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20 Gift Ideas for Fountain Pen Geeks — Rediscover Analog


Discovering the ultimate present for your adored fountain pen enthusiast can prove to be quite a challenge. The vast assortment of options might leave you feeling slightly overwhelmed, worrying that your choice could miss the mark.

You may consider the possibility that the person receiving your gift might already possess some of these items. Fret not, as most enthusiasts of fountain pens relish the idea of acquiring additional pens, inks, and paper. This guide presents a collection of unique and reasonably priced items related to fountain pens that are sure to be cherished by your beloved.

Pens, Ink, Paper

Within the realm of fountain pen enthusiasts, there exists a multitude of individuals who possess an extensive array of these exquisite writing instruments. The task of acquiring a new addition for their collection becomes rather arduous at times, as one may ponder, “Perhaps they already possess this particular pen.” However, should you desire to present someone with a truly remarkable and distinctive fountain pen, I implore you to consider gifting them the transparent pocket fountain pen crafted by the esteemed Moonman brand. Hailing from China, this fountain pen is remarkably affordable, yet its writing performance surpasses all expectations. The meticulously chosen materials used in its construction exude a sense of solidity, eliminating any notions of inferior quality despite its modest price tag. Moreover, the act of writing with this pen is an absolute delight, as it effortlessly glides across the page, leaving behind an impeccable trail of ink. The Moonman Wancai, a diminutive fountain pen, boasts an impressive ink capacity, while its transparent body serves as a captivating feature that allows for a mesmerizing display of ink sloshing about with each stroke of the pen.

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Price: $..

The Author notebook is a perfect choice for fountain pen enthusiasts who adore Tomoe River paper. This exquisite Japanese paper is renowned for its compatibility with fountain pen ink, making it a delightful experience. The notebook offers dot grid and lined formats, and you can select from a range of five vibrant colors. Moreover, the cover is crafted from a luxurious leather-like material, adding a touch of elegance. Your beloved fountain pen enthusiast will undoubtedly express their gratitude for this thoughtful gift.

Price: $..

Midori MD Notebook

Behold, another remarkable addition to our illustrious collection! Although certain individuals may not share an ardent affection for the Tomoe River paper (particularly left-handed enthusiasts who find its leisurely drying time less favorable), we have taken the liberty to introduce a handful of captivating alternatives. Enter the Midori MD notebook, which proudly stands as one of the finest canvases for fountain pen ink. With its optimal density and a tad less velvety texture compared to the Tomoe River or Rhodia, it promises an exquisite writing experience.

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Price: $..

Rhodia Dot Pad

The Rhodia dot pad, a beloved notebook of fountain pen aficionados, is an essential tool in the arsenal of any die-hard fountain pen user. With its tearable pages and remarkable resistance to both feathering and bleeding, this notepad is a trusted sidekick for those who appreciate the art of writing with fountain pens.

Price: $..

Passport-sized Traveler’s Notebook by Traveler’s Company

The leather wanderer’s journal is a beloved choice among certain aficionados of fountain pens. Perhaps it is the allure of the leather aesthetic that adds to its charm, but its customizability also plays a significant role. Devoted fountain pen enthusiasts hold a deep fondness for paper and notebooks, always seeking opportunities to unleash their pens and ink. The compact TN in passport size proves to be an ideal companion for those who desire the convenience of a petite notebook on-the-go.

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Price: $..

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen (Brass)

Should you choose to gift your beloved with a Traveler’s Notebook, perhaps you should consider this exquisite pocket fountain pen crafted by Kaweco. It may be a classic, but it certainly surpasses expectations with its diverse range of materials, not limited to just brass. The brass fountain pen possesses a distinct personality that surpasses the ordinary plastic or aluminum bodies. Not only does it perfectly complement the aesthetic of the Traveler’s Notebook, but as time passes, it will acquire a beautiful patina, adding a touch of vintage allure that is sure to captivate.

Price: $..$

Pilot Iroshizuku 15ml Fountain Pen Ink Set

An abundance of choices awaits when it comes to selecting fountain pen inks. Consider the delightful option of obtaining ink samples from Goulet Pens or indulging in the captivating Ink Flight subscription box from InkJournal ($25/month).

Consider gifting them a splendid collection of Pilot Iroshizuku inks, adorned with captivating hues. While the Pilot Iroshizuku inks are typically housed in larger containers, fortune smiles upon us as there exists a trio of 15ml bottles! Beyond the ink’s exceptional quality, its exquisite packaging elevates it to the realm of a truly remarkable present.

Price: $..


Fountain Pen Ink Sample Vial Rack

Maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that ink samples would make a more splendid present. As you gather a collection of samples, why not include a test tube rack as an unexpected addition? Indeed, a test tube rack! Your beloved fountain pen ink enthusiast will undoubtedly cherish this thoughtful gesture.

Price: $..

Fountain Pen Ink Sample Vial Box

Indeed, although not designed specifically for ink sample vials, a shotshell box proves to be an ideal vessel for these colorful treasures! Its sturdy casing ensures convenient transportation while safeguarding the delicate inks from the relentless grasp of UV rays, which can diminish their vibrancy over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Imagine the joy of presenting your beloved with a delightful assortment of ink samples concealed within this unexpected container!

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Price: $..

Galen Leather Writing Box

Are you acquainted with someone boasting an extensive array of stationery and writing instruments? If so, the Galen Leather Writing box might just make for a captivating present. This remarkable item, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, stands out as one of the store’s most sought-after products. Not merely limited to writing purposes, the Writing Box serves as a versatile storage solution for pens, notebooks, scrapbook materials, and more.

Price: $..$$

Fountain Pen Wooden Display Box

Similar to timepieces, fountain pens are worthy of a captivating exhibition. Present this elegant wooden showcase to the fountain pen aficionado in your life, allowing them to store and exhibit their cherished collection of fountain pens.

Price: $..$

Galen Leather 5-slot Pen Case

Safeguard the precious fountain pens! Indulge in the elegance of a splendid leather case for your fountain pen. In addition, Galen Leather provides an array of exquisite fountain pen accessories, including this remarkable pen case. Should you be acquainted with an individual who is utterly compelled to have a fountain pen by their side at all times, it would be wise to present them with a generously spacious one.

Price: $..$

48-slot Fountain Pen Leather Case

Ever wondered about the notion of possessing 48 fountain pens? It may seem excessive, but it’s remarkable how many individuals truly require such a case. If you happen to know someone who already owns a minimum of 10 fountain pens, gifting them this case might be a wise choice, as it’s highly likely they’ll continue expanding their fountain pen collection.

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Price: $..$

Rocking Ink Blotter

The primary function of this innovative rocking ink blotter is to secure the blotting paper firmly in position. But what exactly is blotting paper, you may ask? Well, it happens to be a remarkable paper variety essential for fountain pen enthusiasts, as it swiftly absorbs any surplus ink, expediting the drying process. By preventing smudges and ink smears, this unique paper ensures immaculate writing experiences. And behold, the rocking ink blotter emerges as a handy accomplice in this endeavor.

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Price: $..

Wax Seal Stamp Set

Although not exclusively designed for fountain pens, the wax seal holds a certain connection to them. The complete kit comprises both the stamp and wax, making it an exceptional present that is thoughtfully packaged and allows you to personalize the letter monogram for the recipient.

Price: $..

Page Anchor

The Page Anchor transcends its purpose with versatility, making it an ingenious companion not only for books but also for notebooks, particularly the Traveler’s Notebook. Given the Traveler’s Notebook’s tendency not to lay flat, it is often advised to use a clip. However, the Page Anchor presents a strikingly distinctive design that is sure to make it a standout gift.

Price: $..

Books and Journals

The Art of Cursive Penmanship

If you happen to have a dear one eager to enhance their handwriting skills, particularly in cursive, the Art of Cursive Penmanship could serve as an excellent workbook to present them with.

Price: $.

Some Lines A Day

Leuchtturm1917’s Some Lines a Day is a delightful present for individuals yearning to chronicle their daily experiences and relish the joy of reminiscing in the years to come. Within its pages, you’ll discover a calendar marking each day of the year, accompanied by a handful of lines designated for each year (spanning a span of 5 years) eagerly awaiting your personal touch.

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Price: $..

The Bullet Journal Method

Embrace the Bullet Journal Method – a delightful fusion of self-help wisdom and practical Bullet Journal wisdom. This exquisite gem is tailor-made for those yearning to embark on an intentional journey, all the while luxuriating in the graceful strokes of their beloved fountain pens. Beyond its role as a mere system guide, the Bullet Journal Method gracefully imparts invaluable lessons on the art of introspection, enabling readers to gracefully navigate the tapestry of their daily existence.

Price: $..

Bonus: The Well Appointed Desk‘s Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book

The Well Appointed Desk's Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book is a bonus feature that provides a comprehensive resource for testing and comparing different ink colors.
The Well Appointed Desk's Col-o-ring Ink Testing Book is a bonus feature that provides a comprehensive resource for testing and comparing different ink colors.
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