Its practicality adds to its allure, making it an exceptional present.

38. 23 Years, 12 Months…

Reaching the 23-year mark in your marriage is undoubtedly an extraordinary achievement that deserves a grand celebration. We encourage you to pull out all the stops to honor this momentous occasion, as it’s not often that you have the opportunity to commemorate your 23rd wedding anniversary.

Get one of your favorite couple photos turned into a painting here and give your spouse the gift of a lifetime! Output: Have one of your beloved couple photos transformed into a painting at this location and

39. Personalized Family Mug

For all the aficionados of tea and coffee, mugs are an absolute must-have! This exceptional family mug, customized just for you, makes for an extraordinary present to commemorate your remarkable 23-year journey of wedded bliss. The 23rd anniversary provides a splendid opportunity to revel in the joy of dining together, and this heartfelt gift beautifully encapsulates the very spirit of togetherness in the most exquisite manner possible.

Customized with the resemblance of every family member, this mug will fill your partner’s heart with warmth!

40. We Go Together Like – Custom Tumblers

Commemorate 23 blissful years with your beloved by gifting these exquisite personalized tumblers. Embodying the beautiful concept of “we go together,” they serve as a timeless symbol of an eternal commitment. How enchanting is that?

Click here for additional adorable ideas on “we go together” quotes.

As your anniversary draws near, take the opportunity to meticulously prepare and add an extra touch of uniqueness to the day, making it truly remarkable for both you and your partner. Having spent a remarkable 23 years together, this milestone undoubtedly deserves a grand celebration. Embrace this moment to reminisce about the cherished memories from the past and eagerly anticipate the abundance of years that lie ahead!

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