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10 Gifts for Piano Students (and Teachers!)

We hope you enjoy this list of gifts for piano students and teachers! Some of the links in this guide are affiliate links, which allow us to earn a commission when you use them to make a purchase. This helps us continue to create fun music learning experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Are you in search of the ultimate present for a piano maestro? Whether it’s a special occasion, a festive holiday, or a remarkable recital, here are some awe-inspiring suggestions for gifts that will fill their heart with joy and their life with melodious tunes. Opt for something utilitarian, such as an elegant piano light or a convenient music stand. Maybe they would appreciate something that enhances their musical prowess, like exhilarating new sheet music or enriching piano lessons. Other delightful options include whimsical trinkets that pay tribute to their passion for music, like music-inspired jewelry, embellishments, or attire. Keep reading to discover more gift ideas tailored for piano virtuosos.

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What is a good gift for a piano student?

Ideal presents for piano students are those that enhance the joy and ease of playing the piano, provide them with ample opportunities to indulge in piano playing, or express their profound passion for music.

When it comes to spoiling piano players, the possibilities are endless. Why not merge their passion for music with another interest they hold dear? Take a moment to ponder on the various things that ignite excitement in your piano student, and let’s conjure up a gift idea that intertwines the two. For instance, if your little one is an avid gamer, a splendid gift could be a collection of sheet music featuring melodies from their beloved video games. Just remember to seek out arrangements that are within their grasp, making it easier for them to master.

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Novice pianists can dive into their musical odyssey with a delightful assortment of piano essentials. Equip them with a metronome, a luminous lamp, a collection of music books, and perhaps even a piano or keyboard if they have yet to acquire one. To add a touch of whimsy, consider including music-inspired pencils and stickers, a stylish file folder for organizing sheet music and learning materials, and exquisite music composition paper.

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What do you give after a piano recital?

Commemorate the magic of music performances with a delightful present! The age-old custom entails presenting floral arrangements to the talented artist following their enchanting recital. For an added touch of whimsy, a dainty pouch filled with delectable treats and charming stickers can also bring joy. And of course, let us not overlook the importance of expressing gratitude towards the exceptional music mentor. Thoughtful tokens of appreciation and a heartfelt note never fail to elicit immense delight.

List of gifts for piano students

Kids Rule! Piano music books

Does your piano student have a passion for “Star Wars” or “Harry Potter?” Are they also drawn to timeless melodies like the “Superman” theme or tunes from “The Wizard of Oz?” If so, this captivating series is tailor-made for them! Discover a remarkable compilation of three books featuring beloved and cinematic songs, skillfully arranged by the renowned maestro Dan Coates. These enchanting pieces are specifically designed to ignite a sense of curiosity and self-guided musical exploration.


A good metronome stands as an indispensable companion for those embarking on a musical journey. It aids in maintaining a consistent rhythm, synchronizing one’s performance with either a gentle click or a pulsating light. The dial allows for effortless adjustment of tempo, ensuring seamless transitions. Additionally, it features a headphone jack, offering privacy and focus. This remarkable device serves as an ideal present for aspiring piano players, marking the start of their melodious adventure!

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Sheet music holder

Struggling to secure delicate sheets of paper on your music stand? Elevate your music experience with this nifty music holder capable of accommodating up to four pages at a time. Perfectly suited for pianos or keyboards, its rigid backing ensures effortless writing on the sheets regardless of your placement.


Utilize these decals to adorn, customize, and additionally to monitor day-to-day training or acquired compositions.

Child-sized headphones

Indulge in the pleasure of uninterrupted music with these impeccable headphones, ideal for immersing yourself in melodies while maintaining the serenity of those around you. Employ them during your captivating Hoffman Academy sessions, honing your skills on a digital piano, or reveling in the harmonies that resonate with your soul.

Hoffman Academy Premium

Elevate a student’s piano learning journey with the exclusive benefits of a Hoffman Academy Premium membership. Our extensive collection of video lessons remains accessible to all at no charge, but a Premium membership unlocks a world of additional resources. With tailored practice plans, beautifully crafted sheet music, immersive audio tracks, printable materials, and comprehensive progress tracking, students will thrive like never before. Whether opting for a monthly, yearly, or lifetime plan, families can enjoy remarkable discounts for additional members in the household. Discover the joy of online piano lessons that are both effective and affordable, surpassing the traditional in-person approach. Embrace the plan that harmonizes perfectly with your budget, backed by our unwavering 30-day money-back guarantee. No inquiries necessary.

Hoffman Academy Premium offers high-quality piano lessons online, providing comprehensive instruction for learners of all ages and skill levels, with a focus on developing musicality and technique.

Gift ideas for a piano teacher

Looking to express gratitude to an exceptional music mentor? Discover a plethora of remarkable gift suggestions tailored just for you! These delightful presents are equally suitable for piano enthusiasts or any artistically inclined individual.

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Music themed tote bag

The perfect accessory for transporting music books or any other items, this durable tote bag boasts a timeless black and white design. Additionally, it serves as a delightful vessel for assembling a delightful assortment of treats to present to a music instructor following a recital.

Funny music T-Shirts

Put a smile on the face of a music instructor with these amusing t-shirts.

Circle of Fifths music clock

Enhance the ambiance of your music studio or room with this exquisite clock, offered in a variety of captivating styles. Embrace the essence of all twelve musical key signatures through this unparalleled timepiece.

Delight your music mentor (or any maestro of the piano) with a splendid suggestion – bestow upon them a melodious surprise in the form of a gift card, enabling them to indulge in the harmonious world of sheet music! Behold this wondrous opportunity to acquire an egift card, specially tailored for the purchase of sheet music, courtesy of the esteemed purveyor, Music Notes.

Music Notes offers a gift card for sheet music.

We trust that you have relished this compilation of presents for piano players! Keep in mind, bestowing upon a musician the knowledge that you derive pleasure from the melodies they grace your existence with is truly one of the most splendid gifts one can offer!

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